Debut Album Vanvidd

vanvidd vanvidd

Folk/Black Metal band Vanvidd released their self-titled debut album ‘Vanvidd’.

1. Brønnsgubben
2. Gamle Erik
3. Dvergsangen Read More

Fiddler’s Green – ‘Devil’s Dozen’ (2016)

fiddlers green devils dozen

By: Michel
Rating: 9/10
Release: 28 October 2016
Label: Deaf Shepherd Recordings / INDIGO

After they have celebrated their 25th anniversary, Fiddler’s Green is releasing another studio-album ‘Devil’s Dozen’. What’s in a title? Well, everything is in the title. A devil’s dozen of songs, 13 in a row, but not the usual ones. Fiddler’s Green has jumped out of their box, like a devil. Not a lot traditional Irish songs on this one, oh no, despite they do a very nice job with the well known song ‘Leaving of Liverpool’, they managed to fill this album with lots of fun stuff. A number of covers, but not of the traditional folk songs, although they’re old ones, but the album is nonetheless FOLKY AS HELL. Read More

Debut-album Harmasar

harmasar dim panant

Moldavian Pagan/Folk-metalband Harmasar released a debut album ‘Din pământ’.
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Lugh – ‘Histórias do Mar’ (2016)

lugh historias do mar

By: Vinicius
Rating: 8.7/10
Release: 7 March 2016
Label: Independent

Two years after “Quando os canecos batem” the Brazilians of Lugh has released the newest album “Histórias do mar” (“Sea Histories”). Even with the new vocalist (which was also a violinist), the band maintained the essence of the previous album. With the exit of violin lines, the accordion became more evident and powerful. Read More

Barloventos – ‘La senda etérica’ (2016)

barloventos la senda etherica

By: Jeff
Rating: 7/10
Release: 1 September 2016
Label: Independent

Two of Argentina’s best exports (Skiltron and Vorgrum) are now joined by Barloventos as another fine export as well. With a different take on folk metal (going the fantasy/pirate route), Barloventos have just issued forth their 2nd full length with “La Senda Etérica” (“The Path Eterica”). Read More