New album Haspyd

haspyd burevi

Sound Age Productions signed a deal with Ukranian band Haspyd“>Haspyd. The debut Haspyd album has incorporated the best songs and became the summary of the five-year existence of the team. Some of the songs you have already heard on the last year’s EP “Ridna Zemlia”, and some of them are absolutely new. Among the interesting things that they have prepared for you – completely overwritten and re-arranged is their first song “Zatoplena Sich”, and their version of the classic Norwegian melodic death band’s Amon Amarth song «The Pursuit Of Vikings». Read More

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Gwydion to Valhalla


Today we’ve decided that Gwydion and its Beerzerker Army will rest their arms.
For now we will take an indefinite leave of absence, This journey has been a great adventure, 20 years full of emotions, glorious battles, good and bad times, and we survived until now, but unfortunately our lives have taken different directions, personally and professionally. Read More

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Vinyl Grai album released

grai in the arms of mara

The vinyl Grai-issue of ‘In the arms of Mara’ is released, through the small Spirit of Ancestors Produktions.

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Primordial Album news

PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have Fallen

Primordial is about to release a new album. PRIMORDIAL has just revealed a brand new song and front art of their upcoming album “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” to be released the 21st of November, 2014! Read More

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New video of Greenland Whalefishers

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Letzte Instanz – ‘Im Auge des Sturms’ (2014)

letzte instanz im auge des sturms

By: Nick
Score: 6,5/10
Release: 29-8-2014
Label: Drakkar Entertainment

The eleventh studio album. You can say what you want, but not that Letzte Instanz likes to take it easy. These folk-rockers, who have quite a reputation in the gothic scene, release with ‘Im Auge des Sturms’ an album which is filled with songs with that classical ‘Letzte Instanz-sound’. Read More

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Hörnerfest 2015

hornerfest 2015

Hörnerfest will be on the 3rd and 4th of July next year. This is one of the nicest festivals for the fans of folk-metal and Medieval rock.
This year there are already some very nice names on the programme and there’s more to come.


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Northern Oak – ‘Of Roots and Flesh’ (2014)

northern oak of roots and flesh

By: Nick
Score: 6,5/10
Release: 4-10-2014
Label: Independent

It doesn’t happen often, especially not in the folk-metalscene; an album that is financed entirely with a kickstarter. Before the recording of the album started, Northern Oak asked their fans to pledge a certain amount of money, to pay for the recordings. Of Roots and Flesh, the 5th studioalbum from these guys and girl from the UK, is the proof that the kickstarter succeeded. Read More

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First track of new album Fimbulvet revealed

fimbulvet eines bidlnis tracht

The new Fimbulvet-album is entitled ‘FROSTBRAND – Eines Bildnis Tracht’ and will be released 31st October.
01. Intro
02. Eines Bildnis Tracht
03. Totenbeschwörer Read More

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Skalmold’s first single of new album

skalmold med vaettum

Listen to Skalmolds new single Að Hausti of their upcoming album MEÐ VÆTTUM.
After their magnificent DVD, the Icelandic band Skalmold is working on a new studio album.
Releasedates: Read More

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