Vanaheim EP news

vanaheim the house spirit

Vanaheim’s first EP will be uploaded to all kinds of digital platforms.
The band is proud to show you the artwork of their upcoming first EP ‘The House Spirit’. Besides a digital release which will follow soon, they are printing 200 hand-numbered physical CD’s, for sale at their upcoming shows. More details on that will follow though ;)! Credits toJoop Bongaerts and Wappenschmied for creating this piece of artwork.

‘The House Spirit’ EP will have four songs, with a total running time just under half an hour. The tracklist can be found below.

1. The Dwarven Chant (5:52)
2. Domovoi (5:18)
3. Forefather’s Awakening (6:56)
4. Daughter Of The Dawn (9:47)

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