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utmarken forfallstid

Förfallstid is in the final stages. First mastered tracks from Kalthallen studios have arrived, and despite all uncontrollable circumstances in the process… I now know Förfallstid will be a powerful album!
Another important piece of the puzzle is the cover, which also is finished and I am, to put it mildly, not just a litte amazed and honoured to have received help with it by Thomas Väänänen, ex-vocalist in Thyrfing and veteran of the swedish scene, whose heavy metal ears are much, much more experienced than my own. That is a big thing to me personally.
Much more should be said, my live brothers in battle should have a presentation f.ex., but I think we’ll leave it to a picture of the cover today. More info will follow. First single as well.

Track list (order will change)
1. Förfallstid (Time of decay)
2. Ifrån byn (From the village)
3. Dit anden går (Where the spirit goes)
4. Kamplåt (Anthem)
5. Bröder i strid (Brothers in battle)
6. Vårdröm (Spring dream)
7. Läk dig själv (Heal yourself)
8. Vintervind (Winter wind)
9. Lidandets väg, part I (The path of suffering, pt I)
10. Lidandets väg, part II (The path of suffering, pt II)
11. Mitt Norrland (My Northland)

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