New Video Tengger Cavalry

tengger cavalry

‘kAAn’ is the new video of Tengger Cavalry.
Nature Ganganbaigal, singer of Tengger Cavalary, comments on the video: “This century is the century of machine and industry. Nomadic culture is falling apart everywhere around the world. Grasslands and plains are being exploited and it is becoming more acceptable to step into the sacred land of others and get what we need in the moment. We all saw what happened at Standing Rock. As distantly related brothers of Native Americans (proven genetically), Tengger Cavalry, an international alliance of Mongols, Central Asians and Northern Asians, felt the need to give our public support to them. This video is about the brotherhood of nomadic people. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are – if you have a nomadic heart and you love nature and sky, you are one of us, and we will support you!”

‘A Blade of Time’ is the new single of Tengger Cavalry.

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