Black Sails over Europe

Location: De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, BL
11 April 2009
By: Michel

The promotiontour by Tyr and Alestorm is visiting Hellendoorn. Heidevolk is support act and Adorned Brood is joing in this part of the tour as well.

Adorned Brood
I apoligize to the bands of this band, but it’s the third time I get to see them, and I didn’t mind at all the concert had started earlier. Although it’s a bad thing I looked on the website of de ‘Lantaarn’ the night before and a different time was shown.
Score: 0/5Heidevolk
This evening it’s evident Heidevolk has become an adult top band. Unfortunately, we see Heidevolk enter the stage without Raemon, which is replaced by a fine guitarist, due to a back injury. Despite some technical courses, it’s still a great performance and the audience is very soon in the mood for a party. I still find it stunning to build violin pieces into this music and perform it perfectly on stage. To finish Vulgaris Magistralis is played, a song which is always good for a party.
Score: 10/10Tyr
Unlike the previous tour of Tyr and Alestorm, this time Tyr is the first one to go on stage. Like the show in Arnhem I visited last year, this appearance was again solid as a rock. The lyrics could be heard properly (not to understand, anyway). The enthusiastic bass-playing troll implementation of the gnome ‘Plop’, spread his cheer over the audience once again. The fully tatood guitarist played magnificent once again and starts his own party with a number of fans, who went completely crazy. The new songs “Northern Star”, “Hold the heathen hammer high”, and “the northern gate” went down like cake to the public, which didn’t really know these new songs.
Score: 7/10Alestorm
Alestorm got to close the festival this time, unlike the previous tour. As in Arnhem, the band was as solid as a rock, or rather as a triumph pirate ship. Alarm sounded immediately when this black sails were spotted on the horizon, but please do not run away. The sympathetic Scots immediately capture your heart and the rest of the audience. Technically, there is quite a stitch here and there, but this band stands for a big party. Again, of course, we get to hear songs of their new album.
Score: 7/10

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