New Single Ad Plenitatem Lunae as free download

When you liked the previous single of Ad Plenitatem Lunae, there’s good news for you. The new single ‘Grame’ is released 1 today.
You can download the single for free at

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Coverart Varang Nord album


Varang Nord is working on their second album. ”Warchant of the Forest’ is a song from the 2nd album, ‘Master of the Forest’ that will come out by the end of 2015.

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Interview with Sekengard

11350031_10204415766139590_1252013475_n(1)Baltimore Maryland USA’s Sekengard are poised to release their self-titled debut EP on May 29th via their Big Cartel page ( Tapping into a multitude of musical styles, Sekengard has created a unique blend of folk and metal which will surely catch your attention. Lead vocalist and fiddler Sarah Stepanik took time out from her way too busy schedule to throw some answers my way regarding the EP, their influences and their summer plans….check it out….. Read More

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New Ragnaroek album

ragnaroek dornigRagnaroek will release their new album ‘Dornig’ 17 July.

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Månegarm re-released “Havets vargar”

manegarm havets vargar

manegarm logoMånegarm will re-release their first six first albums all re-mastered.
they started with “Nordstjärnans tidsålder”.
Today they have re-released “Havets vargar”

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Release debut EP Sekengard

sekengard epWorld Fusion Folk-metalband Sekengard will release their self-titled debut EP, today. Review
This EP will to cater to the tastes of all types of metal heads (and not metal heads) from folk, to thrash, to death, to black, to symphonic metal. The music on this CD will also span across different countries from China, to Finland, and even to the fantasy world of Middle Earth.
The album can be ordered at:
Track list Read More

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Skiltron releases 3 re-issues

skiltron the clans have untitedTrollzorn will release 3 re-issues of the first three albums of Skiltron today. Review
The Clans Have United (2006) + 6 Bonus Songs
Beheading the Liars (2008) + 7 Bonus Songs
The Highland Way (2010) + 5 Bonus Songs Read More

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Saltatio Mortis reveals coverart

saltatio mortis zirkus zeitgeist

Hold on tight! Saltatio Mortis had already announced they will release a new album 14th August. The title of this new album: ‘Zirkus Zeitgeist’.

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Mystterra releases split album


MystTerra and Soncesvit released an split album.
1. Vatra
2. Zasvichu svichu Read More

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Ars Amandi working on EP

ars amandi logoThe last album of Ars Amandi dates back to 2010, but there’s good news for the fans. The band is working on an EP called “El arte de amar”.
On EP 4 songs: “No Abandones”, “La Noche Espera”, “Siempre A Tu Lado” and “Rubia De Bote”.

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