Yaşru – ‘Börübay’ (2016)

By: Leo
Rating: 7/10
Release: 28 October 2016
Label: WormHole Death

Yasru’s folk influences mixed with their doom-metal style create a great sound which I found myself listening several times the whole album without feeling the need for a break.
Enjoyable charming music with nice instrumental parts specially ‘Atalara’, ‘Borubay’ and ‘Rüzgarın Yırları’, with smooth songs helped by the voice to create a pleasant dense atmosphere. My very favorite song was ‘Yasru’, however, could be the inner me who enjoys fast rhythms; unfortunately for me, it is the shortest track.
Sadly, a few songs feel repetitive which it could be compensated with the beautiful instruments listened that could be used for a more outstanding folk-metal sound. Therefore, folk instruments use feels lost in few songs, which is sad due to their’s nice and emotive melodies.

In summary, for me, Yasru’s deep sound it’s a great company for the day, no matter where. I can’t get tired of the instruments but they could be more used.”

1. 552 AD (Börü) 02:20
2. Börübay 06:03
3. Atalara 04:40
4. Nazar Eyle (Barış Manço cover) 03:18
5. Rüzgarìn Yìrlarì 06:05
6. Hafiz 03:16
7. Yaşru 02:29

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