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suidakra interview 1By: Dorien

We were really enthusiastic about the latest SuidAkrA album, we rated it 10/10. How has it been received in the rest of the world?
The reactions are really awesome both by the press and the fans. We are happy after ten previous releases still to be able to create something new and fresh that capture our fans. But also to be honest I’ve never though about any expectations on any of our release. For me the most important thing was always that we as a band have the feeling of not repeating ourselves and always create something new.
And do you consider this album as the best so far?
I know that every band consider their latest albums as the best so far hahaha. But after writing so many albums before my aspiration on a new CD get higher and higher so wth this record I was really critical during the songwriting and I am very proud of what we’ve created. For me personally it’s the best well ballanced and freh album so far.
Can you tell us a bit more about the background of the album?
It’s not that easy to go into story details because it’s an extensive story. Basically, the lyrical concept is based on the welsh story called “The Dream Of Macsen Wledig”. This album tells the story of Macsen who joined the roman army, became a Celtic Emperor Of Rome and immortal and after being decapitated who was earsed from history.

suidakra ED interviewOn the latest album there was more collaboration with Tina. Is this a new course of SuidAkrA, or was it just for this album?
We’ve worked with Tina for the first time in 2005 and this is our 4th collaboration. The difference on this album is that in the past I’ve written the songs for Tina and after the songwriting was finished I’ve sent her the material and decided what she has to sing. But not on this record… She was involved into the songwriting as well even before a single note was written. Tina even played the Piano in “The Mindsong” for example and we both wrote this song together.
Over the past years, your sound has become more melodic. Is that a natural evolution?
Yes I would say it’s a natural evolution which comes on every album with the concept story itself. I would say the lyrical concept decides in which direction the new material will go. The more epic the story is the more epic the songs sound like for example.
With every album you surpass the previous one and you’ve already released 12 albums. Does you, Arkadius have this never ending source of inspiration?
I guess so hahaha. Fortunately I never had problems with inspiration. I think one reason is that I always look for new musical inspirations and exotic intrsuments which I can add to our sound. Another reason are the great concepts stories which capture me. When I read it I have immediately visions and ideas in my mind. So let hope it will last forever ;-)
How do you mix so many musical elements and styles together and still turn it into a beautiful whole?
Because I never loose the essential thing during the song writing: The song itself. The atmosphere and character of each sigle song if the basic for me and no matter how many elemnts and influences I use they all have to be convenient to the song.

SuidAkrA is written with two capital A’s. Why is that?
Puh good question… hahaha The new logo is based on the first one we’ve had until our “The Arcanum” album and on the older one it seems a bit like the logo had those three capital letters. That’s why Nils who created the new logo borrowed those idea into the new one…

Suidakra interview 2Not long ago you signed at a new label and directly after that you participated in the Heidenfest 2013 tour. Will there be more SuidAkrA tours now than before?
I hope so. We are also a band who loves to play live, so whenever we got the chance to hit the road we’re ready ;-) Of course we plan to promote “Eternal Defiance” live as well and I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of good oppurtunities in this and next year.

Next year, SuidAkrA exists for 20 years. How do you look back on those two decades? What were the highs and what were the lows?
Oh there are so many stories that could have been told when I look back on the last two decades. I’ve experienced a lot have visit distant places meet great people but at the same time lost good friends… I would say the Suidakra journey contains everything a good story has to include.

How is it come that you are so popular in Asia? And how was the tour there?
I’ve talked after the shows to the fans and my impression was that the uniqe SuidAkrA sound makes it so sepcial to the Asain fans. The mixture of the Death Metal with bagpipes and celtic influences is something they do now hear everyday. The tours were the best live experiences we’ve ever made. We’ve had much bigger audience than in Europe and the fans were so enthusiastic. I’m so thankful for the chance SuidAkrA have to be able to play in those countries.
You have played almost everywhere. Do you see really big differences between the countries and the continents? What is your favourite place to play? Will that still be Germany, your home?
Germany is still different just because of the fact that it’s our home country. It’s always cool to meet good friends here on tour. But in my opinion there is a big difference. Here in Germany are so many festivals in the summer that the fans can watch 100 of famous bands and it’s already nothing that special for them. It’s different in outher countires and the fans appreciate a good band that gives live on stage 100%.
After all this tours I have 3 favourite places to play and it’s India, Brazil and USA!
Suidakra interview 3You have played in so many places , released already 12 albums and have a massive fanbase. Still you don’t get the appreciation you deserve. Your name is not as known as by example Finntroll. How is that possible?
I have to admit that I don’t really care about questions like that! We as a band never compared ourselfs to other band’s music or sucsess. We grant everybody their sucsess and are so happy with the things we have withing our band. And that is: Passion, friendship music creativity, no buisness preassure and the best time of our lives.
After all this success, what is the goal for SuidAkrA now? Is there something you haven’t done yet which you would really want to?
Of course otherwise it wouldn’t make sence for me to keep on making music. There are so many places we haven’t played yet, like Australia, Japan etc. for example. And also on the musical level the end of the flagpole isn’t reached yet.

Is there anything you would like to say to the Dutch fans/readers?
First of all thank you for this great interview and I also want to thank all our Dutch friends who support us! Check out the new release “Eternal Defiance” and we hope to see some of you on the Heidenfest tour this year! Let the metal do the talking \m/