Skyforger (2009)

Location: De Vleugel, Nijverdal
9 Oktober 2009
By: Colin en Michel

Due to a cancelled gig Skyforger had a spare date in their agenda. At very short terms a gig in Nijverdal was arranged but with one and a half week to go, despite the enormous promotion of Baldrs Draumar, there were only a few people in this small venue. Not sold out by far, but the atmosphere was nonetheless great.

Baldrs Draumar
Baldrs Draumar started and to be honest, these Frisians can play!!! These guys just know what music is about, a great drum, and the keys were really cool, supported by a very good bass and a very cool voice. You can not escape, those guys will kick some asses in the future! Just a pity the sound of the guitar dropped out first and then broke a string on top of that. It wasn’t really missed in the first track and it went very well without guitar. When they manage to get a couple of more gigs and gain more experience … they’ll become even more awesome!
Michel: Little to add to the above report. There were no sturdy Frisians here, no there was just a couple of cool Frisians with a bunch of nice cosy supporters. Proud Frisians also with a touch of Viking blood, where they are very proud off. Great sound, well thought-out songs with a base of prime bass and drums and deliciously topped with keyboard. Very nice vocals, it was solid as a rock. I found radiating one of the first shows great class. In retrospect I also received the information this was their first gig. I can only say one thing: Respect! If you can lay this down at a first appearance, then nothing can go wrong with Baldrs Draumar. Given the inexperience a nine stars and I am convinced that Baldrs Draumar will last. I want to see you guys more often!
Score: 8/10

After the frisians seemed like Skyforger couldn’t do anything to beat them, but that proved no problem for these Latvians. Despite there were only 50 people in the hall, these guys were really looking forward to it and they managed to get the whole audience going with their nice sound. Okay, the bass-player may well be scary, but still, these guys can play. I have visited many concerts but I was impressed by this nice instrument the Kokle. This is a kind of harp on a plate without a guitar neck. When they had to stop the entire audience asked for more, and even after this song, the audience kept asking for more. But because they were exhausted and could play no longer (according to the singer), they have just sung a song.
All in all this was a very successful evening and I hope both bands are going to kick ass in the future.
Score: 8/10

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