De Kade 2009

De Kade, Zaandam, NL
12 june 2009

Unfortunately I missed almost the complete set of Grimhorde. I have got to see the last three songs. With seven man is quite busy on stage. The guitarists were a bit quiet, but could be due to lack of space. The songs I saw were very good in my opinion. ‘Pek en Veren’ was according to the band the only danceable song, but there was not a significant reaction from the audience. There rather threw themselves in the moshpit rather than dance.5/10Myrkvar
Myrkvar, not only very talented on CD, but they proved themselves to be excellent live as well. Not only musically but in interacting with the audience too. The crowd was a bit quiet at the beginning of the gig, but went merrily on stage when Faber (Hrabnilaz, keyboardist) said that in the next issue a polonaise was really needed. Myrkvar is really in style, even get their names from Germanic mythology. It was truly a feast with Myrkvar. A good warm-up for Heidevolk.7/10Heidevolk
It took a while before Heidevolk could really begin, the drummer was bleeding all over. But after he had recovered the party could begin. A very enthusiastic band. Heidevolk is better known and has been around longer than, say Myrkvar and that is noticeable. The lyrics are better known, but even when you don’t know the Heidevolk lyrics, you can sing along quickly with songs like ‘SaksenLand’ and of course ‘Hulde aan de Kastelein’. There was very good guitar playing and singing by the two singers, a few songs also have some nice violin pieces. All in all a very enjoyable metal-evening.

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