News Acoustic Album Baldrs Draumar

baldrs draumar fan fryslans ferline

Baldrs Draumar is working hard on their next album which will be completely ACOUSTIC and again completely in FRISIAN. Don’t get it wrong, they are still a metal band and will keep playing metal shows and rock your socks off, they just like to make a little trip ‘out of the box’ now and then and do awesome folky stuff.

“FAN FRYSLÂNS FERLINE” will be released 7th Octobet.

01. Fan Fryslâns Ferline
02. Raven
03. Tsjoch op
04. Slach by Warns
05. Hva Faen!?
06. Magna Frisia
07. Thuners Fjoer
08. Oer de runen
09. Deat Lun
10. As de loften brekke
11. Hymirs Tsjettel
12. Hadagrims Fertriet

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