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Yonder Realm – ‘The Old Ways’ (2014)

yonder realm the old ways

By: Jeff Score: 9/10 Release: 24-8-2014 Label: Independent Another severely overlooked band, Yonder Realm has finally compiled a proper full length to delve into and lose yourself in with The Old Ways. It has been too long a wait since the Beyond A Long Lost World EP from 2011 which promised a bright future on the next release.

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The Flight of Sleipnir – ‘V’ (2014)

the flight of sleipnir V

By: Jeff Score: 8/10 Release: 24-11-2014 Label: Napalm Records To try to categorize The Flight Of Sleipnir is not an easy task. I am sure if you asked 5 different people who listened to their newest release “V” you would probably get 5 different genre tags….doom, stoner, folk, viking, even black metal and they would all be right.

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Nightcreepers – ‘Hreidd’ (2014)

nightcreepers hreidd

By: Colin Score: 7/10 Release: 21-10-2014 Label: Independent The third full length album of the French NightCreepers is finished and the world may finally listen to Hreidd. After Alpha made a pretty good impression on me in 2012, I’m very curious about this new release.

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Primordial – ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ (2014)

PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have Fallen

By: Jeff Score: 10/10 Release: 21-11-2014 Label: Metal Blade Records Equal parts hypnotizing, dismal and uplifting, Primordial have once again released an incredible album with Where Greater Men Have Fallen. I would be hard pressed to think of another artist in any genre that really makes me ponder existence like Primordial does. To be able to create such grim anthems is minimally a herculean task and they are masters of it.

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Skálmöld – ‘Með vættum’ (2014)

skalmold med vaettum

By: Yvette Score: 8,5/10 Release: 21-11-2014 Label: Napalm Records The fans of real Viking metal were probably aware of the fact that the Icelandic band Skálmöld will release a new album this year. These men, who shook the world of folk metal with the release of their debut album ‘Baldur’ will release their third studio album by the end of this year.

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Drakum – ‘Torches Will Rise Again’ (2014)

drakum torches will rise again

By: Jeff Score: 7/10 Release: 15-11-2014 Label: Independent I first became acquainted with Drakum about a month ago while doing a podcast and we played “Around The Oak” from the EP of the same name from 2011. I found it to be instantly catchy and heavy. This 8 piece from Spain have now returned with their first full length with some new members since the original EP.

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Helsótt – ‘Woven’ (2014)

helsott woven

By: Jeff Score: 9,5/10 Release: 26-8-2014 Label: Independent You may see “Pagan Metal” listed next to a description of Helsott’s style and if you are not into Pagan Metal you may decide not to listen. You would be doing yourself a great disservice to say the least. Is it Pagan Metal? Yes, but so much more so I find the genre tag very limited in this case.

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Fimbulvet – ‘Frostbrand – Eines Bildnis Tracht’ (2014)

fimbulvet eines bidlnis tracht

By: Jeff Score: 6,5/10 Release: 31-10-2014 Label: Einheitd Produktionen If you haven’t heard them before you may be in for a bit of a surprise as they lean closer to Pagan or Black Metal or even some Power/Thrash than maybe Viking Metal given their name/appearance. I can honestly say I can’t think of another band that has as unique a sound as they do.

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Incursed – ‘Beer Bloodbath’ (EP 2014)

incursed beer bloodbath

By: Jeff Score: 7/10 Release: 12-11-2014 Label: Independent This EP from Spain’s Incursed is their first release in two years to the day since the triumphant Fimbulwinter which I listened to many times. There is a total of 5 songs here….two new tracks (“Beer Bloodbath” and “Raging Wyverns”) from their upcoming album Elderslied, a re-recording of an older track (“Die By The Sword”) a cover of the “Game Of Thrones” theme and then a “drunken” version of “Beer Bloodbath” to close it out.

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Halmyris – ‘Omens of Domination’ (EP 2014)

halmyris omens of domination

By: Michel Score: 6,5/10 Release: 26-9-2014 Label: Independent The debut-EP of the Romanian Death/Folk-metalband Halmyris consists of four tracks and is available through their bandcamp. Their music consists of catchy and somewhat epic guitars, backed-up by nice solid drums.

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