Interview with Windfaerer

windfaerer int1An Asteroid called Windfaerer
Very now and again we here talk of an asteroid about to hit earth. With their pending new album “Tenebrosum” New Jersey USA’s Windfaerer have assured our decimation back into cosmic dust. Lead vocalist and guitarist Mike took some time out to answer some questions regarding the new album (being released on September 22nd thru their Bandcamp page… plus some other questions regarding recording and touring….check it out….. Read More

Excelsis album release

excelsis tot u vergautig

The new Excelsis Album, “Tod u Vergäutig” this means “death and retribution”, will be released today.
Guest – Musicians (thanx so much Brothers!)
Lukas Flückiger – Whistles, Krummhorn & Narrator
Simu Müller – Mandola, Shargia, acc. Guitars & solo Guitar Read More

New album Manegarm

manegarm manegarmAfter many albums, Manegarm will release a next one this year. They previous album was an epic one, which surprised us with a slight change of sound, without loosing their touch of folk. The band re-released their first albums in the past months, but now they’re up to something new. The title of this new piece: ‘Manegarm’. The releasedate: 20th November.

Netherfell – ‘Between East and West’ (2015)

netherfell miedzy mschodem a zachodem

By: Yvette
Rating: 8,5/10
Release: 30-10-2015
Label: Noizgate Records

Netherfell is an upcoming folk metal band from Kraków, Poland, that will release its debut album ‘Between East and West’ in October 2015. Although the band has been entirely unsigned up until this point, Netherfell has signed with Noizgate Records for the release of their debut album. Read More

Vallorch albumcover


Vallorch has revealed the artwork and title of their next album: ‘Until Our Tale Is Told’.
Artwork: Jan Örkki Yrlund. More details coming soon!