Releasedate Helsott album ‘Woven’

helsott woven

Helsott’s album ‘Woven’ is delayed a little, but we don’t have to wait long. The new releasedate is 11th November.
“Woven” was mixed by Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson/Helloween) and mastered by Andy Horn. Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian/Rhapsody of Fire).
The tracks of their first EP are remastered and added to this full length album.
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Chaska working on new album


The Peruvian Folk-metalband Chaska is currently working on a new album. Their previous album Pururauca was released way back in 2009, so we’re very excited to hear something new from this band.

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Einherjer – ‘Av Oss, For Oss’ (2014)

einherjer av oss, for oss

By: Colin
Score: 8,5/10
Release: 27-10-2014
Label: Indie Recordings

In 1993 a group of lonely warriors from the historical Haugesund came together. These Einherjer, as they are called, want to show the world the culture in which they have grown up. Barely a few kilometers away from the site where, according to the legends, king Harald Fairhair of Norway was buried, a new generation of vikingmetal came into being. Read More

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Win 2 tickets for Eluveitie, Arkona, Skalmold show

eluveitie effenaar 14

Do you like to win 2 tickets for the Eluveitie, Arkona, Skalmold show in Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands?
Go to our Facebook and like our contest and give a comment why you want to be part of this awesome folk-metalevening.

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Ymyrgar – ‘The Tale as Far’ (2014)

ymyrgar the tale as far

By: Michel
Score: 7/10
Release: 10-2014
Label: Independent

When I stumbled upon Ymyrgar almost two years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised by their demo’s. Although they weren’t of the best quality, their musical ideas were quite brilliant. They have a nice style in which they blend influences from bands like Eluveitie with Ensiferum and other more epic bands. This gives them a nice sound, with the Celtic influences on one and the power of the epic tales on the other hand. Read More

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Crowdfunding Fferyllt videoclip


FFERYLLT band opens crowdfunding campaign for their new video. If you like to support the band on this go to:

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Drenai ‘Deathwalker’ released

drenai deathwalker

Drenaï released an album named ‘Deathwalker’.
Drenaï is a project born from role playing friends eager to found a Folk Metal band. Nevertheless, instead of choosing to talk about a historical civilization, the band from Rouen distinguishes from other bands in getting its name from a cycle of Heroic-Fantasy literacy created by british author David Gemmell as its main inspiration. The lyrics, as a tribute to this author, deal with the classical themes of the genre, like freedom, epic battles or even the strength of the will. Read More

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New video of upcoming album Folkstone

folkstone oltre labisso

Finally Folkstone is back! They unveiled the first song ‘In Caduta Libera’ of the new studio album “Oltre… l’Abisso” (Over… the Abyss) that will be out officially Monday November 3st 2014, as always self-produced under Folkstone Records and distributed by Audioglobe. Read More

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Debut Halmyris

The Romanian Melodic Death / Folk-metal band Halmyris released their debut. The EP ‘Omens of Domination’ consists of four songs.

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Nightcreepers ‘Hreidd’ released

nightcreepers hreidd

This is a teaser of the new Nightcreepers album ‘Hreidd’, which will be released today.

Tracklist Read More

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