Vintersorg – Jordpuls (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 2/5

The two members of Vintersorg have once again delivered an album. All Vintersorg features are present again, Swedish lyrics about nature, spirituality, etc., with clean vocals. The cover is understated and beautiful, just the question remains how likely is it that a tree snapped at exactly the place where such a chunk ground lies. For the music goes it unfortunately. Continue reading

Scythia – ‘…Of Exile’ (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 5/10
Release: 23-9-2013
Label: Independent

Always fun, mail from Canada. Yes, of course, Europe is the cradle of folk-metal, but this doesn’t mean they can’t make folk-metal on the other side of the big waters.
So, I played it, and again, and again. En in a musical sense, it isn’t bad at all. The male and female vocals are catching. The compositions are well done and taken care of. “Sleeping Village” for instance, has an almost classical sound. Continue reading

Hörnerfest 2011

hoernerfest 2011

Hoernerfest 2011
Location: Brande-Hörnerkirchen (DE)
1 – 2 Juli 2011
By: Nick

It’s time to travel to the far-away Brande Hörnerkirchen in Germany. In this small village in the middle of nowhere, the annual folk-festival ‘Hörnerfest’ takes place. The festival, which took place for the 6th time, has about 2000 visitors annually, the majority of which are German or Danish. What was immediately noticed on arrival was the friendly atmosphere that around the area. Less than five minutes on the site, and the car was already hugged by a man in a giant Obelix-suite! Continue reading

Saltatio Mortis – ‘Sturm aufs Paradies’ (2011)


By: Nick
Score 8/10

With Saltatio Mortis you know in advance what you can expect; a nice pot typical German folk rock. So that’s also the case with the new album “Sturm aufs Paradies.
Saltatio Mortis hold on tight to the style that we like of these seven. As one of the greatest German folk rock bands they manage to maintain their position on this disc, and perhaps strengthen it even more. Because despite it’s much of the same, the music they make is very good. Continue reading

Kampfar – Mare (2011)


By: Dorien
Score: 10/10

What more can you say about such a great album, otherwise then it’s great? With Mare Kampfar rises really above themselves. As Kampfar itself suggests, the new producer Peter Tatgren (which already has produced many famous albums) is a real improvement for the music. Down with the rock’n’roll sound that brought the previous producer. This album is more melodic, darker, stronger and finally those real Kampfar sound where the men so long sought. Continue reading

Brymir – Breathe Fire to the Sun (2011)


By: Colin
Score: 10/10

Earning a record-deal with Spinefarm Records, by winning a bandbattle, gave Brymir the opportunity some time ago to release the debut album “Breath fire to the sun”. However, for a reason unknown to us, this never reached us, until now! Obviously I have long heard the album and many of the readers, right? Then you’re not doing well. During my holidays I often sit still listening. Intro, a very impressive name for an intro, but it is beautiful. Continue reading

Angeli di Pietra – ‘Anthems of Conquest’ (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 6/10

After their strong album “Storm Over Scaldis, the Belgian band thought it was time to present the world a new album.
The album opens strongly with “Last Flight of the Valkyries,” which both the female and male voice well in painted out, even the guitar parts are delicious Angeli di Pietra’s. Continue reading

Amorphis – The Beginning of Times (2011)


By: Dorien
Score: 8/10

Three albums in three years time. In ‘The Beginning of Times’ Amorphis closes a truly beautiful triptych on the Kalevala. And members also prove that three albums in a short time is not at the expense of quality. The album starts with good Battle for light followed by Mermaid. What is a good adapter for My Enemy and You I Need. Furthermore, the album is also Song of the Sage worth. Continue reading

Chain of Dogs + Finsterforst Arnhem (2011)

Location: Willemeen, Arnhem
4 juni 2011
By: Colin en Michel

Chain of Dogs
Ladies and Ugly people,
Tonight there’s a super performance in the program booklet of Willemeen in Arnhem. There is no folk-metal concert in Arnhem passed without our presence, and with bands like Chain of Dogs of all. The Limburgians started to entertain us with their cheerful yet firm metal. They kicked off with a very strong number, “Doa is mie land”. What was striking in this band (just like the last time I saw them) that it is much harder live than on CD, for me, a good thing. Continue reading

Alestorm – Back through time (2011)


By: Dorien
Score: 6/10

The Pirates of Alestorm have been in the studio again and managed to release a new album: Back Through Time. It is clear that there has been a lot of alcohol involved during the recording.
Back through time is a fun sequel to Black Sails at Midnight, but no improvement. The Scots are not bursting out of originality in terms of lyrics (the song Rum is definitely worth it if you love shout-along) and also the songs themselves are quite simple. Continue reading