Morgarten has Risen to Fight

In 2015 Swiss metal band Morgarten have released their first album “Risen to Fight”. They have put the songs on YouTube last year, so their music is more accessible than before. I interviewed them on this folk-metal gem…

morgarten int1Fight?!?
Hello! I listened to your album “Risen to Fight”, and I think its theme is a battle as the title indicates. In my humble opinion I felt the music is rather happy folk metal than harsh black/death metal. Is there any intention for this?
“Yes, indeed, this album speaks about a battle, but not only. It relates the journey of a warrior, from the moment when he leaves his lands, till the end of war. We wanted to compose every song so that it would fit to the atmosphere of the story it tells. For example, playing a very martial theme when a warrior is travelling alone through a snowy plain wouldn’t fit very well…”

Is there any historical or real motif of the battle in the album?
“No, the story the album tells isn’t real or historical.”
Could you explain the background of the story the album tells?
“As the album title indicates, this is a story which speaks about the fact that we have been risen, not just to be off the dust, but to put us in motion, bring us to the fight, so that others may be risen. In other words, what we received we should give. This applies to different areas which are precious to us, such as: dignity, perseverance, faith, not fighting for your own glory, hope…”

“dignity, perseverance, faith,

not fighting for your own glory, hope…”

Which song are you most attached to?
“For the moment we are more attached to the newest compositions which will be part of a new album. We try to bring our work of composition and the creation of atmospheres to a higher level. Concerning Risen to Fight, I would say that our favorite songs are Called to the War and Path in the Darkness, for the dynamics and the folk influences they have.”

morgarten int2Influences
By what kind of music is each of you band most influenced? Any genre or any band?
“I would say that we are influenced most of all by black, death and folk metal, but also by classical music, Celtic music and movies soundtracks, which we appreciate.”

What’s the meaning of your band name Morgarten?
“Morgarten is the name of a historical battle in Switzerland, which took place in 1315 and in which the Swiss confederates fought against the Habsburgs (Austria). The Swiss, badly equipped and no soldiers, defeated the Habsburg army, which was about 4 times more, by ambushing them between a lake and a mountain and then by throwing trunks and boulders at them. Besides the fact that it sounds good and that it’s part of our national history, we chose this name because it transmits the idea that anybody can take part in the fight and also that it’s not because the fight seems to be lost in advance that it’s not worth fighting it.”

How is the Swiss (folk) metal scene? And is there any plan how Morgarten grows in that scene?
“The metal scene and more specifically folk metal is quite well developed, considering the size of the country! There are many small bands who are touring and a band like Eluveitie contributed a lot to the growth of this style I think. A lot of nice venues too. In short, a Swiss cliché: small but of high quality… For us, “Risen to Fight” helped a lot to make us known and we are always looking for new places/regions to play.”

Are there any comments as closing remarks for the readers?
“Rise and Fight!!!”

By: Takashi