Mongol – ‘Warrior Spirit’ (EP 2017)

mongol warrior spirit

By: Jeff
Rating: 8.5/10
Release: 29 April 2017
Label: Independent / Bandcamp

It seems that there are numerous bands influenced by Asian/Oriental styles when it comes to folk metal. The ones that come to mind for me are Nine Treasures, Tengger Cavalry, Yomi and others including Canada’s epic Mongol. It has been almost 3 years since their last album (2014’s crushing “Chosen By Tengri”) and they have returned with a 3 song EP coming out in April entitled “Warrior Spirit”. Read More

Byrdi – ‘Ansur : Urkraft’ (2017)

byrdi ansur urkraft

By: Jeff
Rating: 9/10
Release: 17 March 2017
Label: Trollmusic

While I obviously am a fan of folk, pagan and Viking metal, a few releases this year so far that have had a huge impact on me have been heathen folk in nature (Wolcensmen and Runahild) Well, you can add the 2nd full length from Norway’s Byrdi to that list as well. Entitled “Ansur: Urkraft”, the album combines elements of heathen folk, instrumental, vocal and a soundtrack Read More

New video Woodscream


This is the new live video of Woodscream.

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Interview with Valhalore

valhalore int3

On a Voyage with Valhalore
Want to hear an amazing album full of epic metal? Then look no further for the debut Valhalore album is all you’ll need. Filled with tons of killer riffs, soaring vocals, pounding bass and drums and folk instruments, “Voyage Into Eternity” will make you want to raise your sword and enter the battle. Guitarist Anthony Willis answered some questions for us from their home town of Brisbane, Australia regarding the new album, their influences, playing live and a few other things….check it out….. needs you!

As work is increasing we have the need to expand our crew.
Are you a fan of Celtic/folk-punk, Medieval Rock or Folk-metal? In that case you might be one of the folk-heads we need. You don’t have to know any Dutch, Read More

Dusius releases first full length

dusius memory of a man

Dusius has signed with Extreme Metal Music and will release their first full length ‘Memory of a Man’ today.
Their music with influences from Folk, Pagan, Melodic Death Metal with Thrash and even Progressive twists, and it’s characterized by the different vocal techniques and the use of both modern and folk instruments.

1. Funeral March
2. Slainte
3. Desecrate Read More

Rvi Mehka – ‘Zhavoronok’ (2017)

rvi mehka skylark

By: Michel
Rating: 8/10
Release: 17 March 2017
Label: SoundAge Productions

The SoundAge Productions fortress opens up it’s gates once again, and another folk-metal release is galloping through the gates into the world. Rvi Mehka, is a traditional Russian folk-metalband. The folk-elements in Rvi Mehka’s music take quite some space, the metal-instruments are responsible for the nice metal-layer under their music. Read More