Orphaned Land
– The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR (2011)

By: Michel
Score: 10/10

For anyone who doesn’t know this band: play this CD “The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR” and you know immediately where they’re from. The Middle-east is dripping of this album. The description Middle Eastern metal which is used by the band is a perfect one.
Oriental singers, melodies and metal. Continue reading

Gernotshagen – Weltenbrand (2011)

By: Michel
Score: 6/10

The first track of the new CD of the Thuringian pagan metal band sounds really like a revelation. Voiced with great atmosphere that we were already accustomed to of these German nature lovers, but on this CD, this is even more pronounced. Weltenbrand, the title song, very forced tough vote, but otherwise a nice number. Striking is also present in this issue very clean guitar sound. After the highly theatrical world has been on fire, Continue reading

Crimfall – The Writ of Sword (2011)

By: Michel
Score: 10/10

Where the previous album ended (“Novembre”), this album continues. The new Crimfall open with “Dicembre”. A cinematic opening, later supported by a massive orchestration. Next, a thin violin and then… metal. Wow, what an opening for this album, I was immediately in love. Where the previous album was already beautiful, here it is even more robust and all I can say about that, I love it. Continue reading

Chain of Dogs – Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake (2011)

By: Michel
Score: 8/10

Damn we just received a new album, I’ve listened to it just one time and I’m instantly feeling ‘Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake (oh no, that last one might not right), the title is in the Limburgian dialect and means Broken, hanged and Avenged. Why ‘shit’? A while ago I was able to get to see this band and that I did not, stupid stupid stupid, because this is fun.
“Doa is mie land” is a good introduction at once, firm upbeat. Continue reading

Arafel – For Battles once fought (2011)

By: Michel
Score: 8/10

Arafel doomed! Helge (ex-Equilibrium) doomed? …
I do not think so!
When you listen to the album “For Battles once Fought” you immediately hear the arrival of Helge at Arafel os the froth on the beer. The heavy metal sound that is full of folky violin-melodies is doing fine with the hoarse voice of the German metal Helge. Continue reading

Skálmöld – Baldur (2011)

By: Michel
Score 9/10

Napalm Records has released the debut album ‘Baldur’ by the Icelandic band Skálmöld worldwide, for us a great opportunity to take a critical view at this album. The band has created this in 2010 already.
The album begins with “Heima” that’s a shock for the metal fan because you get to hear an Icelandic choir here. Continue reading

Battlelore – Doombound (2011)

By: Michel
Score: 7/10

A new album of these Finns, I’m curious, because although I am a fan of these survivors from Tolkien’s Middle Earth, I must also confess that I do not think all the songs equally stunning. They don’t have a top album yet in my opinion. Each album has stunning songs as ‘Sons of Riddermark’ and ‘Ghan of the Woods’, but every album also has some less interesting songs. So what will it be this time. Continue reading

Arkona – Stenka Na Stenku (EP 2011)

By: Colin
Score: 4/5

An accordion? Is this Korpiklaani? No, this is how the new Arkona album begins. The Russians we know from the rugged metal violence with those delicious Slavic folk sound agree quite accustomed to the vodka. The result? Something entirely new for these folk. Early this year, Arkona found with Vladimir the perfect man to fill in the ethnic instruments, Vladimir was already featured on previous CDs but only in the studio, now he is in the band on a regular basis and he will undoubtedly go on tour with the Russian war formation. The EP is a perk for the full length album these Russians are creating. The platter contains six songs, one song will also appear on the full length album. Continue reading

Eisheilige Nacht 2010

Eisheilige Nacht 2010
Turbinehalle, Oberhausen
17 December 2010
Door: Michel

Door winters weer afgereisd naar Oberhausen voor de opening van de Eisheilige Nacht tour van Subway to Sally. De beide bands in het voorprogramma speelden in een aangrenzend zaaltje. Dunkelschon viel hierbij enigszins tegen, de cd’s klinken beter. Copellius is een band die je gewoon een keer gezien moet hebben erg leuk (voor een keer). Continue reading