Al-Namrood – ‘Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq’ (2014)

By: Gur
Score: 6/10
Release: 6-1-2014
Label: Shaytan Productions

You might suspect it when you hear the bands name and the title of the album, Al-Namrood is a band from the Middle-East, Saudi Arabia to be more specific. Al-namrood means disbeliever and this is their fourth full length already.
This album contains of seven up tempo tracks, interspersed with Arabic melodies. It reminds immediately of all the films and stories of the Orient and makes me realize I don’t know much about it.
The vocals are raw and remind a bit of the way Skalmold uses this. The whole album is fairly rough this time and takes us to the Arabic underworld. The muted sound of their previous albums is solved partially, but is still sounds a bit like a tin can, but the sound is better than it is in the previous albums.
We don’t find any slower songs like we got on ‘Estorat Taghoot’ and with a total length of 38 minutes it’s rather short for a full length. I believe there’s more potential in the band then they show us.

1. Estahalat Al Harb 04:03
2. Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq 05:24
3. Youm Yukram Al Jaban 07:15
4. Bat Al Tha Ar Nar Muheja 06:16
5. Um Al Qashaam 03:46
6. Subat 05:02
7. A Aj Al Safeeh 07:07

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