New album Ceolskog

Ceolskog is working on his 4th album, this one will be called ‘A Comfortable Tree Stump’ and will be released 1st January. Like all his other releases this new album will be released at his bandcamp page. Continue reading

Ensiferum – ‘Two Paths’ (2017)

By: Jeff
Rating: 9/10
Release: 15 September 2017
Label: Metal Blade Records

Name the top 5 biggest names in folk metal and Ensiferum would be on the list I would think. After releasing nothing but killer stuff from day one, I would say their previous effort (“One Man Army”) for new label Metal Blade in 2015 was somewhat lacking. Decent? Of course, but for me just not as crushing or catchy as earlier releases. So, what does the brand-new album “Two Paths” bring? Continue reading

Hok-key – ‘Kalasy pad siarpom’ (2017)

By: Doug
Rating: 7.5/10
Release: 1 September 2017
Label: STF-Records

Hok-key is a melodic metal/folk band from Minsk, Belarus. The album,” Kalasy pad siarpom “is the second in a duology that began with Znak Biady in 2014. The album is dedicated to telling the stories that reveal the rich cultural heritage and soul of Belarus. The album is sung entirely in native Belarusian and that is its best quality. Continue reading

Black Kirin released ‘Wangchuan River’

Black Kirin released a single ‘Wangchuan River’. It’s the latest song from new line-up of Black Kirin, and the final chapter of the full length album “Jinling Memorial”.
All the blood and tears sank to the Wangchuan River, there’s only tranquillity remained at the end of the time.
As nothing but the sound of water comes to my ears, it’s the time I don’t need to hold my crying any more. Continue reading