Metalcamp chat with Trollfest

By: Gur

Hi Gur: Nice name :-) Sorry for the delay, there’s too much to answer ;-)

Where from Norway are you from?
About our origin: PsychoTroll + Per Spelemann: Tønsberg, Mr. Seidel; Kopervik, Trollmannen: Sveio, Trollbank: Lørenskog, Manskow, Oslo, DrekkaDag: Wahahaaaay up North in the cold where the sun don’t shine

It seems you guys put a lot of thought into the new album, it al sounds very good and well balanced. Also mixing sounds a lot better. What did you do different than the previous album?
We always put a lot into our albums, but this time around we also put some more focus and money into making something good and went to a proper studio for a change

Any plans for a video?
There has been a film idea, but it couldn’t be realized during the financial crisis. But Manskow is constantly capturing our madness on tape, so a tour diary would most likely happen ;-)

You guys use a lot of different instruments in your music..
We always try to spice up our music with yet untried instruments : so suggest as many as you can!

Did you print new merch now you have a new album coming out?
Yes. Two new designs are already out and for sale. (we are saving a third for Heidenfest)

Yeah you’re going on the Heidenfest tour, so playing more often!?
Short answer is yes: long answer: we’ve dreamed about this for some time now and look forward to playing until our fingers bleed.

You said you were dreaming to go on tour and make music all the time, what is a goal for the future?
Our goal is to meet as many people that want to drink with us

Any drink or something special?
No answer

We are surprised to see so many people in this chat. Thanks a lot for showing up and sharing a drink with us. You are all drinking, right?

You’re playing Heidenfest with Turisas, Finntroll, Arkona, Alestorm, Wintersun…….Which ones do you like? Have you played with any of these bands before?
We haven’t played with any of these bands before, but we look forward to it

Didn’t you play with Arkona at Ragnarok?
We were too drunk to remember anything after our own show at Ragnarok. We even managed to forget to members in Germany going home.

How long will you (have to) stay on this chat tonight?
No one is forcing us, but our own buddies, the beers staying here, and they say another 20 minutes or so

Anything you want to say to the people coming to see your future concerts?
We would like as many of you to come and share an evening of madness with us

Great! See you guys in Holland, have fun!!