Ephyra – ‘Along the Path’ (2015)

By: Jeff
Rating: 7.5/10
Release: 20-11-2015
Label: Bakerteam Records

Italy’s Ephyra have returned with their 2nd full length entitled “Along The Path” following their debut album “Journey” from 2013. Upon numerous listens of both albums (and I like them both) I have struggled with coming up with likes and dislikes of the new album. I think the best thing is to compare to “Journeys” and what the similarities and differences are with the new album.
First off, style and sound wise I think the first album had more of a power metal sound than folk (maybe a 60% to 40% margin) and had a little more experimental feel to it with a little heavier and more diverse songs. The new album seems a little more folky than power metal (equally I would say) but the songs I feel are a little safer than and not as adventurous as the first album. Do you see my quandary yet?
They still remind me of contemporary acts like Zaria and Brezno mixed with some late 80’s power metal like Helloween or Pretty Maids (yes I know these bands are still around….just mean those eras of those bands) While they have progressed sound wise, Ephyra have mainstreamed their sound a little bit which certainly is not bad, but I like the feel of “Journeys” more. This certainly is not a case of the 2nd album or sophomore jinx in any regards but more of giving their sound more definition in what they want it to be. I suppose the word is “maturity” I am looking for. Their sound has matured and has more direction than “Journeys”…I just happened to gravitate more towards “Journeys” than “Along The Path” and it is as simple as that I guess. Tracks like “Flaming Tears” and “Riding With The Sun” are killer for sure and if you haven’t heard Ephyra before they are an amazing band with a great dual vocals tandem with Nadia and Francesco and expert musicians (Matteo-guitars, Paolo-guitars, Alessandra-bass and John-drums). I could be wrong on this one but I always go with what I feel and that is all I can do. Ephyra have put together a great album but I happen to like their previous effort more. Prove me wrong and give them both a listen.
I think you may have a better perspective than I do on this one, but still I would recommend Ephyra even if it is “Journeys” over “Along The Path”…..you still will get to listen to some epic Italian folk metal no matter what my opinion is….

01. Melancholy Rise
02. Human Chaos
03. All at Once
04. Cruel Day
05. Flaming Tears
06. Hope
07. Last Night
08. Riding with the Sun
09. Land’s Calling
10. No Dream
11. Alive

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