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Einherjer – ‘Av Oss, For Oss’ (2014)

einherjer av oss, for oss

By: Colin Score: 8,5/10 Release: 27-10-2014 Label: Indie Recordings In 1993 a group of lonely warriors from the historical Haugesund came together. These Einherjer, as they are called, want to show the world the culture in which they have grown up. Barely a few kilometers away from the site where, according to the legends, king Harald Fairhair of Norway was buried, a new generation of vikingmetal came into being.

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Ymyrgar – ‘The Tale as Far’ (2014)

ymyrgar the tale as far

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 10-2014 Label: Independent When I stumbled upon Ymyrgar almost two years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised by their demo’s. Although they weren’t of the best quality, their musical ideas were quite brilliant. They have a nice style in which they blend influences from bands like Eluveitie with Ensiferum and other more epic bands. This gives them a nice sound, with the Celtic influences on one and the power of the epic tales on the other hand.

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Korrigans – ‘Ferocior Ad Rebellandum’ (2014)

korrigan ferrocior ad rebellandum

By: Yvette Score: 7,5/10 Release: 6-10-2014 Label: Nementon Records It is a well-known fact that Italy brings forth a large number of folk metal bands lately. The Korrigans is one of these bands, who will release their debut album ‘Ferocior Ad Rebellandum’ in 2014. After numerous changes in lineup, the Italian band managed to create a style of their own that varies between folk metal and black metal.

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Narjahanam – ‘Wa Ma Khufiya Kana A’atham’ (2013)

narjahanam 2013 album

By: Colin Score: 8/10 Release: 25-12-2013 Label: Haarbn Productions The fun part of writing for a website is that sometimes you get to review bands, you can’t even pronounce, let alone having heard of it before. And sometimes these bands seem to come from nations you’ve never heard any metal from. This time I get to review a band called Narjahanam from Bahrain. I don’t want to spoil the review yet, but this band is my best find of the year!

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The Black Tartan Clan – ‘Scotland in our Hearts’ (2014)

the black tartan clan with scotland in our hearts

By: Colin Score: 7,5/10 Release: 2014 Label: Independent When you hear this title and bandname, of course you think of a group of rebelling Scots who overflow us with bagpipes until they’ve become independent. No, not this time, these men in black tartans come from Belgium. And for the bagpipe punkers between us, this album is good news!

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Ocelon – ‘To Ocelon’ (demo 2014)

ocelon logo

By: Yvette Score: 7/10 Release: Label: Independent The Spanish band Ocelon has had quite some turbulent years. After a large number of changes in band formation, dropout and aborted projects, Ocelon finally began to take shape in the form of a Celtic folk-metal band in 2012. In 2014 the band releases its first demo called ‘To Ocelon’.

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Grai – ‘In the Arms of Mara’ (Vinyl 2014)

grai in the arms of mara

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 1-10-2014 Vinyl Label: Spirit of Ancestors Produktions No better blends then metal and vinyl, the metal-scene kept the vinyl issues alive during all these digital years. And these days we see vinyl issues with other bands as well. The small Czech label Spirit of Ancestors Produktions released a nice Grai album ‘In the Arms of Mara’. A real collector’s item.

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Yar – ‘My Darling Horse’ (2013)

yar my darling horse

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 2574-12-2013 Label: independent My Darling Horse seems to be an unusual title for an album made by Ukrains risiding in Portugal, but Yar seems to focus on a broad scene around the world. They describe the music as progressive folk-metal. This album consists of 7 songs, the most of them with a rather dark sound, which seems to be a bit ‘underground’.

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Drescher – ‘Erntezeit’ (2014)

drescher erntezeit

By: Michel Score: 6,5/10 Release: 13-6-2014 Label: Drescher Records Well, now… something completely different, the Austrian band Drescher. Knowing this is their debut, then you will be rather amazed by the output of this band. This album sounds very good for a first one. The band has a style of their own, and it’s quite difficult to describe it.

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Letzte Instanz – ‘Im Auge des Sturms’ (2014)

letzte instanz im auge des sturms

By: Nick Score: 6,5/10 Release: 29-8-2014 Label: Drakkar Entertainment The eleventh studio album. You can say what you want, but not that Letzte Instanz likes to take it easy. These folk-rockers, who have quite a reputation in the gothic scene, release with ‘Im Auge des Sturms’ an album which is filled with songs with that classical ‘Letzte Instanz-sound’.

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