Tengger Cavalry – ‘Die on my Ride (2017)

tengger cavalry die on my ride

By: Miche;
Rating: 6.5/10
Release: 2 June 2017
Label: M-Theory Audio

The Tengger Cavalry star has risen fast over the past year, after numerous releases over the past years (with an average of more than one full length each year), they are in for some expansion. I like the band a lot, with their Mongolian folk, they added another chapter to the Folk-metal history, together with Nine Treasures. Continue reading

8th album Obscurity release


“Streitmacht” (meaning Army/Armed Forces) is the 8th full-length album of the five warriors from the Bergisches Land (a region in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and will be released today, in time to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. The new blade features all musical variations of the genre, as elements of Black, Death and Viking Metal Continue reading

New album Othalan

othalan po krance gor

Othalan, a Polish folk metal band, hailing from Silesia region, in the south of the country has released their new album ‘Po Grańce Gór’.

01. Intro 02:11
02. Czarnobóg 05:41
03. Obrzęd 04:32 Continue reading

Draupnir – ‘Taruja’ (2016)

draupnir laguja

By: Michel
Rating: 8/10
Release: 17 December 2016
Label: Independent

Start with Black Messiah, and take one step in the direction of Ignis Fatuu, and turn you face north in the direction of (early) Svartsot and Kivimetsan Druidi, and then you’ve reached the endless wealth of Draupnir. These Germans released their first album ‘Taruja’ in 2016 already, but fortunately reached us recently. When you start to listen to you immediately feel familiar with the music. Continue reading

Spire – ‘Tume Veel’ (2017)

spire tume veel

By: Michel
Rating: 8.0/10
Release: 4 July 2017
Label: Independent / Bandcamp

Mittelalter rock, that’s the tag which fits Spire and I would think they would be honored. This genre, Medieval rock, is ‘big’ in Germany. Bands like Schandmaul, Subway to Sally, Saltatio Mortis and In Extremo have lots of fans in Germany. It seems In Extremo inspires musicians outside Germany the most, we have Folkstone in Italy for instance, but they obviously have fans in Russia as well. Continue reading