Vintersorg – ‘Til Fjälls del II’ (2017)

vintersorg till fjalls del ii

By: Jeff
Rating: 9/10
Release: 30 June 2017
Label: Napalm Records

Sweden’s Vintersorg is nothing if not super prolific and equally indescribable style wise….. at least not from album to album since you never know what to expect but quality music, whatever the style is. This I think has hurt them on some level as you may really like one album and the next one, not so much. Whether it is jazz, Continue reading

Interview with Æther Realm

aether realm tarot

Æther Realm turns some cards
North Carolina USA’s Æther Realm have released their sophomore album entitled “Tarot” via Primitive Ways on June 7th and what a 2nd full length it is. Featuring almost 75 minutes of music, the album also sees the band venturing into concept album territory of sorts and hitting numerous musical styles along the way. Lead vocalist/bassist Vincent “Jake” Jones and guitarists Heinrich Arnold and Donny Burbage all chimed in to answer some questions for us regarding the new album, the concept, the music scene in NC, the upcoming tour and a few other things…. check it out….

Odraedir – ‘Legends of the Dark Times’ (2017

odraedir legends of the dark times

By: Rein
Rating: 8/10
Release: 12 June 2017
Label: Independent

Have you ever experienced the following. At first listen you like an album rather well. You listen some more and somehow your interest fades away a lot quicker than the first time. And then miraculously after a while the album starts growing on you once more. I had a reverse experience with Continue reading

Releaseparty Acoustic Album Baldrs Draumar

baldrs draumar fan fryslans ferline

Baldrs Draumar is working hard on their next album which will be completely ACOUSTIC and again completely in FRISIAN. Don’t get it wrong, they are still a metal band and will keep playing metal shows and rock your socks off, they just like to make a little trip ‘out of the box’ now and then and do awesome folky stuff.

“FAN FRYSLÂNS FERLINE” will be released 7th October. The releaseparty will be in Iduna, Drachten (Netherlands).
Continue reading

Cellar Darling – ‘This is the Sound’ (2017)

cellar darling this is the sound

By: Okan
Rating: 8/10
Release: 30 June 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Cellar Darling is a newly formed band from Switzerland. But its members were present under the name of Eluveitie for a long while. When their split was announced back in 2016, the fans were shocked and worried by a majority but it didn’t last long since Continue reading