Baldrs Draumar’s Tales

By: Dorien

Friday 25th november the big moment had come, the guys of Baldrs Draumar released their first full-length album. At the release-party in Sneek, Netherlands spoke with Dondervuyscht, Zuypschuyt, Vuurschpuwer, Wildgeraesch and Schaduwlied. Their names are beautiful at least, but their album turned out to be fantastic as well. What a début!

It’s a concept-album, but this is clear when you see the title, says Dondervuyscht. Forfedres Fortellinger means ‘Stories of our Ancestors’. The songs tell the story of the god Baldr. He’s the son of Odin and is known for being the most wise and most beautiful god. Unfortunately Baldr suffers from prophetic nightmares which predict not only the the end of the world, but also his own death. Baldrs is worried a lot and goes to his father. Odin is deterred by this and find it all rather disturbing. On his horse Sleipnir he searches throughout the nine worlds for answers. And despite the fact he finds them, he doesn’t find a solution. Therefore he pushes all on these world, trees, animals and people, everything to swear they won’t do Baldr any harm. On branch, the mistletoe, is spared from this. Because how could a small and innocent branch do any harm. The opposite is the fact. Loki, the evil god, creates a spear and shoves it into the hands of Hod, the blind brother of Baldr. He throws the spear and kills Baldr.
Baldr ends in Hell and then they have to get Baldr out of there. Because you don’t want to go to Hell but to Valhalla. Problem is Baldr isn’t killed in an honourable way at the battlefield and therefore can’t go to Valhalla. Eventually everyone shall return during Ragnarok, Baldr, Loki, everyone comes back for this final battle.
The last song has a long interlude with sounds of the forest and a crackling campfire by purpose. At that point everybody is sitting cosy in Valhalla, drinking and telling tales.

This is the short version of the whole story. Why did they chose this name in particular.
There are a lot of songs written about Thor and Odin. Besides this Baldr is mostly described as a quiet not very heroic god. But in fact his story is quite interesting and it’s a shame there’s not much attention for it.

The songtitles on this album are in Norwegian and sound beautiful. Why are the lyrics in English?
Schaduwlied has followed a Norwegian course and can translate the titles. But translation the whole lyrics in Norwegian is difficult. And if they succeeded Wildgeraesch would have the difficult task to pronounce it all well. That’s why the lyrics are in plain English. The first song isn’t sung but is a spoken intro. This is to inspire the people who are intrested in the Norsk Mythology and get people who aren’t familiar with the story Baldr.
‘We chose for a book for the frontcoverart to express this album is a story. It book is opened at the first page and the telling of the story can begin.’

Baldrs Draumar share the stage with Skyforger at their first gig. In the audience where about 10 or 15 paying visitors ( was present as well). Now they stood in the Bolwerk with about 100 visitors. This must feel right.
‘Sure’, says Dondervuyscht. ‘It’s fantastic if all goes well like this. We work hard for it. About a week before the releaseparty you’re only busy preparing the show and add the finishing touch. The album itself is released by ourselves. We don’t have a label, which handles this for us, so at these days Baldrs Draumar is taking over our lives’

The Dutch folk-metal scene isn’t very large. At we notice some bands are trying to put a little tour together. Maybe you should support each other?
‘The scene isn’t not that big, so you have connections soon and sometimes something nice comes out of it. You try to sell yourself together with another band, which is easier than it is on you own. We try to perform as much as we can.’

And how do you think about big tours like Paganfest and Heidenfest? Wouldn’t it be nice to join them? Especially for a starting band is gives the opportunity to show yourself to a bigger audience.
‘We like to entertain people with our music. It doesn’t matter if that’s with Heidenfest of just here in Sneek with In Extremo. It’s nice to do both. A disadvantage of Heidenfest is you’re playing for only 10 visitors when you’re on stage at first. There are so many bands the fans come later and then you can’t show what you really are up to.’

Whatever I try, they don’t say a lot about their next project. It could be in Frysian but also in Norwegian. And if it will be an EP or a full length isn’t blabbed out either. The only thing they will tell me is their full of ideas, musically and lyrically. So we just have to wait.

Do they want to say something to the fans?
‘Nice, you all have come to our gig, instead of coming 5 minutes before In Extremo got to play. For the people who are already fan or the ones who are going to like us: You all make this possible, so Thanks!’
And I thank the guys for their nice interview!