New Gjeldrune album released

gjeldrune album 2017

Gjeldrune has signed with Der Schwarze Tot. This label will re-release their debut-album and their new album “Pravdu za porog” as well. This new album will be released 23th March. Read More

Dusius – ‘Memory of a Man’ (2017)

dusius memory of a man

By: Jeremiah
Rating: 8/10
Release 17 March 2017
Label: Extreme Metal Music

Italy’s Dusius is an impressive seven piece specializing in a nice blend of Viking/Celtic folk metal. They started in 2010 and outside a demo this is the first full length and it’s a really nice debut. I’d say their music is a mix of a lot of different ranges of folk metal. Their use of hurdy gurdy and bagpipes give them a sound that lays somewhere between Eluveitie and Koorpiklaani. Read More

Enslaved: 2 LP Live Album

enslaved roadburn live

«Roadburn Live» is Enslaved’s first official live album, a split release between Roadburn Records and By Norse Music. The album was recorded during one of the band’s headline shows at the renowned Roadburn Festival 2015; an edition curated by Enslaved’s guitar player Ivar Bjørnson. Read More

Eterknight reveals coverart

eterknight forgotten tales

Eterknight is planning to release their first album. They create some pretty hymnic and melodic folk metal. So check them out and if you like, what you hear, it would mean a lot to them if you support their current fundraising: Eterknight crowdfunding.
Today they revealed the coverart for their new album ‘Forgotten Tales’ Read More

Hoenir – ‘Noch’ Okhoty’ (Single 2017)

hoenir Noch Okhoty

By: Rein
Rating: 8/10
Release: January 2017
Label: Independent

As you may have noticed these days a lot of your favourite music comes from Russia. It’s not all brilliant, but there is so much of it out there, that now and again we are pleasantly surprised. What then, do we know about Hoenir? Not overly much, has to be said. We do know that this is their first single. Let’s give it a spin.
Production: good. Metal: there. Speed: yessir. Read More

Odroerir reveals albumcover

odroerir das erbe unserer ahnen

Odroerir will release their new album ‘Das Erbe unserer Ahnen’ (“The heritage of our ancestors”) 16th June.
With their new acoustic folk songs ODROERIR invite the listener for a reflective musical journey through the multi-faceted history and mythology of our ancestors. This undertaking was supported by many guest performances from the band´s musical circle of friends. Read More