Gernotshagen confirmed for Dark Troll Festival 2015

dark troll 2015

The Paganmetalband Gernotshagen is confirmed for the next edition of Dark Troll.
Dark Troll 2015 will take place 14-5 / 16-5 2015 in Bornsted, Germany
The other confirmed bands are:
Thormesis Read More

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Teaser upcoming Steignyr album

steignyr tales of a forgotten hero

This is a teaser of the upcoming Steignyr album ‘Tales of a Forgotten Hero’, which will be released 10th November 2014 Read More

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Svartsot at Hörnerfest 2015

hornerfest 2015

The x-mas package is online and can be bought here for 46,- € (plus postage and package) for ticket and t-shirt:

Hörnerfest will be on the 3rd and 4th of July next year. This is one of the nicest festivals for the fans of folk-metal and Medieval rock.
Read More

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Folkstone – ‘Oltre… L’abisso’ (2014)

folkstone oltre--- labisso

By: Yvette
Score: 9,5/10
Release: 3-11-2014
Label: FolkStone Productions

It hasn’t been that long since we last heard from Folkstone. The Italian band that was formed in 2004, released their third studio album ‘Il Confine’ under own management in 2012, shortly followed by a live DVD called ‘Restano i Frammenti’. These two releases were the definite break with label Fuel Records, and the band has since continued under the name of Folkstone Records. This year the band releases its fourth full-length album called ‘Oltre… L’Abisso’, a release that I have anxiously been waiting for! Read More

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Rakoth ‘Ars Compilata’ released

rakoth ars compilata

Busy times at the Sound Age Productions label. They just released the Rakoth album ‘Ars Compilata’ as well.

01. Les Arts Fauches
02. What They Seek
03. Ars Compilata Read More

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2nd album Satanakozel re-released

satanakozel solnze mertvyh

Sound Age Productions re-released the 2nd Satanakozel album ‘Solnze Mertvyh’ originally from 2010.

01. Luny kradushcheysya svetom mertvennym… 01:40
02. Bitva 03:14 Read More

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New album Haspyd released

haspyd burevi

Ukrain band Haspyd hs released their new album ‘Bureviy’ through Sound Age Productions. The debut Haspyd album has incorporated the best songs and became the summary of the five-year existence of the team. Read More

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Re-release Kalevala’s ‘Kudel belosnezhnogo lna’

kalevala kudel belosnezhnogo ina

Sound Age Production has re-released the second album of Kalevala ‘Kudel belosnezhnogo lna’, originally from 2008.
There are two bonustracks added to the original.

01 Goy, Olen’!
02 Kamyshovaya Tropa
03 Yarilo
04 Kudel’ Belosnezhnogo L’na
05 Pastushok
06 Milyy
07 Snega Belyye Kryla
08 Rechka K Rechen’ke
09 Tam, Gde Solntse Otpravlyayetsya V Put’…
10 Ti ZH Mene Pidmanula
11 Son-reka (bonus)
12 Oy, pri luzhke (bonus)

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Sabhankra song of new album

sabhankra seers memoir

This is the track ‘Against the False Gods’ of the upcoming Sabhankra album ‘Seers Memoir’. Read More

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Lepoka – ‘Folkoholic metal’ (2014)

lepoka folkoholic metal

By: Michel
Score: 9/10
Release: 1-9-2014
Label: Independent

Looking at the cover of Folkoholic metal, the debut-album of the Spanish band Lèpoka, there’s much that meets the eye. Elfs, trolls, dwarfs, shaman, but a sexy girl and a headbanging person are in the crowded room as well. What to think of this mess…?
And then there is this title Folkoholic metal, another beerfolk-metal album? Read More

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