Arkona – Goi, Rode, Goi (2009)

arkona goi rode goi

By: Michel
Score: 10/10

The album starts with the title track Goi, Rode, Goi, solid and catchy. After this, the band led by Marsha apace with beautiful songs. One of the highlights is Na Moey Zemble (in my country) where the band uses of a number of guest-singers (Heidevolk, Manegarm, Skyforger, Menhir and Obtest) Read More

Skyforger (2009)

Location: De Vleugel, Nijverdal
9 Oktober 2009
By: Colin en Michel

Due to a cancelled gig Skyforger had a spare date in their agenda. At very short terms a gig in Nijverdal was arranged but with one and a half week to go, despite the enormous promotion of Baldrs Draumar, there were only a few people in this small venue. Not sold out by far, but the atmosphere was nonetheless great. Read More

Cradle of Filth Tour

Cradle of Filth Tour
Watt, Rotterdam, NL
09 may 2009
By: Michel

Turisas had the duty to warm-up the audience this evening. The mood was good from the first track. Both technically and in terms of atmosphere it was a very good show. Like we used to their singer was grumbling a lot about drinking again. But this time he managed to mention that he’d still rather drank Hertog Jan (see March 16, 2008). Read More

Ultima Ratio 2008

ultima ratio

Location: Turbinehalle, Oberhausen (DE)
1 November 2008
By: Michel

A great (folk) metal festival in an old factory in Oberhausen, fast and easily accessible from the Netherlands, only an hour across the border at Arnhem. A fantastic filled stage these days, which makes a trip across the border very worthwhile. The whole festival is suspended from the new DVD of Turisas, which is shown in between the bands, on large screens next to the stage. A wonderful line-up, so we could not pass. Read More