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Celtibeerian – ‘Keltorevolution’ (2014)

Celtibeerian keltorevolution

By: Yvette Score: 8/10 Release: 29-3-2014 Label: Independent The statement that a great many bands within the genre of folk metal sound (somewhat) the same is probably no surprise. Many of these bands use a traditional folk instrument, which makes the music comparable to a great number of other bands within the genre.

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Arkona – ‘Yav’ (2014)

arkona yav

By: Yvette Score: 9/10 Release: 25-4-2014 Label: Napalm Records It has been a while since Arkona has released a new studio album. In 2011 the band released ‘Slovo’, shortly followed by a pair of live cd’s called ‘A Decade of Glory’ in 2013. In 2014 it is finally time for another studio album from the Russian band. Despite the fact that the band already has a lot of studio releases the band manages to surprise with the release of every new album, without straying too far from the sound that makes Arkona special. This is also the case with the … lees verder

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Another song of the fresh Celtibeerian album

Celtibeerian keltorevolution
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Drink Hunters – ‘Lurking Behind the Woods’ (2014)

drink hunters lurking behind the woods

By: Yvette Score: 6,5/10 Release: 10-3-2014 Label: Independent The debate about the question wether or not dialect and accent define the quality of music has been held many times at Folk-Metal.nl. Yet it remains a sensitive issue, which makes me question it many times. This is also the case regarding the Spanish band Drink Hunters.

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Feskarn – ‘Östra Aros’ (2014)

feskarn ostra aros

By: Gur Score: 6/10 Release: 1-2-2014 Label: Pesttanz Klangschmiede There are some bands who don’t know in which direction they should go. They simply don’t make a plan of how things should sound in the end. It seemed for a while the Swedish Feskarn was one of them, but it turns out it’s a soloproject.

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Conorach – ‘Through the Ages’ (2014)

conorach through the ages

By: Nick Score: 8,5/10 Release: 7-3-2014 Label: Independent Conorach is back! We needed to wait for a while, but it’s finally there; Through the Ages, the second full-length of a band which made mixing Folk and Powermetal into an art. Let’s be honest from the start; Through the Ages is great! It continues where the previous record stopped, though it all sounds a lot better, more fine-tuned and a little bit catchier.

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Amocualli – ‘Nu Kontavi Ña Tzi’ (2014)

Amocualli Nu Kontavi na Tzii

By: Nick Score: 4,5/10 Release: 10-2-2014 Label: Independent ‘Prehispanic black/folk metal’ is what Amocualli produces, and ‘Nu Kontavi Ña Tzi’ is the second full length this band releases. This is basically the only information I could find, since their whole website is in Spanish. Great, just great.

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Skarn – ‘Skarn’ (EP 2014)

skarn EP 2014

By: Michel Score: 7,5/10 Release: 2-2014 Label: Independent The debut EP of Skarn, a French folkloristic metalband contains four tracks. These four tracks are dripping of Breton folklore. These guys don’t make the regular folk-metal with screaming voices and fierce guitars. No, their music is more like bands like Folkstone, In Extremo and Saltatio Mortis. The bagpipe and Breton folk-melodies play a huge role in their music.

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Spellblast – ‘Nineteen’ (2014)

spellblast nineteen

By: Astrid Score: 8/10 Release: 19-2-2014 Label: Independent Spellblast started out in 1990 and evolved to what they are now, with an extra gitarist since 2006 and the use of folk elements since 2003. Not exactly the most original band out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great. If you like bands like Elvenking, it’s almost certain you like Spellblast too.

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Alvenrad – ‘Habitat’ (2014)

Alvenrad Habitat

By: Nick Score: 6/10 Release: 4-4-2014 Label: Trollmusic The Dutch language is a sensitive subject. Most of the times, music that’s sang in Dutch isn’t really my cup of tea. There are just a few bands out there which can convert our strange, terrible-sounding language into something that’s beautiful or epic. Heidevolk is a great example of a band that can make this work.

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