Saor – ‘Aura’ (2014)

By: Astrid
Score: 9/10
Release: 6-6-2014
Label: Northern Silence Productions

Saor had had a most wonderful debut album in 2013, and it carries on in 2014. You can feel it in the music and in the start of this CD. It grasps you and never lets go. There’s something mythical about the start of the first song. But then it starts! Sweet powerful blackmetal combined with grunting and goodness grace, a deep bass voice singing perfectly. The passages of folk influences finishes this CD perfectly. There’s something spiritual about it, combined with the earthly voices of men…
The second track of this album starts quite different, yet it evokes the same feeling. There’s something spiritual about it, yet more earthly this time. Let yourself drift onto the fine notes of this song, the earthly wonders as well as spiritual feel is quite lovely. Soar on the wind with this number and enjoy.
You do feel a shift in the third song, for every song that follows the predecessor becomes more earthly. Yet this progress doesn’t bring down the feel of the album. It’s lovely, for it gives every song another pleasant and welcome touch. I want to listen, and I want to know the end of the story. For that is what it actually feels like: a quest from the mythical gods, invocation from the world beyond the spiritual veil and the fulfilment of that quest on this Earthly world…

Every song of this album lasts about 10 minutes or more, and I believe it’s one of his strengths. The feeling of myth and spirituality doesn’t end when the singer stops singing, but when they feel is right. You get to drift long beyond the earthly tones of human voice, and drift into the world of myths long forgotten…

All I can say is: listen. Just listen and enjoy with a good glass of mead and celebrate life itself whilst this album takes you away!

1. Children of the Mist
2. Aura
3. The Awakening
4. Farewell
5. Pillars of the World

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