First single of Debut album Dvalin

dvalin aus dem schatten

‘Unter den Eichen’ is the first single of the upcoming Dvalin album. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify… almost everywhere.
The tracklist for their upcoming début album “Aus dem Schatten”, which will be released January 08th 2016 via NoiseArt Records is as follows:

01 Das Heer aus der Tiefe
02 Redeemed by Oblivion
03 Omen (Part I) Read More

4th Stworz album

stworz logo

The release of the 4th Stworz album is nearing, it will be called “Zagony Bogów” (Fields of the Gods) and will be released 22 December through Werewolf Productions.
Tracklist Read More

Saltatio Mortis acoustic album and video release

saltatio mortis ohne strom und stecker

Saltatio Mortis wil release their new acoustic album today.
Because of their 15th anniversary Saltatio Mortis was of the opinion it was time to look back to the time they played on the streets without electricity. And they asked themselves, how would their new album „Zirkus Zeitgeist“ sound acoustic.
But this album hasn’t become an album with the ‘old’ sound. No, they reworked the lot of them and created a fresh sound. Read More

First song new Wolfhorde album

wolfhorde towards the gates of north

Wolfhorde is a Folk Metal band from Finland. The music of the band is a
chaotic combination of the opposites: distorted and clean, electric and
acoustic, heavy and soft, fast and slow, cheerful and melancholic. It
gives something for the easy listener, but involves surprisingly
complicated twists and turns. Towards The Gates of North is an album
made out of all these elements.
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Video new album Varg

varg das ende aller lugen

Varg’s upcoming album “Das Ende Aller Lügen”, will be released on January 15th 2016 via Napalm Records. This album is already being called a new milestone in VARG’s history! Although VARG are more monstrous than ever, “Das Ende aller Lügen” is perhaps one of the best examples that the calm always comes before the storm. These calming moments prepare the listener for the coming thunder. Read More