Eterknight album plans cancelled

eterknight forgotten tales

Eterknight was planning to release their first album. They create some pretty hymnic and melodic folk metal. The work on this first album ‘Forgotten Tales’ is put on hold for now, because Eterknight didn’t manage to reach the minimum level … Read More

Split CD Forefather coming up!

forefather english steel

Godreah Records release the new Meads of Asphodel/ Forefather split cd in May 2017. Titled ‘English Steel’, this release brings together two of the UK’s most respected Black pagan metal bands. The Meads of Asphodel have their ‘vinyl only ‘Taste … Read More

Special live album Selvans

selvans hirpi

With their debut full-length album “Lupercalia” now in its third repress, and with work progressing on their next studio album, Atmospheric Black Metallers SELVANS will celebrate the closing of the first chapter of their activity with a special live album … Read More

New EP Varg

VARG gotterdammerung

Just in time for the upcoming „Wolfsfest“ tour in April and May, VARG release a special EP featuring 4 brand new tracks! “Götterdämmerung” will be released on April 14th
Don’t fuck with wolves, especially VARG! For over ten years these creatures have wielded the sceptre of German Pagan Metal, currently holding it tighter than ever in their bloody claws. The Wolfskult remains hearty as well, with thousands of devotees following the call of the wild and making the pilgrimage year after year to the band’s Wolfszeit Festival. Read More

New Gjeldrune album released

gjeldrune pravdu za porog

Gjeldrune has signed with Der Schwarze Tot. This label will re-release their debut-album and their new album “Pravdu za porog” as well. This new album will be released 23th March. … Read More