Skiltron albumrelease

Skiltron Legacy of Blood

Skiltron will release a new album called ‘Legacy of Blood’ today. Review
The fifth album “Legacy Of Blood“ shows the musical fortunes of the Argentine Celtic Folk Metal legation in absolute perfection. Finally, the thoughtful tracks of current successor for the 2013 published album “Into The Battle Ground” Read More

Vorna released single

The Finnish metal band Vorna are now back with their new single ”Aalloista” which takes them stylewise further away from the previous pagan metal genre classification. ”Aalloista” has a new, more melancholic tone to it and one can hear a bit more clean vocals than on Vorna’s previous productions.
The lead vocalist Vesa Salovaara shared his thoughts about the new single and future endeavours of Vorna: Read More

Tengger Cavalry re-issues

tengger cavalry hymn of the earth

Global Music Award-winning Nomadic Mongolian folk metal group TENGGER CAVALRY have recently reissued two of their earlier albums originally released in 2013 and 2014, re-composed and instrumented. 2013’s The Expedition was reissued as Cavalry In Thousands, and 2014’s Ancient Call was reissed as Hymn Of The Earth. Both albums are available via Bandcamp now.
Order here: Read More