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Alestorm & Trolhaugen @ Dynamo

alestorm 2014x

By: Nick Alestorm is hot. And although this band is one of the main examples of ‘you love it or hate it’, it seems this band is here to stay. With their 4th album released almost two months ago, Alestorm was ready to plunder Europe. A tour with Troldhaugen (finally!), Crimson Shadows (We missed them unfortunately…) and Brainstorm (standard Powermetal) could only mean it promised to be a great success. That many thought the same way was clear by the many sold out shows, and Dynamo, Eindhoven, was one of them.

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Alestorm & Troldhaugen @ Doornroosje

troldhaugen doornroosje

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Alestorm – ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’ (2014)

alestorm sunset on the golden age

By: Yvette Score: 8/10 Release: 1-8-2014 Label: Napalm Records Whoever thinks about pirate metal will undoubtedly think of Alestorm. These guys who made their debut in 2008 with ‘Captain Morgan’s Revenge’, with their catchy songs about pirates, plunder and mutiny, really promoted the genre of pirate metal. And although there are a large number of contemporary bands that fall within the genre, Alestorm is still on top in terms of pirate metal.

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Paganfest 2013 Extended


Paganfest 2013 – Essen By: Gur The past years Paganfest was settling in Oberhausen, so I was surprised I had to go to Essen this time. These towns aren’t far apart, so it’s no problem.

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Paganfest 2013 Eindhoven


Paganfest 2013 – Effenaar Eindhoven. By: Nick Photo’s: Awesome-pix (Saarbrücken) Paganfest doesn’t need an introduction anymore. For the 5th year in a row, a few pagan/folk/related bands are invited for an European tour and to provide the needs for an epic party. While this year the bands were more unknown than previous years, they definitely knew how to set up a wonderful evening.

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Zwarte Cross 2012

By: Michel Some people don’t know ‘Zwarte Cross’ . Don’t aspect it to be a standard musicfestival. The Zwarte Cross is a (motor)cross spectacle which started many years ago with an illegal (Zwart-Black) motorcross. To spice it up a little there was also a band present.

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Devilside 2012


By: Gur Folk-Metal.nl joins the Devilside festival in Oberhausen, Germany. This festival will last three days. We’re only visiting the saturday and we have a nice day ahead of us. It starts quite early and we enter when the third band is playing at 11.30. Devilside festival is well organized en has two stages next to each other, many beerstands, all kind of foodstands and a metalmarket. You can choose what you want and there’s a lot of space, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people, this turns out to be due to the huge area.

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Paganfest 2012


By: Nick Location: 013 Tilburg We have a fixed value in the folk-metalscene for over a couple of years now, it’s called Paganfest. This years also the whole company travels through Europe, and also this time they have a varied line-up. Unfortunately due to some interviews we had with Eluveitie and Equilibrium we couldn’t see all bands.

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Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011 Locatie: 013, Tilburg 9 Oktober 2011 Door: Nick Foto’s: Dorien De folk-metalliefhebber kan inmiddels zijn klok erop gelijk zetten, minstens 1 keer per jaar doet het rondreizende circus van Heidenfest ons landje aan. Dit keer was het 013 te Tilburg waar Heidenfest op 9 oktober plaatsvond. Hoewel het, eveneens door Rock the Nation georganiseerde, Paganfest vaak niet verder komt dan bands als Korpiklaani, weet Heidenfest toch altijd weer een sterke line-up te zetten met de top uit het Pagan-genre. De line-up loog er deze keer dan ook niet om, maar liefst 9 (!!) bands betraden achter elkaar de … Read More

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Alestorm – Back through time (2011)


Door: Dorien Score: 3/5 De piraten van Alestorm hebben de uitgang van de opnamestudio weer weten te vinden en hebben een nieuw album uitgebracht: Back Through Time. Duidelijk is dat er tijdens het opnemen veel alcohol in het spel is geweest. Back through time is een leuk vervolg op Black Sails at Midnight, maar geen verbetering. De Schotten worden er niet origineler qua tekst (het nummer Rum is zeker de moeite waard als je van meelallen houdt) en ook de nummers zelf zitten weer simpel in elkaar. Het geheel klinkt wel wat soepeler en gemakkelijker en de gitaren zijn wat … Read More

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