Fortíð – ‘The Demo Sessions’ (2016)

By: Jeremiah
Rating: 6/10
Release: 25/6/2016
Label: Symbol of Domination Prod.

Ok I feel like this one needs a pre-amble. Fortid are a great band they are Norwegian Black Metal so you know what to expect. They are pretty solid and have come quite a long way from being a raw one piece to the band that put out the impressive “9” just last year. That being said The Demo Sessions aren’t quite representative of what you will get from their finished product. So if you aren’t familiar with Fortid I highly recommend you go check out 9 first. Now to the subject at hand. First off this album is as advertised, demo’s so the quality is far from top notch. Not to say there is nothing to take from it , but the quality really hampers the enjoyment and listenability of it all.
That said taken as a whole it’s interesting in the sense that there is an obvious progression from start to finish and you can definitely hear the band grow. If you’re really into the raw stuff this may be for you. Personally I like a little polish to each their own. There are a couple gems here though. Things pick up around half point with the Enslaved cover. Sadly tho the compression on these tracks just make for a tougher listen. The highest point for me was Electric Horizon that song is so good it could cut through the quality of a karaoke machine recording. Its dark , brooding and just plain nasty this one piece makes the demo sessions worth the listen and give you just the tiniest taste of what Fortid are all about.
So if you are a big fan of truly raw black metal and Fortid give it a go because they’re probably cooking up something really awesome and I’m guessing any proceeds from this will help them to finish it. And that is something to be pretty excited about.

01. Illt skal með illu gjalda 05:54
02. Lifandi lífi undir hamri (Enslaved cover) 11:30
03. Nornir 05:18
04. Galdur 05:14
05. Hof 06:03
06. Pagan Prophecies 07:00
07. Electric Horizon 06:46
08. Sun Turns Black 06:02
09. Ad Handan 09:37
10. Heltekinn 05:53
11. Framtíð 10:07

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