Letzte Instanz – ‘Liebe im Krieg’ (2016)

By: Michel
Rating: 8/10
Release: 12 August 2016
Label: AFM

Nineteen years and numerous albums after their first release in 1997, Germany’s Letzte Instanz is back with another studio-album ‘Liebe im Krieg’. Their style has developed into an unique sound, I can’t say there’s a lot of folk left in their music. Folk and Medieval were always a bit subdued in their music, they were a part of the Medieval scene in Germany, probably caused by the use of cello and violin. But they were always an outsider which fitted in very well.
Their musical signature has become the songs in which singer Holly drags the audience into a massive sing-a-long, the track ‘Wir Sind Allein’ is an absolute killer in this way. These kind of songs have become more and more their trademark over the years, but this seems to have reach a new level with ‘Liebe im Krieg’. Their new album loaded with these kind of songs. Undoubtedly an absolute killer album for the Letzte Instanz fans, I can image a lot of Letzte Instanz fans will see this album as the best the band has ever made. From a Folk-metal.nl point of view I regret the album is derived of any folky tunes. I’ve listened to this album many times now, and I can’t find a Medieval or Folk-element worth mentioning.

So, to be short. Great album for the fans of Letzte Instanz, but I’m afraid the band has said it’s last farewell the, already rare medieval and folk moments in their music.

01. Liebe Im Krieg
02. Tränen Aus Stein
03. Steh Auf!
04. Tageslicht
05. Wir Sind Eins
06. Reise
07. Weiß Wie Der Schnee
08. Das Gerücht
09. Blutmond
10. Unsere Tage
11. Ich Werde Vor Dir Untergehen
12. Weite Welt

Digipak bonus tracks:
13. Unsere Augen
14. Sag, Wo Bist Du

Acoustic bonus CD in ltd. box
01. Ewig
02. Blind
03. Ganz Egal
04. Traum Im Traum
05. Wieder Einmal Rot
06. Im Auge Des Sturms
07. Mein Kind
08. Der Garten
09. Nur Für Uns
10. Wo Das Meer
11. Von Anfang An

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