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Beer Bear – ‘The Invisible Line’ (2012)

beer bear the invisible line

By: Michel Score: 8/10 Beer Bear has released a new album again. And Beer Bear is a little bit weird band. They have great songs, but they also manage to create some which are not the best. Beer Bear is an unusual name and the conclusion they make songs about beer and bears or bears drinking beer only is easily made. But not all songs have this theme.

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Beer Bear – Фолк-н-Ролл (Folk’n’Roll) (2011)

beer bear folk'n'roll

By: Michel Score: 6/10 The Russian formation Beer Bear released a very good album in 2010. In 2011 we only get an EP. On this EP Folk’n’Roll of course the track Folk’n’Roll, and this sounds rather… Folk’n’Roll. On one hand you get typical elements of rock’n’roll, on the other hand the band has messed it up with folkelements. Maybe nice for somewhere on an album but not worthy to name an EP after this.

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Beer Bear – Honey (2010)

Beer bear honey

By: Gur Score: 8/10 Starting off with a happy metal song with grunts, violins and flutes BEER BEAR’s debut album promises to be a happy addition to the folk metal stable. The second song is even happier and has the typical Russian clean vocals and just when I think it is a bit too much a grunt breaks the happiness.

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