Crew is against NS, facism and other extremist believes. All Folks around the world should unite in their love for music and not hate or discriminate each other on whatever grounds.

Michel (Netherlands)
As founder of, I’m here since the start in 2008, when we had 10 visitors a day and we only published news and sometimes a showreview. This changed rapidly and there are hundreds of fans everyday who appreciate what we do. I’m the oldest reviewer here, and I’m very fond of the use of authentic instruments, like hurdy gurdy, violin, bagpipes, etc. But I can appreciate bands without these instruments, which play folkmelodies too. Most of the time I don’t like it very much when a band only uses metalscreams for the vocals. Favourite bands are bands which use a lot of folk, like Eluveitie, and Arkona for instance, Celtic Punk bands like The Mahones and Medieval rockbands like Saltatio Mortis.

Jeff (USA)
Hi my name is Jeff and I live in Pennsylvania USA!! I have been a diehard metal fan for 30+ years and listen to all types of metal from the classics to the newest crop of folk, pagan, Viking and black metal. I also have been playing bass and singing in various projects for over 25 years, currently in a Metallica tribute band and in Rannoch Moor, an original blackened Celtic folk metal project. Professionally, I am regional supervisor for a large security company and have a background in audio/video installation/sales as well as working in record stores. When not writing about, playing or listening to metal, I enjoy reading, travel, sports and spending time with my wife of 20 years, Lisa, and our two sons, Ethan and Finnegan (who happen to love Trollfest and Korpiklaani as much as I do!) HAIL!!!!

Rein (Netherlands)
I am Rein Schellingerhout. I’ve been listening to hardrock since 1977 when AC/DC released their single Whole Lotta Rosie. So, you understand I am an old man. That doesn’t stop me from still loving metal music. My favourite kinds are Pagan, Folk, Black, Melodic Death, Thrash and Power metal. Every few weeks you can find me headbanging in a little club, festival or theater. Still as crazy as a doormat. I am a reviewer for since 2015 and like to speak my mind. Always listening for something interesting and always looking for new bands.

Vinicius (Brazil)
I’m Vinicius Rodrigues, biologist and I live in Viçosa, Brazil! Yes, the land of samba, futebol and SEPULTURA! YEAH! Sepultura put me on the trails of metal… and
I never left. I used to try play guitar and keyboard in metal bands, but you know… if I was really good I would still be playing. I write for since 2016, when Michel “The Boss” had the brilliant idea to accept me, after a rigorous criterion of selection.

Jeremiah (USA)
Hi I’m Jeremiah , I live in the U.S. and I’ve been a huge Folk Metal fan for 15 years. Ever since I first heard Finntroll I’ve been on an ongoing journey of the finest accordians , bagpipes , horns and the heaviest of metal. When I’m not spending time with my wife and kids, I work and listen to awesome metal from all around the world. So to say I was excited to get the chance to review some of my favorite bands under the discerning eyes of the interwebs, would probably be an understatement. I also play guitar and keyboards and held positions in a few bands myself. When I saw that needed a reviewer, I jumped on the opportunity like lice on a Viking’s beard. So after a couple animal sacrifices, and some ritual hazing (who knew a blanket party could be so sensual?) Here I am to deliver to you my hopefully reliable opinion on the best metal there is. Mother-folkin’ Folk Metal!

Okan (Turkey)
Hi, my name is Okan. I’ve been listening to metal music for a long while. The first two releases of Ensiferum(self-titled Ensiferum and Iron albums) got me into folk metal in the first place and ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of this genre. I came to know many bands through this website, some of them I now call my favourites. You can see how much of an impact does this website have on my music taste. So when I read that the website was short of crew, I made an application right away and after a short testing period I was eventually accepted.

Dough (USA)
Hi my name is Doug and I live in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA. I have loved music my whole life and I listen to a little bit of everything. My favorite styles of music are Celtic punk, rock, Folk metal,(any good metal actually), and interesting folk music from around the world. I have been playing guitar and singing as a solo artist and in bands for 20 years or so, but if I was really any good someone would be reviewing me, so it’s a hobby. I have worked for the National Park Service for 28 years as a maintenance and preservation worker. I love the outdoors and wildlife and I have an appreciation for old things and places. Most of the time you can find me living a quiet life with my wife and my dog but I have been known to let my hair down, put the kilt on and turn the music up to 11. I am humbled to be a part of the reviewing staff for where I will be able to listen to some of the greatest music ever made and hopefully make some new fans through our reviews.

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