Nine Treasures – ‘Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor’ (2012-2017)

Debut Album Cover Art Reissue

By: Michel
Rating: 7.5/10
Release: 5 May 2012 / Re-release: 2017
Label: Einheit Produktionen

Einheit Produktionen is re-releasing the first two albums of Nine Treasures. The band won the Wacken Battle in China a few years ago and ended up second in the overall Wacken Battle, since this was at the anniversary of Wacken, you can see them on the Wacken video as well.
‘Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor’ was their first album, released independently in 2012. Read More

Nine Treasures – ‘Nine Treasures’ (2013-2017)

nine treasures nine treasures

By: Eline
Score: 8/10
Release: 13-12-2013 re-release 2017
Label: Einheit Produktionen

(Editor): Einheit Produktionen is re-releasing the first two albums of Nine Treasures. Eline wrote a review on the second album way back in 2013 already, and we think it’s still quite accurate:
Before I started working for, of course I was a huge fan of folk metal, but I never imagined myself listening to Mongolian folk metal. I used to be one of those people thinking that folk metal could only come from Finland, Sweden or Norway. A couple of years later I know better and Nine treasures proves me again that it is a big misconception. Read More

Oprich released 3rd full-length

oprich poveter

Oprich will release their 3rd full-length album “Poveter’” (“All Sails To The Wind!”) today.
The author of the drawing is Andrey Andreyev, an artist, a historic reenactment adherer, the head of military-historical reenactment club “Южное княжество” (“The Southern Principality”). Read More

Flogging Molly – ‘Life is Good’ (2017)

flogging molly life is good

By: Michel
Rating: 9.5/10
Release: 2 June 2017
Label: Vanguard/Spinefarm Records

20 Years ago, the first Flogging Molly album was released, a live album. A few years later their first studio album was a fact, and although the band isn’t very productive, album-wise, the albums they released were all beauties. Now it’s time for their 6th studio-album. It’s called ‘Life is Good’ and I can imagine it is for Flogging Molly.
Although the lyrics are often on the downside of things, politics, society, relationships, and there’s plenty of that around the world, even in the USA, Read More

Žrec released ‘Klíč k pokladům’

zrec Klíč k pokladům

Czech folk rock/metal band Žrec introduces its new record, called “Klíč k pokladům“ (in English: “Key to Treasures“). This EP contains three new songs (+ intro) of about 22 minutes of length. The new direction of Žrec’s musical path connects folk metal past with present hard rock moods and elements such as mid tempo, clean vocals and guitar solos. Also long songs and slowly growing instrumental parts offer more space for thinking about things beneath the surface. Read More

Grimner Czech Republic Tour

grimner tour 2017

Grimner will do a small tour through the Czech Republic in May. They take Midvinterblot, Svaskalver and Warbell with them on this tour and in Prague, they will be joined by Bucovina.
Anyone who doesn’t want to see these bands playing together??? You’ll find the dates in our eventlist of course, have fun. Combine this concert with a visit to this beautiful country and its magnificent capitol if you can… Read More

Forefather released EP at bandcamp

forefather english steel

Godreah Records will release the new Meads of Asphodel/ Forefather split cd soon and it can be pre-ordered from now.
Titled ‘English Steel’, this release brings together two of the UK’s most respected Black pagan metal bands.
The Meads of Asphodel have their ‘vinyl only ‘Taste the Divine Wrath’ tracks on cd for the first time, Read More