A small interview with Firtan

By: Dorien

You guys are not really known in the Netherlands, can you shortly introduce yourself?
Firtan was founded in 2010 in South Germany with the idea to fuse epic melodies and black metal. The beginning was hard, because we had problems to find members that fit to the band, but now the search is over. We developed to a team now and enjoy working together and play music.

firtan wogen der trauerUnfortunately it was hard to find information about the album. Can you explain the ideas/stories/moral of the songs?
There isn’t really a concept behind the whole thing! I (Phillip) mostly write about feelings that surround me, in most cases i handle bad feelings within the lyrics. Old songs like “Ewig Vergangen” approach themes like paganism, but that is not the direction we want to go anymore, as you can you can see in newer tracks like “Für immer Schweigen” or “Strom der Traenen”, that handle feelings like despair and loneliness. But maybe one day we’ll make a concept album, who knows?

Is is a conscious choice to have your lyrics in German instead of English, like bands often have.
I just like the german language more, it’s the language I can express myself best.

What or who inspires you?
There are some many bands that inspire us, for example: Thyrfing, Arcturus, Kroda etc. but there are to many to list :D
Also nature and our lifes inspire us a lot i think.

firtanIn 2010 you recorded a demo but never released it. Does Wogen der Trauer contain songs from that demo?
Two tracks were plannend for the demo one of them was “Vidars Faustschlag”, but we weren’t pleased with the recordings. The other track just didn’t fit well on the EP.

Do you have any plans for a show in the Netherlands?
No, we have no plans, but we would love to play in foreign countries. So if you could recommend our music to some locations in the Netherlands it would be great, we would like to come ;) ! Also we were asked by a band from Luxemburg to play with them, but it was just an idea, so there are no plans yet.

What are your other future plans and/or dreams?
We plan to record an album end of the year, maybe a little tour afterwards. Some material is even written , so who knows if these plans will be viable this year? ;)
Our dreams are to always have fun in doing music, maybe get a little more well known and play many cool gigs all over the world.

Would you like to say something to the fans/readers?
Thanks to everyone who supports us, you are the best. And thank you for this interview and the review.