The Kraken released!

lappalainen int2French folk metal merchants Lappalainen has released their first full length album entitled “Kraken’s Awakening”. Combining elements of folk and thrash metal, Lappalainen has created a superb initial offering via their Bandcamp page ( They answered a few questions for us regarding the recording of the album, influences and a few other things…

The Great Kraken
Congratulations on your first album release with “Kraken’s Awakening”. How has the response been so far?
“Very good, we already received a lot of messages, comments and some nice CD reviews. People seem to enjoy the album, and it’s a great reward for our work as we are already writing new songs.”

In my review of the album, I mentioned that you have a sound that reminds me of Korpiklaani? Do you think that is a fair assessment or do you have someone else that you think your sound is similar too?
“Some Celtic tunes and heavy riffs can sound like Korpiklaani, but we have also a lot of differences^^ the flute sounds more often like old Eluveitie stuff, and the black/death voice is more extreme than most of pagan folk bands.”
I also heard a big thrash influence as well….any particular influence in that genre?
“Slayer, Metallica, old Ensiferum & Alestorm.”

lappalainen int4How was the recording process for “Kraken’s Awakening”? Did you have songs already done and just needed to record them or was the studio where songs got pieced together and finalized?
“All the songs done before, even on stage, the recording sessions were the way to “save” all the past years of touring and composing songs inside a full album.”
What do you think makes your sound unique? Have you changed or altered your sound to differentiate it from other bands?
“Our sound comes from different influences, from melodic death to black or thrash metal, with extreme parts and very folkish parts. We try to make an ‘extreme’ folk metal band with original melodies and powerful riffs, solos, and variations and not some mainstream folk metal.”

The Lonely Kraken
Do you find it east or difficult doing everything on your own as a band (recording, promoting, etc.)?
“Yes it is difficult without a label, but everyone in the band take part in the promotion. And we have friends who help with the recording, booking etc.”
How do you manage to record and tour around your multiple personal lives and schedules? Is that why there was a 3+ year gap in between the first EP (Road To Greenland) and the new album?
“Yes, the release was delayed because we put a priority on touring everywhere in France before recording the first album. We had a lot of great opportunities and didn’t want to miss them :)”

The Kraken is Alive
How do you feel about touring/playing live? Some bands feel it is necessary while other don’t really care for it…thoughts?
lappalainen int3“We are not a studio band! Being on stage is very important for us. Even in small places, we like to meet new people, bands, and party with everyone.”
How has releasing your music been on Bandcamp, pros and cons? Was this the best possibility you thought of getting your music out there the most effectively?
“We send the real CD by post too, but Bandcamp is a good way to get our music to other countries without postal charges.”

Closing thoughts??
“Release the Kraken!”

By: Jeff