Black Path Tour (2011)


Black Path tour
Willemeen, Arnhem
29 Mei 2011
By: Colin

Not really knowing what to expect, I looked forward to this concert. Yes, Kampfar is awesome, I’d already seen them live and I thought it was really great. Yes, Vreid is very fat, although it’s not entirely my piece of cake. The rest, honestly I don’t know, Krakow and Secrets of the Moon. All black metal. Read More

Tyr – The Lay of Thrym (2011)


By: Colin
Score: 10/10
Release: 27-5-2011
Label: Napalm Records

Ask me who has the best folk-metal appearance of all folk-metal artists, and I will answer immediately Heri Joenson, he’s just a cool Viking telling us metalheads of the modern ages how it was back in those days. A man with an unique voice who demits every not heather at Odins feet. I’m listening to this band for years now, and this was one of the five bands which got me into this genre. At that time Týr was a very special band, with an very unique sound, and now, a year of 4 of 5 later, nothing has changed. Týr remains Týr, that’s clear. Read More

Ragnaröek – Eiskalt (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 3/5

A band which was unknown for me until now. But thankfully, the record label sent something which I wouldn’t have found by myself.
And this is not a bad find. For lovers of the German Middle Ages, this rock band and of course the CD Eiskalt is recommended. And although the sound of the band is not that unique, it is not a band of 13 a dozen. Ragnaröek is a little different every now and a while. Read More

Arkona – Slovo (2011)


By: Colin
Score: 4/5

On the previous album “Stenka after Stenku” I wrote, not so long ago: “Aren’t you quite satisfied with this album, it is just an EP and probably the next real album is again wonderful folk-metal as ever?”. And I was right. This time I can talk about Slovo, and indeed, Masha is good again, she grunting nicely and the guitar is again a nice bit harder. ‘Az’ is the intro, and it sounds very obscure, ‘Arkaim’ is a perfect follow up of that song, and you will hear the old Arkona again, in the very nice slow middle section they built further on ‘Az’ and the great Slavic bagpipe sounds again through your room. Read More

Folkearth – “Sons of North” (2011)

folkearth sons of the north

By: Michel
Score: 7/10

In 2011 Folkearth releases two albums. Folkearth is an international project in which a large number of musicians from all kind of folk-metal and vikingbands participate. Recently we found both albums on our mailbox so we spent a few hours on this albums to listen somewhat better to them.
‘Sons of North’ is the first album Folkearth released in 2011, but they released a large number of albums in the years before. The album starts with the titletrack ‘Sons of North’, we get an solid vikingtrack as a starter, speedy guitars a track with the motto ‘a good start is half the battle’. Read More

Leaves’ eyes – Meredead Tour

Leaves´ Eyes `Meredead` tour
Atak, Enschede, Netherlands
23 April 2011
By: Michel

An evening at the “new” atak, well shame you’ll have to admit this as a music lover. But unfortunately I had never been in the new version of this pop temple. And this needs to change, because it is a beautiful venue. The entrance looks to be very modern, the venue itself is nice and atmospheric.
Upon entering the first small disappointment, not everywhere (including at had been clearly announced this the evening was opened by a third band, Serenity. Read More

Sabhankra – ‘Swords of the Night’ (2011)

Sabhankra swords of the night

By: Dorien
Score: 6,5/10
Release: 9-4-2011
Label: Independent

This record is a bit older (2011) but we received it recently to review. And I’ll do this with pleasure. Sabhankra is a folk-metal band from Istanbul, not a spot where you expect a folk-metal band. Sabhankra is therefore a band which does everything a little bit in a different way. In 2006 they released a full-length, in 2007 a live-dvd and after this three EP’s. Most of the bands do these kind of things in a different order. Read More

Turisas – Stand up and Fight (2011)


By: Dorien
Score: 10/10

An album like only Turisas can make it. Orchestral, theatrical and above all very bombastic. But what a masterpiece these Finns delivered again.
With this album, I strongly feel that I am listening to soundtracks, unfortunately I really miss the guitar solos. The guitar is actually in no song really strong forward, it’s more of an addition to the orchestra. Read More

Trollfest – En kvest for den Hellige Gral (2011)


By: Colin

In their camp somewhere in the vast forest of Norway worked these trolls on a new plan, “And kvest for the hellige gral”, this means the trolls go in search of the holy grail.
Our journey begins with a very unpleasant incident, with “Verdammte hungersnot” (Bloody Starvation). What exactly they have to say about this damn famine I can not understand, because the lyrics in Norwegian and German are mixed together. Nothing new under the moon so far. Read More