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Ragnarök Festival 2014

ragnarok 2014

25/26-4-2014 Stadthalle Lichtenfels, Germany Ragnarök is a small festival that’s taking place in Lichtenfels. However, never let the size of things misguide you, because on this festival the best of pagan- folk- and black-metal come together. With bands like Arkona, Finntroll, Skálmöld en Manegarm, there were enough bands for the folk-metal fan to enjoy. And, as it should be at every festivals, with bands as Craving and Firtan there was enough to discover.

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Arkona album ‘Yav’ released

arkona yav

The new Arkona album ‘Yav’ is released today. Review

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Arkona – ‘Yav’ (2014)

arkona yav

By: Yvette Score: 9/10 Release: 25-4-2014 Label: Napalm Records It has been a while since Arkona has released a new studio album. In 2011 the band released ‘Slovo’, shortly followed by a pair of live cd’s called ‘A Decade of Glory’ in 2013. In 2014 it is finally time for another studio album from the Russian band. Despite the fact that the band already has a lot of studio releases the band manages to surprise with the release of every new album, without straying too far from the sound that makes Arkona special. This is also the case with the … Read More

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Beastival Turns Into OUT & LOUD Festival!

Out & Loud Festival 2014

29.5. – 31.5.2014 Eventzentrum Strohofer – Geiselwind, Germany The first edition of the BEASTIVAL set fire to Geiselwind, Germany in 2013 – a metal festival extraordinaire that saw thousands of fans from all over the world party with the biggest bands and a vast amount of exclusive shows: SABATON, SATYRICON and WINTERSUN were there amongst many others, and the BIG TEUTONIC 4 show marked a new chapter in metal history! Now, shortly after BEASTIVAL the preparations have started for a festival that is guaranteed to outdo the highly successful premiere…

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Paganfest 2013 Extended


Paganfest 2013 – Essen By: Gur The past years Paganfest was settling in Oberhausen, so I was surprised I had to go to Essen this time. These towns aren’t far apart, so it’s no problem.

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Paganfest 2013 Eindhoven


Paganfest 2013 – Effenaar Eindhoven. By: Nick Photo’s: Awesome-pix (Saarbrücken) Paganfest doesn’t need an introduction anymore. For the 5th year in a row, a few pagan/folk/related bands are invited for an European tour and to provide the needs for an epic party. While this year the bands were more unknown than previous years, they definitely knew how to set up a wonderful evening.

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Arkona – ‘Decade of Glory’ (2013)

Arkona decade of glory

By: Michel Score: 9,5/10 Release: 1-3-2013 Label: Napalm Records In 2012 Russian Pagan Folk-Metal band Arkona celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special concert at the P!PLE Concert Hall (Moscow). And this wasn’t a concert like we’re used to. No musical mastermind Masha had much greater plans for this concert. She invited a 9-piece choir for this, a string quartet and 2 background vocalists. Masha worked over a lot of their classics. So, you shouldn’t think of ‘Decade of Glory’ as a normal live-album, because is definetelly isn’t one!

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Heidenfest 2012

heidenfest 2012

By: Michel 21-10-2012 013, Tilburg Heidenfest was hosted by the modern location 013 this evening. Where there usually are old factories for this occasions 013 is a very modern venue. Everything is taken care of, you can eat and drink inside the venue there’s enough space everywhere and the sound is very good. You can see everything very well from almost every spot in the hall, but there’s a little space directly in front of the stage which makes it sometimes difficult for large pits.

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Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011

Heidenfest 2011 Locatie: 013, Tilburg 9 Oktober 2011 Door: Nick Foto’s: Dorien De folk-metalliefhebber kan inmiddels zijn klok erop gelijk zetten, minstens 1 keer per jaar doet het rondreizende circus van Heidenfest ons landje aan. Dit keer was het 013 te Tilburg waar Heidenfest op 9 oktober plaatsvond. Hoewel het, eveneens door Rock the Nation georganiseerde, Paganfest vaak niet verder komt dan bands als Korpiklaani, weet Heidenfest toch altijd weer een sterke line-up te zetten met de top uit het Pagan-genre. De line-up loog er deze keer dan ook niet om, maar liefst 9 (!!) bands betraden achter elkaar de … Read More

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Arkona – Slovo (2011)


Door: Colin Score: 4/5 Over het vorige album “Stenka na Stenku” schreef ik nog niet zo heel lang geleden: “Vind je dit plaatje tegenvallen? Er is hoop, het is slechts een EP en wellicht is de volgende echte CD weer heerlijke Folk-metal als vanouds.” En gelijk kreeg ik. Nu mag ik het over Slovo hebben, en inderdaad, Masha gaat weer lekker grunten en de gitaar staat weer een mooi stukje harder. “Az’” is het intro, en het klinkt heel erg duister, “Arkaim” sluit hier goed op aan waar je direct het oude Arkona weer hoort, een erg leuk langzaam middenstuk … Read More

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