Steignyr adds new flavors to Spain

steignyr int3steignyr int2By: Michel

Steignyr is not well known yet everywhere in the folk-metal world. Can you tell us how the band was born?
“The band was born in 2011 thanks to Jon, the singer and solist guitarrist. He always wanted to make a band of Celtic Metal and one day he decided to gather musicians, he composed some songs and thats all, haha, we started to play the songs and since then we haven stopped.”
Where does the band get their musical influences from. We know ‘typical’ Spanish bands like Saurom and Mago de Oz, but we only hear little elements from those bands.
“Our principal musical influences are Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Amon Amarth, Suidakra, Wintersun… etc, we admire their music and we think the style is similar, more than the style from Mago de Oz or Saurom.”

steignyr int1And what are the lyrical inspirations for the band. Do they come from local Spanish history or somewhere else?
“The lyrical inspiration comes from the north mythology and pagan legends. We always talk about warlike histories in general.”
We like the ‘The Legend’, but also had some comments on this album. The female voices weren’t always as nice and the keys sometimes to dominant. Both ‘problems’ seemed to be solved in the new album. Do you take such comments in consideration or did you hear these kind of things yourselves?’
“The mix and master from the legend was made too fast, and we knew we had some errors with the EP, and we tried to solve it for the CD.”

steignyr int4steignyr int6Did you get help form ‘outside’ with this album?
“We have the collaboration from some artist like Sharm of Atheroz, Raven from Sovengar, Javi Crosas from Drakum and Mireia from Moonshide for the voices and the collaboration of Tartalo with some orquestation.”
You singed wit Art Gates recently, wa the album completed already at that point?
“We were recording the bass when they called us to sign with they, haha.”
Did you record it in a different way?
“We only changed the form to record the voices, we recorded it in a radio studio, but the other instruments were recorded like the EP.”
How does the support of a label help Steignyr as a band?
“They help us with the CD, the distribution and the publicity of it. And they send us some interesting options for the future of the band.”

How do you write the songs, is this done by the whole band or does someone have a complete idea of a song?
“The songs are composed by Jon, he is the principal composer of the band, but the other members always change some things.”
How is the folk-metal scene in Spain, can you play a lot, are there a lot of fans?
“The scene of metal in spain in general is not the best and for the new bands of folk metal is not the best moment, I think now the people are not thinking about music, they are thinking about the money and the crisis, but on the other hand, the fans from spain are very loyal.
We wish that the scene of metal go better than now in the future.”

steignyr int5steignyr int7What are your plans for the future and what do you hope for?
“We have a lot of plans for the future, we want to do a lot of things like video clips, new songs, a lot of shows around the world, we want to be bigger and bigger and we wish that can be real and we hope all the world can listen us haha.”