King of Asgard Interview

King of asgard int1

Roots deep into the Northern Soil When you think Viking Metal you should automatically think of King of Asgard. This Swedish horde are back with a brand new EP entitled “taudr” for new label Trollmusic. Thick with riffs, growls and … Read More

Helsótt interview

helsott interic

Helsótt from Woven to The Healer The mighty Helsott have returned to pummel you once again….this time with a 5 track EP entitled “The Healer” being released on April 28th on their new label, M-Theory Audio. This time around, the … Read More

Interview with Svaskalver

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Svaskalver from the folk-metal capital of Russia It’s always good to see, folk-metalbands crawling out of the pits of their own countries, crossing the borders and conquer stages outside their own region. Grimner and Midvinterblot from Sweden, Svaskalver from Russia … Read More

Winter’s Wake Interview

winters wake int2

Redemption, power, and rejuvenation New York’s Winter’s Wake have just returned with a new 4 track EP entitled “Awake” Blending numerous styles together into face pounding folk/Viking metal is their trademark along with a killer live show. Vocalist/bassist James Battle … Read More

Interview with Valhalore

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On a Voyage with Valhalore Want to hear an amazing album full of epic metal? Then look no further for the debut Valhalore album is all you’ll need. Filled with tons of killer riffs, soaring vocals, pounding bass and drums … Read More needs you!

As work is increasing we have the need to expand our crew. Are you a fan of Celtic/folk-punk, Medieval Rock or Folk-metal? In that case you might be one of the folk-heads we need. You don’t have to know any … Read More