Excelsis interview

excelsis band20 Years Excelsis
The band already exists for 20 years. How do you look back on those 20 years?
“We had a great time! Sure we’ve had up’s, for example to play together with bands like Eluveitie, Finntroll, Hagard and In Extremo) and down’s (when Geige Gygax , Daniela and Simu quit the band) but altogether we’ve had and still are having a great time.
We’ve met so many really interesting people and we saw so many cool places. But even more important it was never a waste of time! Maybe to mention one of the biggest changes in the last 20 years are for sure the social medias like Facebook, Youtube and iTunes. In the early days it was really hard work to get a little bit ‘famous’ (and also expensive).
Today, all you need is a computer and with less than a few mouse cliques you reach and receive the whole world!” Read More

New Album Al-Namrood

al-namrood diaji al joor

Al-Namrood will release a new album which was planned for 2015 on two phases: The first was prelude EP “Ana Al Tughian” in English “I,Tyranny” and the second will be the full length album.
The album title is “Diaji Al Joor” which translates to “Darkness of Injustice” compiling 9 tracks, around 39 minutes play time.
“Diaji Al Joor” will be released on CD, Vinyl and digital formats.
There will be patches and special t-shirts for order upon the release.
Free patches will be given with the pre-orders for CDs and vinyls.
The new album is scheduled for release on NOVEMBER 27, 2015

Tales of the Southern Realm Teaser

tales of the northern realm

Tales from the Southern Realm is the combined release from 8 of Australia’s best folk metal bands. Currently, all of the bands are working on new material for upcoming albums, so they have taken the opportunity to collaborate and release a compilation CD. This compilation will showcase what each band has to offer, as well as demonstrating Australia’s influence on the genre. Read More