Enslaved: Live Album released

enslaved roadburn live

‘Isa’ is a track of the new «Roadburn Live» album. This is Enslaved’s first official live album, a split release between Roadburn Records and By Norse Music. The album was recorded during one of the band’s headline shows at the renowned Roadburn Festival 2015; an edition curated by Enslaved’s guitar player Ivar Bjørnson. This album will be released today. Read More

Vinyl Re-issues Amon Amarth albums released

amon amarth once sent form the golden hall

Metal Blade released the Amon Amarth re-issues ‘The Crusher’ and ‘Versus the World’ on vinyl as part of their Originals-series! Both out May, today!

No doubt about AMON AMARTH being one of the biggest metal bands in the World right now. The Swedes have a long history with Metal Blade that dates back to 1998 when they released their debut album ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall’ via Metal Blade! Read More

Debut EP Einvigi

einvigi EP

Finnish band Einvigi released their first EP at Bandcamp.
Read More

Triddana acoustic album

triddana 12 acoustic pieces

Folk Metal band TRIDDANA (Argentina) presents “Twelve Acoustic Pieces” a selection of tracks from their first 2 albums in acoustic format. This release will be available only in digital format on the main platforms. Read More

Helsott Europe tour

helsott interic

Formed February 2010 Helsott, meaning “Fatal Illness” in Old-Norse, are a Melodic Death Metal band from southern California.
The band proudly pay homage to pagan cultures and ancient mythologies while keeping true to their American influences. Read More

New album Nordverg coming up

nordverg lake of death

We had to wait a long time for the new Black Messiah album, but Nordverg took even more time for their new album.
The previous album dates back to 2011. This new album is called “My te, kto my yest’”. Read More

The wait is over, the new Black Messiah album is coming


Anyone who has closely followed the lively development of this Ruhrpott legend since the founding, knows exactly about the always upright and loyal attitude of the inflexible legation. When Germany’s BLACK MESSIAH came to the public in 1992, the Metal world was still quite different from what it currently is. But to this day, the singing leader Zagan with his guitar, violin and titanic passion held fast to his immovable ideals. Read More

Lyric video new album Tengger Cavalry

tengger cavalry die on my ride

Bands that take on a “theme” often end up pigeonholing themselves, releasing album after album with the same overarching concept and sound. When it came time to write and record their upcoming full-length album, Die On My Ride, Global Music Award-winning nomadic folk metal group TENGGER CAVALRY recognized the opportunity to expand Read More