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Anabioz – ‘There the Sun Falls’ (2014)

Anabioz there the sun falls

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 10-7-2014 Label: Sound Age Productions Anabioz, isn’t a brand new band, they started way back in 2003. But this doesn’t mean they produced a large collections of albums, a demo in their first year and two albums, one in 2008 and one in 2010. But I can say I was very excited when they announced they were planning on a new album. Their style of solid Death metal is blended with a very large dose of folk. The music filled to the limit with violin. Only when Olga is singing with her nice high, bit … Read More

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Nachtval – ‘Demo’ (2014)

nachtval demo

By: Colin Score: 8/10 Release: 26-5-2014 Label: Independent From the ashes of Viatora, a new name arises. Crawling from the obscure caverns of the Dutch folk-metal scene arrives the fall of the darkness, as all light quenches, Nachtval. After the song Banneling made it’s way to the enternet a while ago, the band will profile themselves with a new demo. This demo starts with an intro ofcourse. Grim and dark is the musical sphere they grant us.

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Hiverna – ‘II. Macabre’ (2014)

hiverna II Macabre

By: Yvette Score: 7,5/10 Releaze: 6-6-2014 Label: Oaken Forge Hiverna is a Canadian Folk Black Metal band from Québec that was established by Bardunor, a black metal musician who is active in several musical projects. After a split-album that was released in 2008 the band released its debut album ‘I. Folklore’ in 2010. Now four years later, the Canadian band releases its second studio album called ‘II. Macabre’.

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Protokult – ‘No Beer in Heaven’ (2014)

protokult no beer in heaven

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 8-8-20104 Label: Independent Protokult is not a Canadian folk-metalband like we’re used to, in fact they’re nothing like we’re used to. Their multicultural background is the base for their very broad sound. The main elements of their music, are the solid guitars, and the vocals. These vocals contain a broad-ranged male voice, grunts, metalscreams and clear and a very beautiful female, suitable for the n singing classical parts and the more Slavic vocals.

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Eldertale – ‘Land of Old’ (EP 2014)

eldertale land of old

By: Eline Score: 7,5/10 Release: 27-06-2014 Label: Independent Eldertale is a folk metal band from Ukraine consisting of Kirya Shapovalenko (vocals, guitars), Eugene Belozertsev (guitars), Eugene Kozakov (bass), Josh O.Berg (keyboards) and Alexander Desyatnichenko (drums). Although they just released their first EP, the roots of Eldertale go way back.

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Ol’ Jolly Roger – ‘From the Depths we Rise’ (EP 2014)


By: Michel Score: 4,5/10 Release: 25-6-2014 Label: Independent When you start to listen to this first release of Ol’ Jolly Roger, you immediately think of Alestorm. It’s very obvious where these guys got their inspiration from. ‘Mead’ is a very good composition this track, despite I doubt it, if the word ‘composition’ is used with honour in Pirate metal. Pirate metal is more about simple feast and trashing the place. Let’s say this song has a lot of fun and would do very nicely at a concert.

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Sylvatica – ‘Evil Seeds’ (2014)

sylvatica evil seeds

By: Michel Score: 8/10 Release: 1-7-2014 Label: Gateway Music The idea for the Danish band Sylvatica was born while they were listening to Svartsot. And this is one of the influences which can be heard on the album. Jardén isn’t as low as Svartsots voice, but it’s nice, low and dark. No grunt with Sylvatica, but just this fierce vikingvoice giving the music its fierce power. Backed up by two guitars their music gains an enormous power with which they go into battle.

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Vintersorg – ‘Naturbål’ (2014)

vintersorg naturbal

By: Yvette Score: 8,5/10 Release: 27-6-2014 Label: Napalm Records If there is one band that releases quality albums in a rapid pace, it is Vintersorg. In 2011 a series of four albums was announced with the four elements as the theme. ‘Jordpuls’ was the first of the series, which revolved around the element earth, shortly followed by the album ‘Orkan’ with the theme of air in 2012. ‘Naturbål’ is now the third album in the series and literally means ‘bonfire of nature’ when translated. It is obvious that this album fully revolves around the element of fire.

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Falconer – ‘Black Moon Rising’ (2014)

falconer black moon rising

By: Eline Score: 8,5/10 Release: 6-6-2014 Label: Metal Blade Records The Swedish Folk/power metal band Falconer just released their 8th studio album this month. There has been some time between this album and their last one ‘Armod’, which was released in 2011. The whole album ‘Armod’ was recorded in Swedish and was more folk- related.

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Boyanov Gimn – ‘Otgoloski vekov’ (2014)

Boyanov Gimn album 2014

By: Michel Score: 6,5/10 Release: 6-6-2014 Label: Independent Freaking distorted guitar and very Russian male vocals, are the first things you’ll notice when you’re going to listen to Boyanov Gimn’s new album. Otgoloski Vekov is the third full length of Boyanov Gimn. Their last full length was released in 2011 and since then we only two singles were offered to the world. But now they’re back with a full length which is available as a free download at their VKontakte.

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