Skalmold releasedates and coverart

skalmold med vaettum

After their magnificent DVD, the Icelandic band Skalmold is working on a new studio album.
The title of this new album will beis MEÐ VÆTTUM.
14.11.2014 G/A/S
24.11.2014 CAN
25.11.2014 USA
28.11.2014 FIN/BENELUX Read More

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Albumtitle and more new album Folkstone

folkstone oltre labisso

Finally Folkstone is back! They unveiled the first details of the new studio album “Oltre… l’Abisso” (Over… the Abyss) that will be out officially Monday November 3st 2014, as always self-produced under Folkstone Records and distributed by Audioglobe.
For the fourth full length album, we continue our “artistic collaboration” with the artist Jacopo Berlendis.
01. In Caduta Libera
02. Prua Contro il Nulla
03. La Tredicesima Ora Read More

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Woodscream ‘Octastorium’ released

woodscream octastorium

Woodscream has released their album ‘Octastorium’.
The band revealed two of the new tracks on Soundcloud.
1. Alan 03:01
2. Toṕ 04:28
3. Liesnoj Caŕ 05:23 Read More

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Single Laochra

laochra fires on the horizon

Stíofán, singer of Celtachor is working on a project Laochra. There’s an album scheduled for next summer. On this album Folk/Black/Pagan Metal with ambient sections and a concept story based of a mythos he created over the last few years.
As a preulude for this album Laochra has released a single ‘Fires on the Horizon’, which is availlable at Bandcamp. Read More

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Re-release CrystalMoors album

crystalmoors antiquam exquirite matrem

It is an honor to present the Re-release of the album Antiqvam Exquirite Matrem by CrystalMoors -Official-, who had the opportunity to come out in 2008. Now we have the privilege to republish this Pagan Metal masterpiece that will include bonus tracks live.
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Demo Ocelon

ocelon logo

Spanish Celtic Folk-metalband Ocelon has released a demo which is availlable at their Bandcamp.

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New Release Al-NamRood


Fall has came and it’s time to work on new Namroodish tracks and thus an update for you:
The new record will be released on two phases, first a 7 inch vinyl consisting of two punishing songs, 14 minutes playing.
As the 7 inch release will be a “prelude” to the new album, it is also will be an introductory for a AlNamrood new sound articulating more intensive harsh guitars combined with mythical Arabian instruments lead by an bestial theatrical vocalizing.
Release date not yet confirmed, it is expected to be on January 2015.

After the EP by couple of months Al-NamRood will slash back with a full length album as the second phase of given enough punishment!!
The LP will be released on two formats: CD & 12 inch Vinyl, released date not yet confirmed by Shaytan Productions.

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Title and Releasedate new album Einherjer

einherjer av oss, for oss

Einherjer will release their new album ‘Av oss, for oss’ 27th October.
1. Fremad
2. Hammer i kors
3. Nidstong Read More

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Finnegan’s Hell – ‘Drunk, Sick And Blue’ (2014)

finnegan's hell drunk sick and blue

By: Michel
Score: 7,5/10
Release: 26-9-2014
Label: Heptown Records

A Hell of a record, this ‘Drunk, Sick And Blue’. When you start listening to this second piece of work of these Swedish Celtic Punkers, you get blown away by their music at once. Starting with the very nice speedy title-track of this album, you get very fine music at once. Speed, happiness, banjo, accordion, folk, punk, you name it, it’s all in there. On this album you’ll find a mix of songs, written by themselves and notorious folksong like Jar of Porter and The Molly Maquires. Read More

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Into the Forest festival

into the forest 2014

By: Colin & Yvette
Dynamo; Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Finally, a small folk-metal event with an super awesome line-up full of young, talented bands that’s not 7 hours away from here. Indeed, this year The Netherlands have one of these amazing festivals too, Into the Forest is it’s name. In the city Eindhoven 8 young bands full of talent as well Dutch as foreign. Unfortunately I have to miss the first few names, unless I really wanted to go early.
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