“Folk metal does not exist,
Folk metal is what the hell we chose to do!”

‘Folk-metal.nl’s own’ Eline had a nice chat with Paolo of Furor Gallico.

Congratulations on your new album ‘Songs from the earth’, could you please tell me more about the making of this album?
“Thank you so much! This album has been an opportunity to improve ourselves from how we started with the debut album. We did not want to lose sight of our origins, so we tried to add some new details to our music.
In some tracks we tried to conceive a sound not so easily linkable to other music.
As for the technical aspects of the album, we spent the last two years refining its sound. Moreover, several technical hassles put back the release date (the album had been recorded in 2013) and so, once it was finally out, we couldn’t believe our eyes!”
furor gallico int1
How has the album been received by the fans and critics?
“So far, so good! We are absolutely glad to see that our fans like both songs on the album whose sound and atmosphere are closer to our debut album, and other songs, such as ‘Diluvio’ or ‘Steam over the Mountain’. Those two songs are rooted in our idea of how we see folk metal, which is: “Folk metal does not exist, folk metal is what the hell we chose to do!”
At our first gig supporting ‘Songs from the Earth’, many people already sang some of our new stuff, from the beginning to the end! That was definitely touching!”

How did you came up with the idea of making metal music mixed with Celtic/folk influences?
“The idea actually came out while drinking beer in a pub. Stefano (former guitar player) and Becky (harp) were both passionate about Celtic mythology and traditions (Becky is still our official historic source of legends and events)
Together they started what has now become, after several changes in the line-up, the band Furor Gallico.”

Your lyrics are both in English and Italian. What do you prefer when making music and why?
“Actually, I don’t see any preference. Often the lyrics determine which language suits best: if the song is about a legend passed on in our area (as for ‘Squass’), we prefer to tell it in Italian. We generally chose between the two considering the nature and the mood of the song, trying to balance the two languages in the final album.”

furor gallico songs from the earthThere have been quite some changes in the line-up of Furor Gallico, who are the current members of the band and how do you feel about the line-up now?
“Those who left the band, did it for personal reasons or life choices (e.g. Stefano, guitar player on the first album, now lives and works in London)
We still get along well and sometimes we go out together for a beer.
The current line-up, which features Mirko (drums) Mattia (guitar) Riccardo (violin) and Marco (bass guitar) works pretty well. We play well and have fun together, yet we are all as professional as it is required to set up a fair show.
The band hasn’t faced real shocks with the changes in the line-up , or at least the “veterans” of the band, as or the new members you should ask them directly. At last, we have found a stable line-up, we hope!”

What’s been the best show you’ve played so far?
“I think I can speak on behalf of the whole band saying that our gig in Paris, at the Cernunnos Pagan Fest, was a blast! A killer experience and a unique opportunity to share the backstage with talented musicians and bands such as Moonsorrow, Cruachan and Svartsot. And it was also the first time we played some of the new songs from our freshly released album live and… Well, too many emotions at once!”

Where do you get inspiration from when making music?
“I think we all could give different answers, since we all have a role in the composition of the songs and there isn’t only one “mastermind”. Generally, when I’m playing, I don’t think about anything in particular. But somehow , I suddenly realize I’m playing a riff with the bouzouki and that it could become a song for the band.
Others recall an experience or a feeling and they put it into music, trying to give life to this feeling and to let the whole emotion permeate their composition.
Some others tell a story or a legend and the music they play takes on the very nature of that tale. A key factor in our music is that, even if the songs may differ considerably, all of them are full of emotion and passion.
We are not against those bands who play “cold” or “aseptic” music in order to increase the sales, it is something many people do and it must be respected. But it is something we simply can’t do.”

furor gallico int2What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
“We hope to have more opportunities to play live and to record the next album (we are already working on it!) without having the fans to wait for so long.
And it won’t be that bad to always have beer-filled fridges in the backstage, but this is a dream that could easily come true and I don’t want to sound too much a materialist.”

Anything else you would like to share with us?
“Yes, I would like to thank three people that are no longer with Furor Gallico, but who contributed greatly to the realization of ‘Songs from the Earth.’
First is Stefano Centineo, our former guitar player, for composing some highly-effective riffs. Second, Laura Brancorsini, for putting her genius to the service of the band since the very beginning. Also Simone Sgarella, for sharing his experience with all of us.
And of course, I would like to thank you for this kind opportunity and for the nice questions. I hope there will be the possibility to come to the Netherlands sooner or later. Thank you again!”