Wolcensmen – ‘Songs From the Fyrgen’ (2016)

wolcensmen songs from the fyrgen

By: Jeff
Rating: 10/10
Release : 30 November 2016
Label: Independent

When I hear the term “side project” before I hear something new, there is always a little trepidation as to whether it is a full-fledged release or just cast offs of a primary project. Luckily, I knew that the debut album from Wolcensmen was going to be epic…it was just really a matter of how epic. Read More

New Album Alestorm

Alestorm 2014

Alestorm very thrilled to announce that they have entered the studio to record their fifth full-length album, entitled “NO GRAVE BUT THE SEA”!
The band will be spending the next month at Alpaca Ranch Recording Studio in Orlando, USA, with producer Lasse Lammert once again at the helm. This will also be the first full release featuring their guitarist Máté Bodor! Read More

Sowulo – ‘Sol’ (2016)

sowulo sol

By: Jeff
Rating: 8/10
Release: 17 |December 2016
Label: Independent

I predicted at some point that acoustic/traditional was going to be a “big thing” in 2017. On the heels of amazing albums from Wardruna and Eliwagar comes a 2nd album from the NL’s Sowulo entitled “Sol” (“Sun”). While there is no metal of any sort on here, there is no doubt that it is primarily an instrumental folk album of the highest caliber. Read More

Rimmersgard album finally released

rimmersgard a venturers mind

Casus Belli Musica releases the first Rimmersgard demo, with two bonus ‘A Venturer’s Mind’ will be released today.
The release of the album’s vinyl version will be delayed till the end of February. A breakdown took place at the vinyl record factory three weeks ago, and the equipment was seriously damaged, so the time for repair will be required and release dates are to be shifted. Read More

New single Vorna

vorna tie varjoista

The Finnish metal band Vorna has just released a new single called ‘Tie varjoista’͟ (͞A Journey out of the Shadows͟) and a lyric video for the song. ͞Tie varjoista is a follow-up to the previous single ‘Aalloista’, which was released in September and the new single presents a whole different approach.
The vocalist Vesa Salovaara shares his thoughts on the new single:͞
“Tie varjoista” represents the faster and more aggressive side of Vorna without being mindless rampaging. Our newest album and the new single “Aalloista” we released last autumn were both leaning towards quite dark and atmospheric style, so it felt good to let off some steam for a change. Certain melancholy is always present in our music, but despite that, I see “Tie varjoista” as more of an empowering than depressing song. The title and the lyrics refer to that as well; perhaps we shouldn’t dwell so much in the shitty side of things, but go forward instead and take advantage of the lessons and knowledge life provides us.
͟’Tie varjoista’ is now available at the most common download stores and streaming services.

Izmoroz – ‘Yaz’ (2016)

Izmoroz ide

By: Jeff
Rating: 8/10
Release: December 2016
Label: Triple Kick Records

How often is it that you find a band that has now 8 full lengths and a couple of EP’s to their credit and you have never heard of them? Well, if you are an Izmoroz fan, then shame on me for not being in the know as far as how killer they are. Formed in 2006, this Russian based crew has been churning out albums almost every year and Read More