Winterhymn – Songs for the Slain (2011)

By: Nick
Score: 8/10

Winterhymn is a probably not very well known band among a lot of us. This American formation counts six members, and their first full-length is available for free streaming on their facebook. Reason enough to give it a try!
In short, the band creates a typical European sounding folk-metal. Continue reading

Subway to Sally – Schwarz in Schwarz (2011)

By: Nick
Score: 7/5
Label: Universal Records

To kick it right in, the new Subway to Sally is which you expect form this band. A very solid album, without strolling of their, own-made, path of German Medieval folk.
For the people who are not familiar with Subway to Sally, it’s a German six-piece, grounded long ago in 1990. With ‘Schwarz in Schwarz’ this band delivers their 11th album. Continue reading

Nekrogoblikon – Stench (2011)

By: Nick
Score: 8/10

We experience more and more there are band form other countries, less traditional folk-metalcountries, meaning all not Northern Europe countries, are give folk-metal a try. Nekrogoblikon is such a band, inhabiting California, USA. Something which began as a side-project, rapidly grew in a six-piece band. Like the bands name says, they like ‘Goblins’. Continue reading

Fimbulvet – Frostbrand – Nach Flammen Sehnsucht (2011)

By: Nick
Score: 6,5/10

Fimbulvet is a German four-men piece, making a kind of Pagan-blackmetal. The band is grounded in 2003 and ‘Frostbrand – nach flammen sehnsucht’ is their third full-length album.
The songs are sounding very fast and heavy, with strong alternations within the songs. Continue reading

Baroeg Open Air

Baroeg open Air
Zuiderpark, Rotterdam
24 September 2011
By: Nick

Korpiklaani's nieuwe violist

Korpiklaani’s nieuwe violist

On a late summer day when the sun shows her best side it was time for Baroeg Open Air. A free festival which reached its 4th edition. In a nice big park, where you can comfortably lie down, fair prices and above all a varied line-up it promises to be a successful day! There’s even given some thought to folk-metalfans. Korpiklaani had the honour to finish this festival. You now before they begin to play: this is going to be a big party! Continue reading

Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen (2011)

Elf Fantasy Fair, Arcen
Kasteeltuinen, Arcen
17 en 18 September 2011
By: Colin
Photography: Michael Oosterink

Year after year a successful fair in Haarzuilens, it’s already the third time Arcen also. A festival which is on my list for years, but there are always circumstances forcing me to alter my plans. I put on my kilt and cape and it’s time to leave. After some strange looks in the train, and getting annoyed by the public transport, we finally arrive in Venlo, to ask ourselves: ‘when is the shuttle bus coming’. After a while it arrives and we and all the other ‘weirdo’s’ get in. Continue reading

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Borken (2011)

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 2011
Borken, Germany
19 September 2011
By: Michel

A special day for, for the first time where doing two reviews at the same day. One reviewer is on the Elf Fantasy Fair today, and I’m attending the MPS, an event which is on my wish-list for year.
At last to the MPS, and I can tell you one thing already, next year I’m present again. And this is something that shouldn’t be hard. Continue reading

Thorondir – Aus Jenen Tagen (2011)

By: Colin
Score: 10/10

Sometimes record-companies send us something which we don’t know already. We got a record from Thorondir last week, we thought we knew almost all folk-metalbands, but we were proved wrong. Two years ago this German pagan-metalband released their debut ‘Düsterwald’, but they though it was time for more. Continue reading