Utmarken – ‘Utmarken’ (2016)


By: Jeff
Rating: 9/10
Release: April 2016
Label: Einheit Produktionen

Sweden’s Utmarken is a new 6 piece with a debut album of the same name set to be released this spring. No demo or early single that I know of just right to the album and what an impressive debut this is. However it will raise some questions, both positives and negatives. Read More

Ocelon album-news

ocelon of the lost heritage

Ocelon will present their first album ‘Of the Lost Heritage’ 26 February in Motorizer Bar · Alcorcón, Spain.
1. To Ocelon
2. The Moon Hunter
3. Amber Blood Read More

First track new Romuvos album

romuvos infront of destiny

This is a first song of the upcoming Romuvos album ‘Infront of Destiny’, the track is called ‘Wind blow over Seas’.
Infront Of Destiny is a concept album, it is a story about a group of men from the baltic region, that are going for a quest
and travel to seek and explore other cultures, find wizdome and with luck on their side, find gold and treasures as well.
Each song carries within itself a part of this legend and unfolds another chapter in the story. Read More

Alkonost – ‘Tales of Wandering’ (LP 2016)

alkonost tales of wandering

By: Rein
Rating: 8/10
Release: 5-10-2015
Label: Beverina Productions

This year Russian Alkonost celebrate their 20 years of existence. Quite an accomplishment for a folk metal band. One of the reasons the band is still alive and kicking is that they never stop reinventing themselves. Always within the boundaries of metal the band have incorporated all sorts of metal in their music. Early days was dark folk metal, meaning a lot of room for black and doom influences. On ‘Tales of Wandering’ it’s mostly folk metal with hints of power metal. Read More

Fuath – ‘I’ (2016)

fuath I

By: Jeff
Rating: 9.5/10
Release: 1-2-2016
Label: Independent

If I were on Facebook right now and looked on Fuath’s page all I would need are these three items to know this was going to be epic:
Members: Andy Marshall
Genre: Black Metal
Hometown: Scotland Read More

Fängörn EP release

fangorn inferno

Russian Fantasy Folk-metallers of Fängörn will release their new EP ‘Inferno’ today.
1. First Song 06:14
2. Behind Right Shoulder 04:53
3. Inferno 04:10
4. Where the Tales Live On (acoustic) 06:19
Read More