Interview with Turisas

2A Portage to…
Turisas’ violinist Olli Vänskä took some time to talk to me during the busy Paganfest tour. It was a very nice conversation where he told me a little bit more about himself as a violinist and of course about what Turisas has in store for us this year.
Hi Olli, how are you and what have you been up to lately?
“This will sound cliché, but I do have a hangover! But it will be all right. The tour has been very nice so far. Tonight we will play, I think, the fourth show. Everything is getting a little bit more smoother now. It’s been a while since we were on stage, so that’s always a little bit scary.”

Enter the Portage to…

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Skiltron – 2015 re-issues (2015)

skiltron the clans have untited

By: Jeff
Rating: 7,5/10
Release: 29-5-2015
Label: Trollzorn

Argentina’s Skiltron (in conjunction with their label Trollzorn) have reissued their first 3 albums with bonus material on each album. Now, if you don’t have a least one Skiltron album in your collection already then what have you been doing? They are probably the biggest folk metal band from South America and have churned out 4 amazing folk metal albums Read More

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Schandmaul ‘Unendlich’ new edition

schandmaul unendlich2015

Schandmaul released a re-editon, they call it Version 2015 themselves, of their latest album ‘Unendlich’. New in this edition are the 4 bonustracks of their firlm “Mara und der Feuerbringer”. Read More

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Song from re-issue Grai album

grai album 2009

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Blind Guardian and Orphaned Land

10-4-2015 Effenaar Eindhoven, The Netherlands
By: Colin

Orphaned Land
I had to wait a long time for this, but finally I get to see Orphaned Land live. After the shaped a new style of Middle-Eastern metal the last few decades, they also stand out for their mission. A mission to shape a world of peace, not trough war or violence, but using only music. Read More

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Into The Forest

Into the forest 2014


Into The Forest is weer terug! Ook dit jaar zal Into the Forest weer plaatsvinden in Dynamo Eindhoven. We zullen er wederom voor zorgen dat het een goed feest gaat worden met de beste folk- en paganmetalbands uit binnen- en buitenland! Dus laat de viking in je los, neem je drinkhoorns mee en trek je kilt weer uit de kast, Read More

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Baldrs Draumar album released

baldrs draumar aldgillissoan

baldrs draumar releaseparty
In skym yn it tsjuster is the second track which is revealed by the Frysian vikins of Baldrs Draumar.
It’s just like Wolvetiid, a song the upcoming album ‘Aldgillissoan’ (Review). Read More

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Kanseil album released


Bandcamp is the spot where you can pre-order this:
KANSEIL’S first full-length album will be out today on Nemeton Records.
The album is entitled “Doin Earde” (Your Land) and it contains 11 tracks, it’s the result of almost 3 years of hard work and improvement!
“DOIN EARTE” has been recorded, mixed, and mastered between February and March by Christian Zecchin in Zeta Production’s studio in Vicenza, Read More

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Split album Obtest


Obtest will release a split EP with Dissimulation the today. The CD is called 77.
1.Dissimulation – Inferna Profundus
2.Dissimulation – 77 
3.Dissimulation – Dvylika Juodvarnių (Obtest cover) 
4.Obtest – Myriop
5.Obtest – Grąžinkit Mirusius! (Dissimulation cover) 

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Release new Glittertind album nearing

glittertind blane for blaneBlåne for blåne, the new Glittertind album will be released 27th April through Indie Recordings.
01. Ukjend land
02. Høyr min song (Til fridomen)
03. Soria Moria
04. Enno nær Read More

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