Dead Tyrants 2011

dead tyrants tour 2011

Location: DRU Cultuurfabriek, Ulft
10 November 2011
By: Michel
Photography: (12-11-2011)

Despite of the fact I’m going to ‘Black Troll Winterfest’ in two days, and all three bands will be there to, I’m still going to the Dead Tyrants Tour. Because you won’t want to miss this, Crimfall, Moonsorrow and Tyr only a few steps from home in our own Achterhoek in the Netherlands. Read More

Cumulo Nimbus – Schattenjäger (2011)


By: Nick
Score: 3/5

Wow, scary! You put on the new Cumulo Nimbus, and there’s nothing unusual at first. It starts off with a short intro in which al the necessary traditional instrument are accompanied by an electrical guitar. Nothing unexpected so far. But then, a sweet female voice singing at me? That’s not the Cumulo Nimbus we were used to! Read More

Fiddler’s Green – Wall of Folk (2011)


By: Michel
Score: 8/10 (Deluxe Edition: 10/10)

So, we’re doing speedfolk, punkfolk etc. on for a while now, so had to happen …
The first CD review in this category, and not the least one to start with either. Germany’s speedfolk heroes Fiddler’s Green. And the life of a reviewers’ path is not strewn with roses, we get the ‘deluxe edition’ of ‘Wall of Folk’. And that’s hard work, but not really… Read More

Amon Amarth (2011)

Amon Amarth
Location: Effenaar, Eindhoven
26 Oktober 2011
By: Nick

It’s a fact the ‘Effenaar’ in Eindhoven has on working days also very interesting band on the menu, so much was obvious again. An normal Wednesday and the Vikings from Amon Amarth visit our country for the second time this year (they were in ‘de Melkweg’ in Amsterdam earlier this year). They brought along, like we we’re used to from previous times, two totally irrelevant support acts. Read More

Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011
Location: 013, Tilburg
9 Oktober 2011
By: Nick
Photography: Dorien

Every folk-metalfan in the Netherlands know it, every year the heidenfestcircus visits al least one Dutch city. This time it was 013 in Tilburg where the Heidenfest took place. The also organized by Rock the Nation event has most of the times not much more than bands like Korpiklaani, Heidenfest on the other had has always a strong line-up with the top of the Pagan-enre. Read More

Subway to Sally – Schwarz in Schwarz (2011)


By: Nick
Score: 7/5
Label: Universal Records

To kick it right in, the new Subway to Sally is which you expect form this band. A very solid album, without strolling of their, own-made, path of German Medieval folk.
For the people who are not familiar with Subway to Sally, it’s a German six-piece, grounded long ago in 1990. With ‘Schwarz in Schwarz’ this band delivers their 11th album. Read More