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Mr. Irish Bastard – ‘The World, The Flesh and the Devil’ (2015)

mr. irish bastard the world the flesh and the devil

By: Grinning Beggar Rating: 9/10 Release: 8-5-2015 Label: Reedo Records Mr. Irish Bastard hail from Munster, Germany and have been active in the international Celtic Punk scene since mid-2006. The band cites some pretty far ranging musical influences from Sepultura to Social Distortion, and most notably The Pogues.

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Forefather ‘Curse of the Cwelled’ (2015)

forefather curse of the cwelled

By: Jeff Rating: 9/10 Release: 23-4-2015 Label: Seven Kingdoms They say there are only a few guarantees in life….death and taxes. I would probably say that whoever came up with never heard Forefather or they would add them to that list as well. They are as “automatic” as the tides, the rising sun and waning moon with probably one of the most instantly recognizable sounds/styles in all of metal. I was a little worried that there had been 4 year layoff since “Last Of The Line”

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Artaius – ‘Torn Banners’ (2015)

artaius torn banners

By: Michel Rating: 8/10 Release: 19-5-2015 Label: Nemeton Records Artaius is back with an album ‘Torn Banners’, the sequel of their debut-album ‘The Fifth Season’. And in this seventh season of their existence, the band takes off, where they left us two years ago with their debut. ‘Seven Months’ could just as easily have been another track from their first album. We still get this mix of all kind of styles, not only the obvious folk, but the gothic elements and the jazzy/proggy elements, make this an unique blend.

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Skyforger – ‘Senprūsija’ (2015)

skyforger senprusija

By: Colin Rating: 9/10 Release: 6-4-2015 Label: Thunderforge Records Skyforger is known in the folkmetalscene for many years and with Senprusija they are up for their seventh album already. Skyforger usually has a great mix between blackmetal, heavymetal and traditional Latvanian folk music. Frontman Peter tells us about their new album: Our new album “Senprūsija” (Old Prussia) is dedicated to the Prussians,

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Trollfest – ‘Live at Alrosa Villa’ (2015)

trollfest live at alrosa vila

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 4-5-2015 Label: Independent Hearing that Trollfest had a live release coming out was both a time to reflect on the past and to ponder the upcoming future. The past comes back to me because of seeing them on this tour (Paganfest USA) 2 days after this was recorded. This also has me foreseeing the future, seeing them again at the end of May as they wind down their US tour with Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. The set list here is longer than the show that I saw them at in Philadelphia and deservedly so,

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Glittertind – ‘Blåne for blåne’ (2015)

glittertind blane for blane

By: Michel Release 27-4-2015 Label: Indie Recordings We know Glittertind’s music from the moment he started to release some stuff as a 17 year old boy. And on we could hear a variety of sounds in a cohesive concept. A lot has changed for Glittertind during all his years in music. Glittertind became a full-band over the years and the break-up with his old label Napalm are two of the major changes.

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Nevermind Nessie – ‘Story of a Lost Generation’ (2015)


By: Michel Rating: 9/10 Release: 2015 Label: Independent Belgium is already blessed with a Celtic Punk band like The Black Tartan Clan, but there’s more to discover in this small country. Nevermind Nessie is ‘doing pubs’ since 2009, but they had never recorded a ‘real’ album. But luckily they have decided to grab themselves together and record some decend stuff. ‘Story of a Lost Generation’, is a great punk title for an album. The Belgians put a lot of punk in their music, but with all these whistles, accordion and violin, it has great folk-elements as well.

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Skiltron – 2015 re-issues (2015)

skiltron the clans have untited

By: Jeff Rating: 7,5/10 Release: 29-5-2015 Label: Trollzorn Argentina’s Skiltron (in conjunction with their label Trollzorn) have reissued their first 3 albums with bonus material on each album. Now, if you don’t have a least one Skiltron album in your collection already then what have you been doing? They are probably the biggest folk metal band from South America and have churned out 4 amazing folk metal albums

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Paganland – ‘Fatherland’ (2015)

paganland fatherland

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 27-4-2015 Label: Svarga Music Although being in existence for almost 20 years, Ukraine’s Paganland have just announced the release of their 2nd full length with the epic “Fatherland”. Their 1st full length release “Wind Of Freedom” was released in 2013 and was on my heavy rotation of Pagan Metal releases from that time for sure. It would be easy to want to compare them to other incredible acts from Ukraine (Drudkh, Nokturnal Mortum, Kroda, Ygg, Zgard….),

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Isenmor – ‘Land of the Setting Sun’ (EP 2015)

isenmor land of the setting sun

By: Jeff Rating: 8/10 Release: 21-6-2015 Label: Independent Right after my first review of an American band in 2015 (the epic new album from Wilderun) we now have the opportunity to review the first EP from Isenmor from Maryland with their first EP “Land Of The Setting Sun”. The EP features 5 songs…two which were released previously (“So Willingly Deceived” and “Death Is A Fine Companion”) and 3 presumably newer tracks I have not heard before. Well, I feel sorry for all of you since you won’t get to hear this folk laden release until it’s June 21st release date … Read More

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