“Vanir unites melodic folk-metalaspects and death metal brutality”

vanir int7By: Eline

Can you tell me something about the history of Vanir? How did the band get together?
“The origin story is quite random actually. It all started with Phillip, Lars and Martin, the founding members of the band. They started jamming some tunes about 6 or 7 years ago.
A violinist was added to the band, which gave a really cool sound. Then we got the idea to mix the whole sound with metal. The rest of the guys and girls came along. After some line-up changes, we’re stronger than ever now!
We like to write lyrics about history and consider our music melodic death/black metal with folk instruments. Some might call it ‘Viking metal’

vanir int2Is there any particular subject in history you like to write your lyrics about?
“Martin writes most of the lyrics. He has a huge interest in history.  The new album looks at Roman history, World War 2 and such.”

Can you explain a bit more about the name Vanir and why does the band feel connected to the Vanir?
“I guess we looked for a name that had roots in Northern mythology, and a name that was easy to remember and recognize for the audience. Lars, our bass player made a logo that we thought was awesome and we kind of stuck to it thereafter. You should check out the new logo at our facebook page! We just altered it for the 4th time.”

How did the writing and recording process for your latest album, ‘The glorious dead’ go?
“For this album we worked together with Berno for the second time. (Berno Paulsson of Berno studios in Malmö) It was really fun to work with him again.
The album took a darker turn in the studio but we think it was for the best.”

vanir int1The lyrics on your albums are both English and Danish. What do you prefer when making music and why?
“When we write our lyrics it’s mostly what comes to mind. But for some lyrics Danish is just better because of the harsh way the northern tongue is spoken. That is why ‘Valkyriernes Skød’ is in Danish.”

I think what makes Vanir different from other folk metal bands, is that you have a more ‘aggressive’ melodic/death metal sound (especially on your latest album). Do you agree on this?
“Yes we completely agree on that. That was what we went for with the new album. To unite the melodic aspects of folk metal and the brutality of death metal.”

vanir int4It looks like the artwork for all of your albums is made by the same artist. Is this true and who is the artist?
“The artist is our bass player Lars and its correct, actually he makes all of our artwork.”

You’ve played a lot of shows in your home country Denmark and surrounding countries like Norway and Sweden. When can we expect to see Vanir play in the rest of Europe?
“Yes we really want to play Holland, Belgium and France, so it’s definitely something we hope to do in the future.”

What’s your favourite song to perform live?
“I think that would be Fall of the Eagle or The flames og Lindisfarne. Those songs have such energy it’s hard not to go nuts on stage.”

vanir int3Can you tell me something about the highlights/best things happened to you while playing in Vanir?
“There is always “THAT” show. One you will not easily forget. For me there are two absolute highlights. The first was our gig at Copenhell were I think we saw the biggest moshpit at a Vanir show ever. Second must be Hörnerfest in Germany. The crowd was so awesome and cheering!
I think the best “thing” for all of us in Vanir, are those wonderful listeners that wants to check out our stuff! For that we are grateful!”

Anything else you would like to share with us?
“We are working on a new EP and some new stuff.. stay tuned! And like our page at https://www.facebook.com/vanirdenmark
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