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Helrunar – ‘Niederkunfft’ (2015)

Helrunar Niederkunfft

By: Jeff Rating: 9/10 Release: 27-2-2015 Label: Prophecy Records After a long 4 years since the release “Sól” and almost 2 years since the split Arstidir Lifsins, Helrunar have finally emerged from the darkness with a new full length entitled “Niederkunfft”. To say that Helrunar is prolific would be a huge understatement…a couple of splits and now 4 full length albums under their belts is a gigantic achievement….particularly when everything they have released has delivered the goods. With this latest release, they continue in the Helrunar tradition of black/pagan metal that is always quality from beginning to end.

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Árstíðir lífsins – ‘Aldafǫðr ok munka dróttinn’ (2015)

arstidir lifsins aldafodr ok munka drottinn

By: Jeff Rating: 10/10 Release: 6-3-2015 Label: Van Records I will be the first one to admit (and rightfully so) that I am guilty of overusing the word “epic” to describe most things that are cool, interesting, or just awesome…mostly, in regards to music. Hearing the new Árstíðir lífsins album in one word is truly EPIC, and in this case, I am not overusing it and I dare say,

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Yonder Realm – Beyond a Long Lost World’ (2011)

yonder realm beyond a long lost world

By: Jeff Rating: 9/10 Release: 7-10-2011 (re-release 2015) Label: MMR Sometimes, here at the site we are afforded the opportunity to review albums that have gotten re-issued for one reason or another (recent Forefather re-issues come to mind). Now that the mighty Yonder Realm has been signed to Maple Metal Records, the label has decidedly wisely to re-release some of the earlier Yonder stuff which includes “Beyond A Long Lost World”,

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Zaedyus – ‘Santos Vega’ (2013/2015)

zaedyus santos vega

By: Jeff Rating: 6/10 Release: 2013/2015 Label: Independent Zaedyus is a self-tagged “folk progressive metal” group from Argentina and was formed by Ale Brukman who wears many hats here (songwriter, producer, percussion and backing vox). There are a total of 6 tracks on “Santos Vega”, based on a poem by Rafael Obligado. (Santos Vega is an Argentinian minstrel of legend and lore)

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Enslaved – ‘In Times’ (2015)

enslaved in times

By: Nick Rating: 9,5/10 Release: 6-3-2015 Label: Nuclear Blast Enslaved is back, and how! After the marvelous RIITIIR, originating from 2012, it would be hard to match this work of art. However, Enslaved managed to do it. The Norwegian band which started out as a pure black metal band came a long way from their start in 1991.

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Ancient Rites – ‘Laguz’ (2015)

ancient rites laguz

By: Jeff Rating: 7/10 Release: 20-2-2015 Label: Massacre Records After an extended hiatus, Flemish squad Ancient Rites has finally returned with the release of “Laguz”. When I say extended hiatus, I mean extended….it has been 9 years since “Rubicon” was released. If you have never heard them before (which I would find almost impossible).

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Galar – ‘De Gjenlevende’ (2015)

galar de gjenlevende

By: Jeff Rating: 9/10 Release: 16-3-2015 Label: Independent Aren’t there albums you have heard in your lifetime that as soon as it started, you knew it was going to be awesome? I am sure this has happened at least a few times for everyone and that is exactly what happened when I started listening to the latest Galar album “De Gjenlevende” (“The Survivors”) While I certainly have been getting my fill of troll/swamp metal lately,

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Lappalainen – ‘Kraken’s Awakening’ (2015)

lappalainen krakens awakening

By: Jeff Rating: 7,5/10 Release: 13-2-2015 Label: Independent For those of you waiting for the new Korpiklaani album here is something that will keep you at bay….the debut album from France’s Lappalainen. Sounding like a mix of some Bay Area thrash and some good old fashioned folk metal, the debut album features 10 tracks following the release of a 2 song EP (“Road To Greenland”) back in 2012.

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EP Zaedyus

zaedyus santos vega

While working on a new album, Zaedyus made their EP ‘Santos Vega’ availlable for downloading at bandcamp. Tracklist 1. Intro 02:10 2. The Minstrel’s Song 05:53 3. Outro 00:56 4. The Voice Of Progress… 05:04 5. A Legend Will Raise 02:14 Santos Vega by Zaedyus

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Bergsvriden – ‘I Vitterhetens Becksvarta Gömmen’ (2015)

bergsvriden Vitterhetens Becksvarta Gömmen

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 14-2-2015 Label: Independent There is one thing I know for a fact, I will never get sick of hearing another new swampy folk metal album. In the last few weeks I got to review the latest releases from Abracadabra, Vorgrum and Rogatiy Koloko….all excellent releases. Now we can add the debut from Sweden’s Bergsvriden to the list as well. 7 Tracks of rotting logs and muck ridden folk metal. Sounding like Finntroll crawling out of a recently dug grave, Bergsvriden have created a pretty murky debut with “I Vitterhetens Becksvarta Gömmen”.

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