Grai new single and tour

The quintet from the Republic of Tartary in the east of Russia stands for a multifaceted mixture of delicate folklore sounds and powerful metal: GRAI’s folk-metal is spirited, heady and as swift as it is soulful – a unique sound that makes the hearts of a huge fan base leap for joy. All over Europe! Continue reading

Ensiferum released ‘Two Paths’

Today, ENSIFERUM will release their seventh full-length, ‘Two Paths’, worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Produced by Anssi Kippo, the master was recorded on tape, for a true analog experience.
The band has launched a live acoustic version of ‘Two of Spades’ (from their previous album, ‘One Man Army’) a few days ago. Continue reading

Drunken Dolly – ‘Alcoholic Rhapsody’ (2017)

By: Doug
Rating: 9/10
Release: 8 September 2017
Label: Independent

From the opening notes of Endless Party to the last notes of Alcoholic Rhapsody , Drunken Dolly have laid down track after track of incredible music . The album plays like a soundtrack for your next party and should be on replay in your head and heart for a very long time to come. Continue reading

New album An Theos

An Theos launches the third discography entitled “Spre Cer” in “Folk & Metal Fest IV” on September 30, 2017!
A year after “The Semintia If”, the band, after great effort, manages to independently compose and produce a new full length album meant to impress by sound and inspiration. The album ” To Heaven ” will be released at the Folk & Metal Fest event, which the band organizes year in Bucharest, reaching an international high. Continue reading

New album Amorphis

Amorphis has done a lot of touring for the past two years around the globe and now it’s time to head back to the studio. This means that the new album will be released next year! Amorphis states: “It has also been a really nice experience for all of us to play with Olli-Pekka again and for that reason we’re glad to have him participating in the making of the new record.” Continue reading

Kosmogonia – ‘Triiris’ (Single 2017)

By: Rein
Rating: 7.5/10
Release: 15 August 2017
Label: Independent

Greece doesn’t only produce black metal giants like Rotting Christ. Kosmogonia started life as a melodic death thrash metal band. Nowadays, after a few line-up changes they play folk pagan metal. Next year we may expect their debut album. Meanwhile the 4 men and two women release their first single. Continue reading

Folk Metal Jacket: ‘Eulogy for the Gentle Fools’ (2017)

By: Okan
Rating: 6/10
Release: 17 September 2017
Label: Independent

Combining folk metal with banjo is a really original idea and I used to complain about having no such album on the folk metal scene. There are, however, some certain attempts to it such as Finntroll’s “Skogsdotter” and Ensiferum’s “Stone Cold Metal” but are they enough to satisfy a greedy folk metaller’s hunger? Continue reading

New album Cruachan

Cruachan celebrates their 25th anniversary with a new album, scheduled for a release in January.
Their forthcoming album, “Nine Years of Blood” is a concept album telling the historical story of the war fought between Ireland and England from 1593 to 1603. The band looks forward to unleashing this slice of epic musical history upon you all! Continue reading

Debut-album Zhab released

Zhab has released their debut-album in Jyly. This album is called ‘Gimny Bolotnomu Trollyu’ (Hymns to the Swamp Troll).

Tracklist Continue reading