Summerbreeze 2011

Summerbreeze 2011
Dinkelsbühl (DE)
18-20 Augustus 2011
By: Nick

Summer Breeze is one of many metal festivals in Germany. With only 20,000 men remains a small-scale festival, not as massive as for instance another German Wacken. Here too metalheads from all over Europe gathered for three days of beer, party and metal! The festival itself is very well organized. With just four stages to oversee everything and overlap little. Also fell that here very much there until 5 o’clock every day, mostly local, and very small bands were. And, although some bands sound was very bad, there was plenty to see and do. Below is a short summary of the folk-metal bands that played at the festival.

In Extremo
In Extremo is perhaps, along with Subway to Sally, the greatest band in the German folk scene. They are this they prove with their performance at Summer Breeze. Everything was taken out of the closet, beautiful costumes to a stunning fire show. The set was full of sing-alongs, and the whole audience roared all the texts from the front to bring back. The band clearly had fancy, mainly bagpipe players were running like crazy laps while they played their parties. All in all a successful performance!
Score: 8/10
Saltatio Mortis
If a price would exist for Best frontman ‘this would certainly go to Alea, singer Saltatio Mortis. What a charisma this man! Wild jumping and dancing on the stage, all the while encouraging the audience to sing along, jump it, and make it a big party! More is not necessary, and it become a big party. Highlights from the set features include sing-along game at ‘Till Eulenspiegel’, where the whole audience sing loudly, and the modest ‘Prometheus’. Further, the singer did the same trick as in Wacken; crowd surfing over the audience while he was singing. This was not the only one. At one point in the set, he called to make an open space in the crowd, like a Wall of Death. With a large banner Saltatio Mortis leaped singer there mercilessly between, standing at the back of the open space. His intention? He started to run, and the crowd would close behind him. After he had pressed the public on heart that this is really BEHIND had to shut him he ran for his life, in which the public is properly closed behind him. Bravo for this action! Furthermore, I can be brief, the atmosphere and the band were top notch. Especially tribute to the singer, who really does everything to the audience to make sense! Highly recommended!
Score: 5/5
What better way to start than with a concert ‘To Holmgard & Beyond ‘with immediately afterthis ‘One more’? Can you wish a better start! The rest of the setlist lye there not, with bangers like ‘Battle Metal’ and the inevitable ‘Rasputin’. It was also ‘Sahti-offers a perfect’ once played. Furthermore, a nice mix of old and new was played, with a major focus on the up-tempo songs. The public could also not stand still, and there was considerable feasting. The atmosphere was great, the sound was more than fine, and the band was good on a roll. Small minor issue remains the singer is talking too much in between songs!
Score: 10/10
Amorphis, always a great band to see live. Although? Although the band was playing with conviction, and the singer was very good voice, there was quite a spanner in the thrown by the drum. This was namely so incredibly hard that it was difficult to distinguish the refined guitar and keyboards, surely something that characterizes this band. It was therefore very difficult to enjoy this show. Luckily they come back for the rematch in the Netherlands in January!
Score: 5/10
Under the guise of “learn little new bands’ were allowed each day two bands play four sets of 20 minutes each. Also Vogelfrey was one of those bands who four times had a chance to prove themselves in relation to the public. And to put it briefly, this she did with gusto! Although at first the sound was not very good (especially the violin and the cello were hardly heard), this problem was solved in the second half of the first set. The band had a totally different each time, but well-constructed setlist. Quiet songs were interspersed with hard bangers, in a way that there was a good balance between the numbers. Actually were played all the songs from their debut CD, along with a cover and a brand new song. Although it was very quiet for the stage (maximum 50 people), the band clearly had meaning in it, and they could not allow it occasionally to get out jokes in and around the stage. As the singer ran through the audience to give everyone a high-five before he had to run back in a hurry to fall in time for his vocals. Between performances by the band for the stage stopped to talk to the (future) fans. An excellent idea, and it also shows that you care about your fans! If Vogelfrey thus requires no additional fans inside managed to drag I do not remember. Great band with great performances
Score: 10/10
Corvus Corax
The occurrence of Corvus Corax was a performance that was easy to describe; it was a big disappointment. When they year Wacken Open Air were the band had everything out of the closet, a full orchestra, a choir, a soprano singer and a fire show where you say against you. There was that day, however, see nothing of it. Only three bagpipe players and two percussionists were on stage to bring their traditional folk music performed. This was, by the lack of choir and orchestra, totally not. It was boring, the audience did not participate, and to make matters worse, the band played only slow, not really catchy songs.
If you’re going to see Corvus Corax, make sure you see them with “Cantus Buranus. Corvus Corax so luckly it was not worth that. Pity.

After a week before Swashbuckle having seen in the small pub Little Devil, I could not wait to see Swashbuckle again, but on a big stage. The band played a similar setlist, and although everything was bigger (the audience, the stage, the sound), the atmosphere remained as cosy as in a small room. Swashbuckle had clearly feel, given this (as they said) was their last German performance. The band frequently asked to circle pits and wall or deaths, which was eagerly obeyed. The band enjoyed, the audience enjoyed, great performance!
Score: 10/10
Týr I had hitherto only seen as a support party metal bands like Korpiklaani and Alestorm. Though I was not convinced of them, I decided to see how the band performed on himself. And this surprised me greatly. The tent in which she played overcrowded and everyone sang along texts. Even crowd surfing were to be found frequently in the air! The band was nice stride, and that you also noticed the stage performance. Incredibly energetic, and you clearly saw that the band felt like it! Although I have not seen the whole show, I was pleasantly surprised. Very strong performance!
Score: 8/10

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