Ragnarok Aaskereia’s tour

Location: Luxor, Arnhem (NL)
26 Oktober 2008
By: Michel

The beautiful old Theatre in Arnhem was was the battlefield on which this international party got to play.

The Portuguese band Gwydion kicks of. But not before there was a fire-exercise and we all had to go outside. From what I heard earlier of this band, I wasn’t too keen at this gig. But they surprised me, and they put down a very nice performance. Mhm, should listen this some more when I’m back home….
Score: 7/10Svartsot
After that the Danish band Svartsot climbed the stage.
A fine performance, the band puts down a very good concert, which is quite special, because a few weeks after this concert they announce a break-up.
Despite of their nice performance they had difficulties to get the audience along with them, during the songs “Braegers Baeger” the whole room went insane, but in the other songs it was no more than a peacefully headbanging. The duet was with Christopher Bowes of Alestorm, was a very good one.
Score: 8/10Hollenthon
I had high expectations of Hollenthon, but I can add this band to my ‘setback-list’. I’m not a fan of the use of a lot of samples, put a keyboard in the band and you can convince me, but I’m allergic for hearing things I cannot see at a concert.

Time for Alestorm, I would travel to Arnhem only to see this band. The whole venue went flat out. Starting with ”Over the seas” the band put all their hits of their album together in a nice setlist, “Nancy the Tavern Wench”, “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” and “Wenches and Mead”, it was all to the audience’s taste. Rare supremacy, everybody in the house went completely insane.
Score: 10/10Tyr
And to close this fabulous party, there was the Faroese band Tyr, want do you want more in life. The band completely met the high expectations. Perfect performance, in which there might not be too many moshpits, but the songs are very impressive and when you get the ancient here Heri with this…. In “The Wild Rover” he’s accompanied by Alestorm’s Christopher Bowes the fulfilment is complete.
A fabulous evening!
Score: 10/10

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