Drunken Dolly – ‘Alcoholic Rhapsody’ (2017)

By: Doug
Rating: 9/10
Release: 8 September 2017
Label: Independent

From the opening notes of Endless Party to the last notes of Alcoholic Rhapsody , Drunken Dolly have laid down track after track of incredible music . The album plays like a soundtrack for your next party and should be on replay in your head and heart for a very long time to come. The five piece band hails from Rotterdam and features gang vocals and harmony by every member of the band. The songs are in the vain of classic Celtic punk bands like Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly and the Pogues, but in some tracks like Hold on and Time to leave the vocal harmonies will remind the listener of the Beach boys.
It’s hard to pick a favorite track because with every listen a new song becomes my favorite. Songs like ‘Endless Party’, ‘No Regrets’, and ‘Beware of the Fisher King’ will leave you breathless while Dear Friend and Humongous Tattooed Arms reveal a softer side of the band and the ability to touch hearts as well as entertain the audience. When the banjo, mandolin and vocals begin on ‘Whatsherface’ it is obvious that this is a classic. I felt the same way I did when I first heard Flogging Molly. I had a grin from ear to ear and it never went away. The album features lead vocals from Michael Stoel and Kevin Snoey, and the interplay of banjo, mandolin and electric guitar along with drums and bass provide a beautiful tapestry for the lyrics to ride on. The album closes with three songs ‘Stop’, ‘Beat up good Johnny’, and ‘Alcoholic Rhapody’. These three songs seem to flow together and make me want to push the replay button over and over.
Drunken Dolly have given us a gift in Alcoholic Rhapsody that we can enjoy again and again and when the final note sounds the only thing I can say is Slainte!

01. Drunken Man’s Curse
02. Humongous Tattooed Arms
03. That Kiss
04. Stop
05. Beat up good Johnny
06. Alcoholic Rhapsody
07. Endless Party
08. No Regrets
09. Time to Leave
10. Whatsherface
11. Dear Friend
12. Hold On
13. Sailor’s Song
14. Beware of the Fisherking

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