Vesperia album releasedate

vesperia the iron tempest EP
Following a steady period of complete recluse, Canada’s Vesperia have burst forth through the gates of sequestration and have begun to fans the embers that will surely become their own inferno.
Vesperia will release their short EP/ Mini CD ‘The Iron Tempest EP’ 10th July.

Varg signs exclusive worldwide deal with Napalm Records

varg logoVarg: “We are happy to announce NAPALM RECORDS as a strong and loyal partner on our side. NAPALM RECORDS is one of the most important metal labels worldwide. This partnership is nothing less than an unstoppable weapon! ACHTUNG! The Wolves are coming!“

The wolves are roaming once again and are set to release their brand new album Das Ende aller Lügen on Napalm Records. More info on the album will be coming soon! wants you!

cropped-logo-site-odin.jpgTo get all the work done, we need some extra hands and ears.
We’re looking for fans of Folk-metal, Folk-punk and Medieval Metal/Rock. When you like these genres, or one of them and you like to hear a lot of the new albums and write you opionion on it, contact through a PM on Facebook or an email to You don’t have to live in the Netherlands or know any Dutch, when you’re capable of writing down your opinion in English, you’re very welcome.

Into The Forest announces Rhovanion

Into the forest 2014

Into the Forest Festival just announced 2 bands, besides a powermetalband Rhovanion will hit the stage in Eindhoven this year, which is very nice news. Heidevolk, The German band Finsterforst,annd Baldrs Draumar will be there as well.
Three bands which are in the race for the best album of 2015 at share the stage at a festival, how much nicer can could a line-up be?

Impius Mundi – ‘Decem’ (2015)

impius mundi cedem

By: Jeff
Rating: 7,5/10

Impius Mundi has released their newest album entitled “Decem” following the release of the full length “Diese Nacht” back in 2013. Although they tout themselves as “medieval rock”, I tend to think they have a more straightforward rock sound with a Celtic influence more than medieval sound to them but that is just my perception. Of course with bagpipes aplenty, the comparisons to some acts like Saltatio Mortis and Harpyie are sure to be close to describing their overall sound. Read More