Bunch of Bastards – ‘My Drinkin’ ain’t Done’ (2016)

bunch of bastards my drinkin aint done

By: Vinicus
Relase: 2016
Label: Independent

01. Lucky Break
02. Back in the Day
03. Middle of Nowhere
04. Katusja Kalashnikova
05. Hey Barkeeper
06. Sky over Rotterdam
07. Sing with us Bastards
08. Michael Malloy
09. Run ‘n’ Drinking
10. Live Again
11. Let’s Call it a Day
12. Many a Good Reason
13. Whiskey in the Jar

Kampfar, Borknagar @ Baroeg

borknagar kampfar baroeg

By: Rein
Venue: Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date: 24/4/2016

With their last album ‘Winter thrice’, Norwegian Viking / Pagan / Folk band Borknagar got the attention of the entire metal world. Before this album, they were deemed mediocre, not outstanding in any way. Unobtrusive, not bad, but not extremely good either. ‘Winter thrice’ changed that once and probably for all. How is it possible that this band is capable of making such a great album all of a sudden? I still can’t get around it. Read my friend Jeff’s review again to inhale the greatness of it. Read More

News acoustic album Dalriada

dalriada forray

The beginning of 2016 is the time when Dalriada will be preparing and recording their long planned acoustic album ‘Forrás’. The expected release date will be around May. Besides 11 well-known Dalriada songs it will contain two famous Hungarian and one international song cover. Finally the band will set a poem from a Hungarian poet to music. That is the structure of the upcoming album, featuring 15 songs. The studio work is already in progress. Read More

Drakwald – ‘Riven Earth’ (2016)

drakwald riven earth

By: Rein
Rating: 8/10
Release: 7/5/2016
Label: Independent

Now this is something you don’t hear every day. Pagan metal from France. These five guys are pretty productive. Since their founding in 2012 the band have released a demo, a split album and a full album, this being their second full album already. And you know what, they are starting to get very comfortable in their style. Read More

Hagbard – ‘Vortex to an Iron Age’ (2016)

hagbard vortex to an iron age

By: Jeff
Rating: 6.5/10
Release: 5/2016
Label: Heavy Metal Rock Records

Brazil’s Hagbard are poised to release their 2nd full length album upon us with “Vortex To An Iron Age”. Their debut album “Rise Of The Sea King” from 2013 got an average review by Nick on here and I guess we never received their EP from 2015 “Tales Of Frost And Flame” for review. Stylistically, I am not sure what genre they should be in and therein lies the problem. Read More