Help wanted!

Are you a fan of Celtic/folk-punk, Medieval Rock or Folk-metal?
Do you like to chat with the artists, by mail, skype, face2face or whatever you like.
You don’t have to have contacts with bands or labels, we have the contacts for you and set things up. You only have to thinks of the questions and make a story out of it.
Enjoy the fun of writing a nice readable story on it, which will be published at our website.
You don’t have to know any Dutch, neither should you live in The Netherlands. We communicate and write in English and our team is living around the globe as well (The Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Brazil and Colombia).

It would be very nice to add you to our team.
Please contact us and join us.

You don’t have to be experienced in all this, everyone has to start somewhere…

Interested, or do you like some more information please mail:

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