Incursed reveals track upcoming album

‘Psalm of the Accursed’ is one of the trackst of the upcoming Incursed album ‘Amalur’, which is scheduled for a release 25th September.
On September 4th, the album is going to be able for pre-order on digital distributors such as Bandcamp, iTunes or Google Music.
Besides, the physical edition of The Slavic Covenant is also available on, or contacting us through the following email address:

01. Lurramets [intro]
02. Cryhavoc!
03. Psalm of the Accursed
04. Akelarre
05. The Awakening
06. Amalur
07. The Slavic Covenant
08. A Crownless King
09. The Hardest of Harvests
10. Zombeer Alcoholocaust
11. Brothers in Arms
12. Fear ‘a Bhàta (bonus)

Statement of Incursed: “We’ve reached the quantity of €1,500 in our crowdfunding campaign in Verkami, and we set this amount as the goal so we could show you the cover of the EP that will be released before Amalur: “The Slavic Covenant”. A covenant of blood signed after our awesome trip to play at the Carpathian Alliance festival in Ukraine, which meant a differential point in time for us as a band, this resulting in us making this tribute (yes, the logo stands for “INCURSED”! It’s written on cyrillic alphabet). No more waiting, here is the artwork cover!”

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