Triddana – ‘Twelve Acoustic Pieces’ (2017)

By: Michel
Rating: 7/10
Release: 15 May 2017
Label: Independent

“Wwhatever you play, do it with everything you’ve got. Listening to a song like ‘Everything returns’ it feels like the band is holding back a bit. You can’t do that. Be fast when fast is required, be aggressive, melodic, folky when it is called for. And bring it with heart and soul.” Those are the words of Rein, speaking about Triddana’s previous album ‘The Power & The Will’. Now Triddana is back with something special, an acoustic album, the perfect opportunity to show you musicianship and put your songs in an other perspective.
And there’s nothing wrong with the musicianship in Triddana. Nice guitars, fine bass and drums, and through all these the nice pipes, this forms the nice foundation of their power-metal.
But where Diego gave their music a heart until there album ‘Ripe for Rebellion’, there’s something missing now. The heart, the feel, this withholds you from shouting along with their songs. It seems they’re playing the songs dutiful, and since they’re fine musicians, they can do this well. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals aren’t bad either, but it lacks a bit of spirit.
‘Gone with the River’ is a bit closer to what I’dd like to hear, passion, enthusiasm.

Triddana made a nice album with this acoustic piece ‘Twelve Acoustic Pieces’, 12 nice songs, in a nice acoustic setting, but it lacks a bit of passion. This makes ‘Twelve Acoustic Pieces’, just what it’s called 12 acoustic pieces, it should have been ‘Here are Twelve Acoustic Pieces for you’…

01. Becoming
02. When the Enemy’s Close
03. Spoke the Firefly
04. Gone with the River
05. Flames at Twilight
06. Echo Trough the Days
07. The Wicked Wheel
08. Born in the Dark Age
09. Galloping Shadows
10. Shouting Aloud
11. Everlasting lie
12. Men of Clay
13. Who Wants to Live Forever (Brian may)(Bonustrack)

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