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Druzhina – ‘Third Henosis’ (2015)

druzhina third henosis

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 14-5-2015 Label: Gateway Music Sometimes here at the site we get so focused on “folk metal” that we get tunnel vision with regards to some other genres but that is just what we have to do. Luckily, from time to time, we get bands that will send things in that we may not normally review as it may not be for us. Thankfully Druzhina sent in their latest for review

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Dreven – ‘Pod Kronoy Vechnogo Dreva’ (2015)

dreven Pod Kronoy Vechnogo Dreva

By: Jeff Rating: 7/10 Release: 5-5-2015 Label: SoundAge Production Dreven is the name of a pagan/folk metal band from Russia who is offering their first release here with “Под кроной вечного древа” (my translation is “Under The Crown Of The Eternal Tree”). There will definitely be some comparisons to other Russian/eastern European folk metal acts, maybe a little Grai, Smuta, or Omut would be decent sound alike acts but Dreven seem to be a little more pagan metal oriented (maybe more like Kroda) with touches of folk so a little heavier.

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GjeldRune – ‘V parusah cveta zari’ (EP 2015)

Gjeldrune 2015 EP

By:Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 15-5-2015 Label: Independent Russia’s Gjeldrune have returned after a short hiatus and recorded an EP entitled “V Parusah Cveta Zari” (“The Colors Of The Sails Of Dawn”). The style of the songs are certainly of similar style to their debut LP “Shoronili My Svoy Kray”(“We’ve Buried Our Native Land”) from 2014. I think you always need to be concerned if a band will falter after a debut with material that may not be as tested as their initial offerings but in Gjeldrune’s case, I think that they have refined their sound on this EP over the … Read More

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Curare – ‘Revive Esperanza’ (2014)

curare revive esperanza

By: Jeff Rating: 8/10 Release: 2014 Label: Independent There are numerous times in my reviews that I try to give you some examples of what I hear when I am listening to a new album/EP/single or whatever, especially some sound alike bands. At first I was really struggling with the new Curare album in terms of who they remind me of and it was a challenge until I started going thru my internal rolodex of bands when it hit me, imagine that a hardcore or crossover band like Rage Against The Machine or Downset flew to Ecuador and started jamming … Read More

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Sekengard – ‘Sekengard’ (EP 2015)

sekengard ep

By: Jeff Rating: 8/10 Release: 29-5-2015 Label: Independent While 2014 saw a multitude of American acts in my top 10 list for the year (Agalloch, The Flight Of Sleipnir, Duskmourn, Yonder Realm and Helsott) I was concerned about the lack of American folk metal this far into the year….luckily Wilderun, Isenmor and now Sekengard have restored my faith. Hailing from Baltimore (as does Isenmor)

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Thalanos – ‘Dragontales’ (EP 2015)

thalanos dragontales

By: Jeff Rating: 6,5/10 Release: May 2015 Label: Independent Thalanos has been kicking around for a few years now, offering a debut LP entitled “Tears Of Valiance” back in 2010 and releasing a few singles since then. They have now returned with a self-titled EP in 2015 featuring 5 songs. These Dutch folk metallers sit somewhere in between acts like Alestorm or Trollfest

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Eikthyrnir – ‘Through The Magic Mirror Gate’ (EP 2015)

eikthymir though the magic mirror gate

By: Jeff Rating: 7,5/10 Release: 22-5-2015 Label: Independent You will have to give me some latitude on this review as I have to give you a quick background story. Recently, they have been playing a documentary on TV about the rock group Kansas (American group famous for songs like “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust In The Wind”) and I have watched it numerous times and I really respect their musicianship and what they did with their different take on progressive rock. So fast forward to the latest release by Chicago’s Eikthyrnir….

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Fenris – ‘Across The Darkened Skies’ (2014)

fenris across the darkened skies

By: Jeff Rating: 8/10 Release: 5-3-2015 Label: Independent When I saw that an album by Fenris needed to be reviewed I knew it was one I thought I had heard before. Sure enough this was released back in 2014 via Bandcamp and since they are now on the site, we are giving it a proper listening to.

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Ulkan Newen – ‘La fuerza del canto’ (2015)

ulkan newen la fuerza del canto

By: Jeff Rating: 7,5/10 Release: 29-3-2015 Label: Independent (Free Download) From the lands that brought you such acts as Skiltron and Vorgrum, South America’s Ulkan Newen have released their first album entitled “La Fuerza del Canto” (my translation is “The Strength Of The Song”) While sharing a general location of the previously mentioned bands (hailing from Chile to be exact) there is not a lot in common with Ulkan Newen and the other acts other than being high quality folk metal.

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Munarheim – ‘Stolzes Wesen Mensch’ (2015)

munarheim stolzes wesen mensch

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 11-5-2015 Label: Independent Just when you have maybe become fully immersed in Munarheim’s epic 2014 release “Nacht Und Sturme Werden Licht” (“Night And Storms Will Light”) they enter 2015 with another entirely new album with “Stolzes Wesen Mensch” (I am translating as “Nature of Human Pride”). At this rate, Munarheim may have a boxed set out next year with this amount of prolific-ness. The new album does not at all seem like a thrown together album but a logical progression, albe it much quicker than most bands get to their next album nowadays,

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