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Oprich, The Warriors of the Volga
Voices of Heid

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All interviews:
Adorned Brood A ‘Classic’? (2012)
Amorgen Tales of a Bard (2011)
Amorphis, Circle and More
Angeli di Pietra is Ready! (2011)
Arkona Back in this world
Baldrs Draumar Tells (2011)
Interview with Jyri Vahvanen of Battlelore (2011)
Black Messiah Travelogues (2012)
Caladmor Of Admiration and Inspiration (2013)
Chain of Dogs: Viking Metal from Italy can’t be taken serious (2011)
Circle J preaches alcohol
Conorach is Folk-metal with bounty balls
November, month of Dalriada (2012)
Dordeduh: Catching the Spirit
Druantia plays folk-metal, Only the Burgers are Blackened (2013)
Einherjer, Older and Wise?
Eluveitie, Straight from the Gaullish heart
Elvenking Of all Times facing Encorion (2011)
Ensiferum From the Stars to the Core
Enslaved Beyond Rituals (2012)
Equilibrium is Creative Again
Fejd, Creative Minds (2012)
Feuerschwanz Hilarious feast on festivals (2012)
Finntroll: Borknagar, Boney M and Blodsvept (2013)
Finntroll ‘The New Album’ and more… (2012)
Finsterforst ‘Rastlos: A Hell of a Trip’ (2012)
A small interview with Firtan (2012)
Folkearth/Folkodia Folks of the World United
The instincts of Folkstone (2013)
Frosttide Wide Awake for Heidenfest (2013)
Gernotshagen Still in love with…(2013)
Glittertind’s Lonely Journey (2012)
Grai, Russian folk at its best (2012)
The Veterans of Gwydion
Heidevolk Fresh Blood, Fresh Beer (2014)
Heidevolk Fights aside with Folk and Metal (2012)
Mighty Ithilien(2013) Asks Kampfar (2011)
Knaat The Good Things of Southern Germany (2012)
Korpiklaani Heidenfest interview (2012)
Krampus, Where do the Butterflies go to?
Lemuria, Flemish Passion (2012)
Mael Mordha, Different Beasts
Jokes, Bass, Svalbard…, but always Metsatöll (2013)
Moonsorrow ’4-CD collection in 2041′ (2012)
Myrkvar explains ‘As en Bloed’ (2012)
The Dark Edges of Nachtgeschrei (2013)

Nornagesta Keeps the Candle Burning (2012)
Oprich, The Warriors of the Volga
Percival Schuttenbach The Only Limitation is your Imagination
Saltatio Mortis Of All Trades (2012)
Saor’s spectacular Aura (2014)
Skálmöld Heidenfestinterview (2011)
Suidakra, Highly appreciated by
Svartsot Never Stronger… (2011)
Tanzwut Brings the Bagpipes to Holland (2011)
The Mahones Nothing but Pagan Black Metal (2012)
Thyrfing on a epic search for a home (2013)
TrollfesT A friend in mead is a friend indeed (2011)
TrollfesT Metalcamp chat with Trollfest (2011)
Turisas Heidenfest interview (2011)
Viter surprises
And then there was… Vintersorg
Vogelfrey Outlaws want to cross the border
It’s Time for Wintersun (2011)
Viatora’s Journey (2012)
Wolfchant: The Art of Noise (2013)

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