Thrudvangar – ‘Tiwaz’ (2013)

By: Nick
Score: 9/10
Release: 26-7-2013
Label: Massacre Records

Ts’i hrad ot rwiet.. Sorry. Apparently it’s hard to write a decent review while you’re headbanging. Because that’s for sure; this great pagan-black makes you want to headbang all the time. Just from the start this fifth album of the German Thrudvangar grabs you, only to release you after almost three quarters of an hour.
Like said before, Thrudvangar plays up-tempo pagan-black metal as it should be. Here and there some acoustic pieces are inserted to create some atmosphere, but besides that it’s only catchy sounding black-metal, with raw vocals and tremolo guitar-riffs which are complemented by a heavy rhythm section. How they achieve to sound extremely brutal, but at the same time extremely melodic is something I’d like to know, but I do know that this music certainly invites you to get moving!
Thrudvangar delivers a nice piece of work for every fan of that typical pagan-black. Really nice to headbang to, and thus the songs are excellent to be played live. Hopefully this relatively unknown band will get the attention they deserve!

1. Tiwaz 05:17
2. Sonnenwende 04:05
3. Der letzte Weg 06:10
4. Frei 03:35
5. Des Kriegers Los 03:56
6. Brüder 05:22
7. Heimat 04:21
8. Schicksal 04:27
9. Abschied 06:57

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