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Folkstone – ‘Oltre… L’abisso’ (2014)

folkstone oltre--- labisso

By: Yvette Score: 9,5/10 Release: 3-11-2014 Label: FolkStone Productions It hasn’t been that long since we last heard from Folkstone. The Italian band that was formed in 2004, released their third studio album ‘Il Confine’ under own management in 2012, shortly followed by a live DVD called ‘Restano i Frammenti’. These two releases were the definite break with label Fuel Records, and the band has since continued under the name of Folkstone Records. This year the band releases its fourth full-length album called ‘Oltre… L’Abisso’, a release that I have anxiously been waiting for!

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Lepoka – ‘Folkoholic metal’ (2014)

lepoka folkoholic metal

By: Michel Score: 9/10 Release: 1-9-2014 Label: Independent Looking at the cover of Folkoholic metal, the debut-album of the Spanish band Lèpoka, there’s much that meets the eye. Elfs, trolls, dwarfs, shaman, but a sexy girl and a headbanging person are in the crowded room as well. What to think of this mess…? And then there is this title Folkoholic metal, another beerfolk-metal album?

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Haeredium – ‘Aurora’ (2014)

Haeredium aurora

By: Nick Score: 5,5/10 Release 4-10-2014 Label: Independent Haeredium is a band which originates from France. Founded in 2009, they finally released their debut album. This piece is entitled ‘Aurora’, and within 50 minutes the band has their chance to convince me. Although this is their debut, the band worked towards this album for quite a long time.

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Minotaur’s Redemption – ‘Minotaur’s Redemption’ (EP 2014)

minotaurs redemption EP

By: Michel Score: 5,5/10 Release: 5-2014 Label: Independent Minotaur’s Redemption has released a self-titled EP on which are 6 studio songs and a live bonustrack. The band has a quite unique style, the music can be described as mix of trash and folk.

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Feuerseele – ‘Hinter Spiegeln’ (2014)

feuerseele hinter spiegeln

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 21-11-2014 Label: Echozone Hinter Spiegeln is the second album of the German Medieval/Folk rockband Feuerseele. The band has delivered a nice piece of work with this album. On this album are twelve nice songs, and the only thing I miss a bit is real power.

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Vorgrum – ‘The Awakening’ (Demo EP 2011)

vorgrum the awakening

By: Michel Score: 6,5/10 Release: 3-8-2011 Label: Independent The Awakening is the demo of the Argentinian folk-influenced Pagan-metalband Vorgrum. The folk-influences are filled in by a hectic but delicious accordion. This is a neatly recorded demo, the band can show us their capability in a good quality.

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Lyriel – ‘Skin and Bones’ (2014)

lyriel skin and bones

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 26-9-2014 Label: AFM Records Let’s make it clear from the start. Lyriel is not a typical folk-metal band. Not only varies their music varies from rock to metal, it’s a style which will be appreciated by fans of the Gothic genre. But there are folk-influences too!

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Einherjer – ‘Av Oss, For Oss’ (2014)

einherjer av oss, for oss

By: Colin Score: 8,5/10 Release: 27-10-2014 Label: Indie Recordings In 1993 a group of lonely warriors from the historical Haugesund came together. These Einherjer, as they are called, want to show the world the culture in which they have grown up. Barely a few kilometers away from the site where, according to the legends, king Harald Fairhair of Norway was buried, a new generation of vikingmetal came into being.

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Ymyrgar – ‘The Tale as Far’ (2014)

ymyrgar the tale as far

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 10-2014 Label: Independent When I stumbled upon Ymyrgar almost two years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised by their demo’s. Although they weren’t of the best quality, their musical ideas were quite brilliant. They have a nice style in which they blend influences from bands like Eluveitie with Ensiferum and other more epic bands. This gives them a nice sound, with the Celtic influences on one and the power of the epic tales on the other hand.

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Korrigans – ‘Ferocior Ad Rebellandum’ (2014)

korrigan ferrocior ad rebellandum

By: Yvette Score: 7,5/10 Release: 6-10-2014 Label: Nementon Records It is a well-known fact that Italy brings forth a large number of folk metal bands lately. The Korrigans is one of these bands, who will release their debut album ‘Ferocior Ad Rebellandum’ in 2014. After numerous changes in lineup, the Italian band managed to create a style of their own that varies between folk metal and black metal.

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