Paganfest 2010


Location: Ruhrcongress, Bochum (DE)
By: Michel

With high expectations we had traveled to Bochum in Germany. After last year’s Paganfest which admittedly was little pagan, but which nevertheless was a fantastic party. This year a line-up from which you got instantly happy. We left home in time, because maybe Arkona would open and this is still one of my favorite folk-metal bands. Read More

Percival Schuttenbach – ‘Reakcja pogańska’ (2009)

percival schuttenbach reakcja poganska

By: Michel
Score: 7,5/10
Release: 2009
Label: Independent

Percival Schuttenbach is the folk-metal version of Percival. Reakcja pogańska is their second full length album, their first album was released about seven years earlier.
With cello, lyre, flutes and other authentic instruments they create Polish folk-metal. Their metal is the heavy rock/metal kind, no grunts or screams, but solid guitars, drums and bass as a firm basis for the folk touch by the authentic instruments. With female and male vocals they create a very nice folky atmosphere. Read More

FängörN – “Mysterious Land” (2010)

mysterious land

By: Michel
Score: 6/10

‘Mysterious Land’ the debut-album of the Russian band FängörN was already released in 2010, but we’ve laid our hands on it, and take the opportunity to discuss it shortly.
It catches your ears at once, the band is originally a heavy metalband, the influences of this genre are strongly present. Read More

Amon Amarth Melkweg (2009)

Melkweg, Amsterdam
12 November 2009
By: Dorien

After the support band (Doghouse Gallows, only seven appearances before) the audience did not seem really enthusiastic, but it was time for the headliner Amon Amarth.
After a half hour full of songs from the new album, which is very popular seemed to fall from the present Vikings and of course well-known songs like ‘Gods of war arise’ and ‘With oden on our side “it seemed to be over. Read More

Paganfest 2009


Paganfest 2009
Locatione: FZW, Dortmund (DE)
10 September 2009
By: Colin

T-shirts pagan fest where pagan is crossed and pirate is written above it? Yeah, the line-up of pagan fest this year has nothing to do with pagan. But despite the absence of pagan spirit, the bands know, this year again, how to entertain me for hours. The day started well, believe it or not, on the Internet was the wrong address was mentioned, it was damn quiet for the small building where we were, turned out the location had been moved, the right place was not mentioned on the Internet. After 1.8 kilometer walk we finally arrived at the right building. Read More

Ensiferum From Afar Tour (2009)

ensiferum 2009

From Afar tour
De Kelder, Amersfoort, NL
30 Oktober 2009
By: Colin

2009 was peaking, Ensiferum released their best album so far, and ensiferum is my favorite band …
… They had to live up to high expectations in Amersfoort.
Amersfoort, 19:24 h. Large parking area, vacant area, a lamppost, a parking meter, two tour buses and a building with large letters De Kelder. Read More

Arkona – Goi, Rode, Goi (2009)

arkona goi rode goi

By: Michel
Score: 10/10

The album starts with the title track Goi, Rode, Goi, solid and catchy. After this, the band led by Marsha apace with beautiful songs. One of the highlights is Na Moey Zemble (in my country) where the band uses of a number of guest-singers (Heidevolk, Manegarm, Skyforger, Menhir and Obtest) Read More