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Ex Deo – ‘Caligvla’ (2012)

ex deo caligvla

By: Yvette Score: 9,5/10 Release: 29-8-2012 Label: Napalm Records Those familiar with the name Maurizio Iacono will undoubtedly think of the death metal band Kataklysm. What many people know now is that the five members of Kataklysm, together with François Mongrain and Jonathan LeDuc, have released their debut album Romulus under the name Ex Deo in 2009. Three years later, these gentlemen hit back hard with a beast of an album.

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Sand Aura – ‘Elegy Of The Orient’ (2013)

sand aura elegy of the orient

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 13-11-2012 Label: Haarbn Productions Sand Aura is a Middle Eastern Progressive Folk-Metalband from Egypt. They believe in the unification of cultures, religions and historical backgrounds. They were founded in 2007, but it took until November last year for them to release their debut-album. This album ‘Elegy Of The Orient’ starts with a very long track ‘The Sand Aura’, with over 11 minutes. It’s feels like the journey trough the Middle East, and it’s quite obvious they’re from the Middle East. Besides the usual male metalvocals, there’s this lovely Middle Eastern female vocals.

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Folkearth – ‘Valhalla Ascendant’ (2012)

folkearth valhalla ascendant

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 15-11-2012 Label: Stygian Crypt Productions We know Folkearth from their epic guitarwork and the closely related project Folkodia released the best album we reviewed in 2012. What will the Folkearth album Valhalla Ascendant bring us. Well, they bring us musicians from Greece, Monaco, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, France and Russia this time. And this is the last folkearth album on which we can hear Metfolvik, who died sadly this year.

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Yabgu – ‘Uyan’ (2011)

yabgu uyan

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 2011 Label: Independent Often we hear ‘in Folk-metal it’s all the same, a statement I totally disagree with. There are a lot of different ways to create Folk-metal, but you can add one to the list. We stumbled upon the debut-EP of the Anatolian (Turkey) band Yabgu. Their debut Uyan is something different. The foundation of their music is laid by solid metal, but the Anatolian influences give it a very distinct sound.

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Dordeduh – ‘Dar de Duh’ (2012)

dordeduh dar de duh

By: Nick Score: 9,5/10 Release: 28-9-2012 Label: Prophecy Productions There are times that you feel that the musical direction of your band isn’t the right one anymore. Many bands turn towards a different direction, denying their trusted sound. DorDeDuh, however, is a different case. Edmond Karban (Huppogrammos) and Jimmy Popescu (Sol Faur) started this band just after Negura Bunget slip up. Dar de Duh is their first full length with DorDeDuh.

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Diadema Tristis – ‘Alone with Nature’ (2012)


By: Nick Score: 4/10 Release: 12-2012 Label: Independent There are bands that eventually swith carreer. There are even bands which completely switch styles, searching for the right and perfect sound. For everything can be found a reason, but not for what Diadema Tristis does. You can always go too far.

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Kroda – ‘Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok!’ (2012)

kroda live under hexenhammer

By: Nick Score: 7/10 Release: 29-11-2012 Label: Independent Live-albums, it’s not really my cup of tea in general. In my opinion, These records only have value when you actually visited the concert. The Ukrainian Kroda, however, released a live-album which could captivate me slightly more. Maybe this is because I didn’t know the band at all, giving me a fresh view on the band’s music.

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Schwarzwald – ‘Welcome to Trolland’ (Demo 2012)

schwarzwald welcome to trolland

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 15-12-2012 Label: Independent When you hear the bandname Schwarzwald you don’t think of a band from Tenerife at once, but they are actually. And despite the fact it’s a nice name and it refers to Germany where they’ve have the biggest folk-metal scene, I always think it’s a bit of a shame when you don’t refer to you something in your own culture of country. Said this we get to the demo itself. And it is a demo, you should expect the same thing as in a normal album.

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Moriquendi – ‘Nivlennus’ (EP 2012)

moriquendi nivlennus

By: Colin Score: 6,5/10 Release: 2012 Label: independent Moriquendi, a Frenchmen who decided to make music on its own, instead of forming a band. In 2006 he made his first EP and now he thinks it’s time for a full-length album. Slow and relax the records sets off with the intro called “Trough the clouds”.

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Ambehr – ‘Бездна’ (2012)

ambehr Бездна

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 16-4-2012 Label: Sound Age Productions Folk/power-metalband Ambehr released Бездна (in English Abyss). After a few albums with English titles this one has a Russian title and the songtitles and lyrics are in Russian as well. This album isn’t very loud, there are no screams, no raging guitars nor are their pounding drums on it. It’s all neat power-metal.

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