Interview with Drakwald

drakwald int 1

Bagpipes in Drakwald style
Drakwald released another killer album once more, called ‘Riven Earth’. About time to talk with Thibaud, Max and Marc about songwriting, France, bagpipes and more.

Hello guys, congratulations with another killer album. Are you satisfied with this album?
Thibaud: “Yes! Actually, this album is the one we wanted to make from the very beginning of the band, we were obviously not mature enough at this time to build such tracks, but release it nowadays is a huge source of satisfaction.” Read More

Sojourner – ‘Empires of Ash’ (2016)

sojourner empires of ash

By: Jeff
Rating: 9/10
Release: 25/5/2015
Label: Avantgarde Music

Halfway thru 2016 and I have already said this is greatest year in folk metal EVER and to further cement my argument is the debut from Sojourner entitled “Empires Of Ash”. Consisting of members from various countries (wait for the interview) Sojourner have put together a pretty epic album of 7 tracks ranging in length between 4 ½ and 12 ½ minutes. Read More

Winterhymn – ‘Blood & Shadow’ (2016)

winterhymn blood and shadow

By: Rein
Rating: 8/10
Release: 17/6/2016
Label: SoundAge Records

In a genre where most bands come from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, it’s nice to notice bands from more and more countries. China is up and coming, the scene in France is far from dead and once in a while we get some proper folk metal from the US of A. Not surprising that from a country that’s only recently discovered by the white man, folks, myths and the like are rather rare. We are still waiting for some Native American metal. Read More

Thy Worshiper – ‘Klechdy’ (2016)

thy worshiper klechdy

By: Jeff
Rating: 9/10
Release: 25/5/2016
Label: Arachnophobia Records

A short 8 months ago I was blown away by the epic, hard to truly describe latest release from Thy Worshiper entitled “Ozimina”. Just when I thought I may have a grasp on it, Thy Worshiper releases “Klechdy” and changes the rules once again. I have said on numerous occasions that “heavy” is a relative term….. some of the “heaviest” things I have ever heard are not metal at all…. Wardruna anyone? Read More