Join the team

As work is increasing we have the need to expand our crew.
Are you a fan of Celtic/folk-punk, Medieval Rock or Folk-metal?
Do you like to listen to lots of new stuff, many albums even before they’re released?
Do you like to write your opinion down.
In that case you might be one of the folk-heads we need. You don’t have to know any Dutch, neither should you live in The Netherlands. We communicate and write in English and our team is living around the globe as well (The Netherlands, USA, Brazil). It would be very nice to add you to our team.
Do you like to listen to a lot of the new stuff (most of it, even before it’s released) and do you like to write down your opinion on it? Please contact us and join us.

And/or do you like to chat with bands (mail/skype/face2face,whatever)? In that case consider joining our team as well. We need one or two people who like to do some interviews with bands. You don’t have to have contacts with bands, we set you up with the bands in the way which is needed.

You don’t have to be experienced in all this, everyone has to start somewhere…

Interested, or do you like some more information please mail:

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