Alne – ‘Alne’ (2012)

By: Michel
Score: 7/10

We get a lot of albums to review at, and lately a lot of them are mostly copy-cats. But sometimes there are original bands and occasionally we get an peculiar album. This is the case with Alne. According to Alne’s own statement they mixes romantisme, mysticisme and paganisme to create an unique blend. It’s a triunity of sound, lyrics and atmosphere. They use medieval poems for some songs.
Immediately when you get to listen to the album the unique atmosphere is clear. The female vocals are very beautiful and have this typical Slavic feel. The music appears to live his own life apart from the vocals, but on the other hand they are attached seamless to each other. It’s obvious we’re dealing with experienced and skilled musicians here. They know exactly what they’re doing and create their own unique sound. And this is a sound which can’t be described easily. The black metal history of some members is clear, but sometimes it calls underground new wave to your mind and I even had a little flash-back to Anne Clarck every now and then, which shall be caused by the fact she also recited poems to music. The Music of Alne is very dark music, so the phrase dark medieval centuries are at it’s place here.
The connection to folk can be heard in the way some pieces are sung.
One can doubt if this kind of music will appeal to a large number of people, but it will undoubtly generate an audience of their own. And there is absolutely no doubt their music is well thought-through. Alne creates his own style within the folk-metal.

1. Czarcie Wesele 04:54
2. Perunowy Kamień 06:30
3. Latawica 05:27
4. Serce w Kamieniu 04:13
5. Piołunowa Dziewczyna 04:45
6. Przystrojona Słońcem 03:43
7. Melodia Mgieł Nocnych 04:56
8. Taniec 05:34
9. La Belle Dame sans Merci 04:15

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