M’era Luna

mera luna

M’era Luna is a very nice festival in Hildesheim, Germany. So, put 9 and 10 August in your schedule.
Not only are bands like Within Temptation and Marilyn Manson headliners, but the line-up contains great bands like: In Extremo, Subway to Sally, Letzte Instanz and Ignis Fatuu!
You’ll find more info at the website of the festival.

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Video of upcoming album Heidra

heidra awaiting dawn

Here’s Heidra’s new video with footage from Copenhell. Read More

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Anabioz – ‘There the Sun Falls’ (2014)

Anabioz there the sun falls

By: Michel
Score: 8,5/10
Release: 10-7-2014
Label: Sound Age Productions

Anabioz, isn’t a brand new band, they started way back in 2003. But this doesn’t mean they produced a large collections of albums, a demo in their first year and two albums, one in 2008 and one in 2010. But I can say I was very excited when they announced they were planning on a new album. Their style of solid Death metal is blended with a very large dose of folk. The music filled to the limit with violin. Only when Olga is singing with her nice high, bit classical, voice, she stops playing the violin. Add the nice raw low male vocals to this and you have an awesome folk-metal mix. So bring it on this new album… Read More

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Nachtval – ‘Demo’ (2014)

nachtval demo

By: Colin
Score: 8/10
Release: 26-5-2014
Label: Independent

From the ashes of Viatora, a new name arises. Crawling from the obscure caverns of the Dutch folk-metal scene arrives the fall of the darkness, as all light quenches, Nachtval.
After the song Banneling made it’s way to the enternet a while ago, the band will profile themselves with a new demo.
This demo starts with an intro ofcourse. Grim and dark is the musical sphere they grant us. Read More

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Empyrium album released

empyrium the turn of the tides

New Empyrium album “The Turn Of The Tides” is released today.
1. Saviour
2. Dead Winter Ways
3. In the Gutter of This Spring Read More

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Hiverna – ‘II. Macabre’ (2014)

hiverna II Macabre

By: Yvette
Score: 7,5/10
Releaze: 6-6-2014
Label: Oaken Forge

Hiverna is a Canadian Folk Black Metal band from Québec that was established by Bardunor, a black metal musician who is active in several musical projects. After a split-album that was released in 2008 the band released its debut album ‘I. Folklore’ in 2010. Now four years later, the Canadian band releases its second studio album called ‘II. Macabre’. Read More

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Titletrack and Coverart new album Grai

grai mlada

While we wait for their new album Grai released a new version of their song ‘Birch’.

In September the folk metal quintet GRAI from the Republic of Tartary in the East of Russia will release their third studio production. Read More

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Troldhaugen new album and fundraising


Troldhaugen is proud they can say they reached 213% of their possible goal with the fundraising for their upcoming album “OBZKURE ANEKDOTEZ FOR MANIAKAL MASSEZ”.
Troldhaugen left us completely flabbergasted with their previous album, so we’re very curious about this new album which will be released 27th August.

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20 Years In Extremo

in extremo 20 jr

In Extremo was suprised when they looked at the calendar: In 2015 they exist for 20 years. Reason to polish their bagpipes, pack their fire and celebrate this with the fans with a various programm.
4 and 5 September 2015 they will celebrate this in the open air theatre at Loreley high above the Rhein. With a ‘Best-of-show’, a lot of friends.
Two days for eternity, from then, to now and beyond. You can get your neat Hardtickets from now on here: inextremo-tickets.de

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Nice Oak Pantheon news

Album Cover

Come July, it will have been 3 years since Oak Pantheon’s debut EP “The Void” was released.
“The Void” will officially have its first physical release! They’re planning this to be released in a jewel-case CD format with about 250 copies being pressed. The brand new artwork will be done by Kim Holm, AKA Den Unge Herr Holm.
Releasedate is set for 29th Jyly. The album can be pre-ordered on their Bandcamp.

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