First Review of 2017 album: Ithilien – ‘Shaping the Soul’ (2017)

ithilien shaping the soul

By: Rein
Rating: 7.5/10
Release: 17 February 2017

If I had to guess, I would say there aren’t many frequent visitors of our site who do not know Eluveitie. Obviously one of the bigger bands in the scene with a very own sound. And how many of you know their little brother Ithilien from Belgium? It wouldn’t be fair to name the band a clone, but the influence is very clear. Second album ‘Shaping the soul’ will be available from February next year. We already had the opportunity to have a listen. Read More

Smuta explains it all

smuta smuta

Smuta presents a new single, which is self-titled!
Smuta is often asked about the band’s name and its meaning to the band. Evgeniy: “I think this song is the answer to these questions and it shows our attitude to the very idea of “smuta”, which is atemporal and not related to any historic events like the “Time of Troubles”, as I told before.
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In Extremo releases live album

in extremo quid pro quo live

In Extremo recorded their concert in Köln in September, where they played for 3.000 Fans. they will release 17 Live-Songs from this show on their album ‘QUID PRO QUO – Live’ today, this album will be released in three versions: Read More

Dur Dabla album released

dur dabla envor an avel

Dur Dabla, a Folk Metal band from France will release a new album, ‘Eñvor an Avel’, today.
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