New Single Sigelpa

sigelpa aplaudiu

Sigelpa released a new single.

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Korrigans – ‘Ferocior Ad Rebellandum’ (2014)

korrigan ferrocior ad rebellandum

By: Yvette
Score: 7,5/10
Release: 6-10-2014
Label: Nementon Records

It is a well-known fact that Italy brings forth a large number of folk metal bands lately. The Korrigans is one of these bands, who will release their debut album ‘Ferocior Ad Rebellandum’ in 2014. After numerous changes in lineup, the Italian band managed to create a style of their own that varies between folk metal and black metal. Read More

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Song new album Einherjer

einherjer av oss, for oss

Einherjer will release their new album ‘Av oss, for oss’ 27th October.
1. Fremad
2. Hammer i kors
3. Nidstong Read More

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Vanir releases ‘The Glorious Dead’

vanir the glorious dead

The new Vanir album ‘The Glorious Dead’ will be released today. ‘The Glorious Dead’ Review Read More

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Othalan is recording new album

othalan logo

Othalan is recording a new album at the moment.
The made a nice debut with Przedświt last year. The new album is scheduled for late winter/early spring.

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New Derwana video ‘Nierządnica’ (zwiastun)

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New album Feuerseele released

feuerseele hinter spiegeln

Feuerseele released their new album ‘Hinter Spiegeln’ (Behind Mirrors). The band could make this album through crowdfunding and the contributors will receive their album soon.

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Compilation – ‘Welcome to the Folk Punks Show’ (2014)

welcome to the folk Punk Show

By: Michel
Score: 8,5/10
Release: 25-9-2014 Vinyl
Label: Wolverine Records

Wolverine Records, the label which releases the new The Mahones album in Europe has pushed the button of their vinyl presses and released a very nice Folk Punk Compilation ‘Welcome to the Folk Punk Show’. On this nice records 12 songs of four awesome bands. Read More

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Narjahanam – ‘Wa Ma Khufiya Kana A’atham’ (2013)

narjahanam 2013 album

By: Colin
Score: 8/10
Release: 25-12-2013
Label: Haarbn Productions

The fun part of writing for a website is that sometimes you get to review bands, you can’t even pronounce, let alone having heard of it before. And sometimes these bands seem to come from nations you’ve never heard any metal from. This time I get to review a band called Narjahanam from Bahrain. I don’t want to spoil the review yet, but this band is my best find of the year! Read More

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Cernunnos Pagan Fest announces new band

cernunnos pagan fest 2015

Cernunnos Pagan Fest, the nice festival which is 22 Februari 2015 @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, has announced another band: Furor Gallico!
They confirmed two bands earlier:
The Moon and the Nightspirit and Cruachan

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