Tengwar – The Halfling Forth Shall Stand (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 6/10

An Argentine band for a change. With today’s globalization, it is still surprising that bands are apparently still very influenced by bands from their own region. Because we find a unique style in South America. What we notice in these bands that they were influenced more strongly by the “old school” heavy metal, they mix power metal with bagpipes and stuff. Read More

Svartsot – Maledictus Eris (2011)


By Colin
Score: 10/10

After a giant change in the line-up, in which only the bassist from the original military remained the Danes did with “Mulmets Viser” a second start and workem themselves just back to the top of the Viking contemporary music. Today I can already listen to the album “Male Dictus Eris”. Meaning of this title; “cursed shalt thou be” Lately many bands are engaged in so-called concept albums, albums with a clear theme. Read More

Fejd – Eifur (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 8/10

Nice, a new album of the Swedish Fejd, the band made impression with the EP “Eld” and the full length album Storm.
Although the band does not disappoint here, the album is not as strong as its two predecessors. But a strong album on the whole. Fejd nears traditional Swedish folk music much more with their sound, as we are used to of many bands. It’s very nice to hear this again in all their songs, with “Aring,” Read More

Falkenbach – Tiurida (2011)


By: Colin
Score: 3/10

After several albums of Spinefarm Records label have been reviewed, Napalm Records is now willing to share their upcoming albums with us as well. Starts with the albums “Doom Bound” Battlelore (which is handled by Michel) and “Tiurida” of Falkenbach. Falkenbach is obviously a concept within the folk-metal and despite his recent years little has allowed himself to hear is “Heathen foray” a song that you all know and that is highly valued. Read More

Faanefjell – Trollmarsj (2011)


By: Colin
Score: 7/10

Not too long ago I wrote the review on the new Trollfest album, apparently I’m going to be trolled again. Another troll review of mine, this time it’s are the Norwegian trolls from the mountain Faanefjell. A young band formed by a Norwegian and a Dane, beginning in 2009 these trolls first came together to make their terrifying sounds. Trollmarsj told us about the struggle between these mountain people and their priests and churches, and on the other two trolls, troll, and Grim Syrtroll. An ominous sound, only broken by the haggling of a Jew’s harp, so begins our Trol Mars. Read More

Nackt II

subway to sallly nacktII

Nackt II
Jovel, Munster
30 maart 2011
By: Michel

Subway to Sally met hun tweede akoestische tour in Munster (Duitsland). Voor mijn gevoel moet ik dan twee dingen uitleggen:
1. Waarom stond die niet in de concertagenda van Folk-metal.nl? Het antwoord hierop is dat we daarvoor een ruwe grens hanteren van concerten die maximaal pakweg een uur rijden over de grens zijn. Munster valt hier net buiten, maar ik had het tripje er een tripje van anderhalf uur voor over. Read More

Paganfest 2011


Paganfest 2011
Location: Turbinehalle, Oberhausen (DE)
13 March 2011
By: Colin
Photography: Metalshots.com (Paganfest Tilburg)

Wow! What a lineup, paganfest has in store this year. By far the best since 2008, when I first went to this annual tour. When we entered the venue, we received a fistful leaflets and even a cd with several recently released or soon to be folk-metal songs from various bands. I bought (tradition) a pagan fest T-shirt. We thought it right after the first band, Obscurity, to bring this stuff back to our car. Nope, no re-entry today. Difficult, but also a strange rule. Anyway, the music …. the lineup is obviously known, but in Oberhausen we got to enjoy three little extra’s, but hey, “little …???”

German Obscurity kicked off, a rough sound, a lot of enthusiastic Germans and a big moshpit … continue the music could not touch me as well, but certainly a nice opener, but definitely not my favorite act.

Kivimetsän Druidi
After half an hour the stage was for a band which certainly is part of my favorites, Kivimetsän Druidi. Unfortunately, I became disappointed soon, the sound-engineer was fiddling about caused a sound which could appeeal, one after another guitars and vocals fell out of the mix or something was too loud or too shrill. Too bad, I’ve seen these Finns twice already and they’re able to put down a strong performance, especially too bad, because this was not their fault.
Score: 6/10 Arafel
After the Druids was the turn of the German / Israeli Arafel, the only one of the bands that I had never seen live so I was very curious. But again, the lords of the sound was not quite awake and here he managed to loose the guitar, violin and vocals regularly. Despite all this it was a great act that really reached the audience. After half an hour Arafel left, accompanied by a loud “Zugabe” (we want more) and it was time for the second extended band.
Score: 6/10 Heidevolk
Our own Heidevolk from the Dutch region Gelderland took off. Heidevolk is, as well known perhaps, very popular in Germany and it was therefore obvious, the Germans were singing (even though they had no idea what they were singing) and the atmosphere was very good. I can say very little more about this act, it is known that these men always give a nice show, but this exceeded all, amazingly good! The few Dutch certainly had reason to be proud.
Score: 10/10Varg
‘Wir sind die Wulfe’ (we are the wolves), that’s obvious. Varg, a pair of wolf addict Germans with red/black faces, painted bodies and irrepressible thirst for blood. Almost all of their better songs were played and particularly multiple songs from the newly released album “Wolfskult”. Also nice was Vargs new song, this was about the famous tale of Little Red Riding Hood. For the song Little Red Riding Hood also came to the stage with its hurdy-gurdy, unfortunately this was not to be heard (thanks soundman). The lyrics itself I could not understand very well, but it seemed that Little Red Riding Hood (Anna Murphy Eluveitie), had managed to seduce the wolf this time and lured him into a mercilessly slaughter. After a series of brutal murders and flying limbs it was time for the next Finnish band.
Score: 10/10Moonsorrow
This next Finnish band, is not just ‘a’ band, but my personal favorite, MoonsorroW. After some problems with the guitar during the soundcheck (which lasted very long) this bloodied Finns entered the stage. The music is not suitable for pits and headbanging is hardly relevant, but this music gets into you, it goes through your whole body as a kind of trance. Really brilliant play! Another tidbit, the last time Moonsorrow in Oberhausen played the bass guitar was stolen from Ville, they dedicated a song to this thief. Because he obviously wanted a slow and very painful death, Kivenkantaja.
Score: 10/10

After Moonsorrow it was dinner time, or so I thought, thanks no re-entry rule. We were not allowed out of the building to get some food, there was one foodstand inside in the central part of the building near to the merchandise, but my god, they were all out of buns very soon. Fortunately, they came (after a while) with casino-bread. So the hefty bratwurst on a bun was small, but it was all there was. And it took awfully long to warm the sausages….

When we were ready, Unleashed had already started, we missed some half line (and every song is about a line of text or something) as simple as two years ago, few difficult instrumental stuff and lyrics, a four year old can scream along. The men stand strong on stage and do have charisma, that has to be said.

After this silly work it was time for celebration, and that in the Korpiklaani-way. A strange tracklist for the last Finnish band tonight. Despite Vodka, Tequila, Beer Beer, Wooden Pints ​​and Journey Man, there was a lot of space for unknown songs and even a cover of Motorhead. Because of the unknown songs, the mood was not as festive as usual but for me personally it was all the better, all the party songs I’ve heard often enough by now.
Score: 10/10 Eluveitie
Finally, the last “bonus”, Eluveitie. An action which can be summarized very briefly, simply perfect. What an act, I was able to see the Swiss on several occasions, and it is basically always good (besides at Burgfolk) but WOW this is really super. The gradually becoming tired audience went completely insane and the men and women on stage were looking forward to it. Songs like Inis Mona, Thousandfold, (do)minion and Kingdom come undone were played and for dessert we got, after some nagging to “Zugaben” (we want more) also got to hear Tegernakô.
Again a very successful pagan fest edition and an eventful Saturday. Too bad we have to wait another year for the next edition.
Score: 10/10