Kalmah – ’12 Gauge’ (2010)


By: Colin
Score: 7/10

I’m feeling honored, Spinefarm Records has entrusted us two new CDs to write a review on, the new CD from Metsattol will be discussed by Dorien, and I have claimed Kalmah. Kalmah, I can unfortunately say nothing about them, I’ve heard a lot about them, but actually never listened until now. So much change can change with my first CD review. Read More

Heidenfest 2010

Heidenfest 2010

Heidenfest 2010
Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
19 September 2010
By: Michel

It’s time for the Heidenfest tour again, the tour visits the Netherlands as well this year and we decide to visit the tour in our own country this year.
Rock the Nation has managed to put down a nice line-up this year again, I just do not quite understand the headliner. The other bands on the contrary are very tasty. Read More

Ultreia – “The Tree of the Silence” (2010)

ultreia the tree of the silence

By: Michel
Score: 7/10

Ultreia is a Spanish band which produces their own albums. They are also downloadable form their website.
‘The Tree of the Silence’ is their second album. It begins with the track ‘Civil War’, a song which is sung with much empathy The music seems to stay in the background a bit, but the whistles sound very nice in this track. Read More

Burgfolk 2010

burgfolk 2010

Burgfolk 2010
Location: Schloss Broich, Mülheim an der Ruhr (DE)
27 August 2010
By: Michel
Photography: Feenstaub Entertainment

Burgfolk Mulheim guarantees a fun party. The common thread in the program is folk influences but in a broad sense. The festival began this year with a very nice Versengold, which plays real medieval folk music, followed by Elane (bluntly: Goth without balls). After that Bleeding hearts with pretty catchy music in the spirit of Green day, but with the violin. Read More

Pandemonaeon – Dangerous Beauty (2010)


By: Michel
Score: 5/10

Again an invitation from a tape to review their CD. I feel honoured.
The band itself claims to play Gothic Tribal Folk Metal, so that sounds very promising. When I listen to the first song, I’ve started to write this review in my mind already. Because of the wide spectrum the band is going to show us, in my mind, I recommend all metalheads to skip the first track. Read More

Kivimetsän Druidi – ‘Betrayal, Justice, Revenge’ (2010)


By: Colin
Score: 8/10

The last album of these Finns is released a while ago and so I’ve heard it a long time ago, but now we’re receiving a copy from Century records for a review.
“Lament for the Fallen”, is a nice sounding intro with guitars, leading to “Aesis Lilim”, and the album really begins. A nice opening on the CD, most certainly not their best song but a great kick-off. A wonderful album where heavy metal alternate with lovely melodic keyboards, Read More

Folkearth – ‘Viking’s Anthem’ (2010)

folkearth vikings anthem

By: Nick
Score: 5,5/10
Release: 6-2010
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions

Folkearth is a project where different people from all across the World work together to record an album. These people come from all across the globe; Greece, Swiss, but also from Australia and the US. A beautiful initiative, but could this work? The CD was already released in 2010, but the label asked us if we could still provide a review. And here it is. Read More

Remember Twilight – ‘Musik über Niedergang & Verderben’ (2010)

remember twilight musik uber niedergang und verderben

By: Michel
Score: 7/10

While we’re waiting for their new album, we receive Remember Twilights’ latest album ‘Musik über Niedergang & Verderben’ which was released in 2010 already. Remember Twilight isn’t folk-metal nor Medieval rock. They describe it themselves as Chambermusic-Core. Expect a lot of cello, violin and oboe, image some musicians playing in a palace a couple of hundred years ago and add rock and metal to this. Read More

Al-Namrood – ‘Estorat Taghoot’

al-namrood estorat taghoot

By: Michel
Score: 6,5/10
Release: 26-4-2010
Label: Shaytan Productions

Together with the 2014 album ‘Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq’ we receive an older album ‘Estorat Taghoot’, a album which was released in 2010 already. But we like to say a few words about this album, so we can compare it with their new one.
This album starts with Arousal at Nebuchadnezzar Fortress, the thick dark atmosphere falls upon you like a dark smokey fog. Read More