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Vorgrum – ‘The Awakening’ (Demo EP 2011)

vorgrum the awakening

By: Michel Score: 6,5/10 Release: 3-8-2011 Label: Independent The Awakening is the demo of the Argentinian folk-influenced Pagan-metalband Vorgrum. The folk-influences are filled in by a hectic but delicious accordion. This is a neatly recorded demo, the band can show us their capability in a good quality.

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Morhana – ‘Morhana’ (EP 2011)

Morhana morhana

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 15-8-2011 Label: Independent After two demo’s Morhana made a debut-EP called Morhana in 2011. On this EP are 4 tracks which weren’t on the earlier recorded demo’s. This EP’s starts with a fine intro with a nice violin in it. When the vocals start in I thought for one moment my player had switched to Amorphis, but this thought is instantly swept away by nice flute and violin sounds. A very nice track this first one Horned God, it reminds a bit of a band like Amorphis, but there’s a lot more folk added to … Read More

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An Norvys – ‘One and All’ (EP 2011)

an norvys one and all

By: Michel Score: 8/10 Release: 18-11-2011 Label: Independent An Norvys recorded an EP in 2011 entitled One and All. And when you record a demo like this I should call it an EP too. What a nice album by this French six-piece! With nice clear female vocals and violin in the style of bands like fenrir. A solid background is created by drums, bass and guitars and the violin gives it all this folk touch.

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Folkodia – ‘Forgotten Lore’ (2011)

folkodia forgotten lore

By: Nick Score: 5,5/10 Release: 2011 Label: Stygian Crypt Productions The nice package of Stygian Crypt included some older Folkodia albums as well, so here is another one:

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Paganland – ‘Wind of Freedom’ (2011/2013)

paganland wind of freedom

By: Dorien Score: 6/10 Release: 4-3-2013 Label: Svarga Music Paganland is founded in 1997 in Lviv in the Ukraine. In 1999 and 2008 they released a demo. Between this two demo’s their broke up, but they joined forces later on. This resulted in the second demo and in 2011 they recorded their first real full length. They have signed with Svarga Music, and this label is releasing this album now.

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Sjuk – ‘Time Has Come’ (EP 2011)

sjuk time has come

By: Michel Score: 7/10 ‘Time Has Come’ is the second work of the French band Sjuk. But the first one was merely a collection of what they did in their early years. Time Has Come is the first real one. They begin this album with an nice announcement, a fine folk-metalsong where Celtic influences are huge. A nice folk-melody spiced up with good solid metal, this one’s nicely done and very interesting.

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Myrkvedr – Tryms kväde (2011)

myrkvedr tryms kvade

By: Nick Score: 5/10 Myrkvedr, a band name that is surprisingly similar to that of ‘our own Dutch’ Myrkvar. However, there is where the comparison stops. Myrkvedr is a quintet from Sweden. Tryms Kväde is the first EP of these gentlemen.

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Silent Stream of Godless Elegy – ‘Navaz’ (2011)

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Návaz

By: Michel Score: 7/10 This album by Silent Stream of Godless Elegy ‘Navaz’ is already a year old, when we get it for a review. ‘Navaz’ starts with the title-track. And although the tracks are not alike at all, the sound as we can hear it in the first song gives a good idea of the sound of SSOGE.

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Bodh’aktan – “Au diable les remord” (2011)

bodh'aktan mi diable les remords

By: Michel Score: 9/10 We’ve get ‘Au diable les remord’ by Bodh’aktan thrown on our desk. We have two problems at once. The first, I can tell you immediately. I’d never heard of this band. Well, it turns out to be a Canadian Celtic Punkband. From Quebec to be more precise and I say this for a reason. The lyrics are in French as we may expect form this French part of Canada. I will tell you about my other problem later. When you are in a bad mood. It’s sometimes nice to put on some folk-metalviolence so you can … Read More

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Shambless – “Menra Eneidalen” (2011)

shambles menra eneidalen

By: Thijs Score: 9/10 I’d never heard of Shambless before, so I started to listen to it rather skeptical, something I notice I’m doing often. Kind of ‘what you don’t know, you don’t headbang too’. Within a few minutes this feeling was turned around, because I shall not hide behind words: Menra Eneidalen is a true masterpiece, and I don’t use these kind a frases often easily.

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