Tales of Ale (Melodic Death/Folk-metal)
Tanzwut (Mittelalter/Rock/Alternative)
Temnozor (Folk/Black Metal)
Tengwar (Epic Folk-metal)
Tersivel (Folk/Pagan/Power Metal)
Tervingi (Melodic Death/Pagan Metal)
Teufelswerk & Narrentanz (Melodic Folk-metal)
The Black Tartan Clan (Celtic Punk Rock)
The Devout (Melodic Folk/Death Metal)
The Dreadnoughts (Celtic Punk)
The Fatty Farmers (Celtic Folk Punk Rock)
The Mahones (Celtic Punk)
The McGonagalls (Celtic Punk)
The Real McKenzies (Original Scottish Canadian Punk)
(The Lords Weird) Slough Feg (Heavy Metal)
Thalanos (Folk-metal)
Tengger Cavalry (North Asian Folk-metal)
The McGonagalls (Celtic Punk)
The Mist and the Morning Dew (Folk-metal/Doom)
The Porters (Folk Punk)
The Privateer (Pirate Metal)
The Royal Spuds (Folkpunk)
The Samans (Folk/Industrial Metal)
The Wolves of Avalon (Folk-influenced Pagan Metal)
Theudo (Pagan/Black Metal)
Thormesis (Pagan Black Metal)
Thorns of Evil (Pagan Black Metal)
Thorondir (Viking/Black Metal)
Thronar (Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal)
Thrudvangar (Viking Black Metal)
Thunderkraft (Industrial/Death/Groove Metal)
Thyrfing (Viking/Black Metal)
Time of Tales (Folk-metal)
Tinʹ Sontsya (Folk-metal/Heavy Folk)
Tolk (Folk-metal)
Top (Black Folk-metal)
Traktir (Beer Folk-metal)
Trelleborg (Symphonic Folk/Viking Metal)
Triddana (Folk-metal)
Triglav (Black Folk-metal)
Trobar (Folk-metal)
Troin (Tavern Folk-metal)
Troldhaugen (Folk-metal)
Trollband (Folk/Black Metal)
Troll bends fir (Folk Rock/Folk-metal)
Trollfest (True Norwegian Balkan Metal)
Trollgasm (Folk Black Metal)
Trollheim’s (Folk-metal)
Trollhorn (Folk-metal)
Trollwar (Folk/Deathmetal)
Trollward (Trollish Folk-metal)
Tuatha de danan (Celtic/Folk Metal)
Tumulus (Progressive Folk-metal)
Turisas (Folk/Symphonic Metal)
Tyr (Progressive/Folk-metal)

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