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Sverdkamp – ‘Fraa Ryfylke’ (Demo 2014)

sverdkamp fraa ryfylke

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 20-6-2014 Label: Independent The Norge folk-influenced Pagan Black Metal band Sverdkamp started in 2010, but they thought it would be a nice to take things one step further and they released a demo. A limited edition of this EP ‘Fraa Ryfylke’ can be purchased at their bandcamp.

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Mongol – ‘Chosen by Tengri’ (2014)

mongol chosed by tengri

By: Michel Score: 8/10 Release: 26-7-2014 Label: Independent I ended my review on the ‘Altan Urug’ album stating I was curious about future creations. The start of this ‘future’ is ‘Chosen by Tengri’, the new album of these Canadians. What has changed? Well, not much. They’re still into the Mongol history and they’re still blending Folk with Melodic Death Metal. And of course the folk is of the mongol kind. But Mongol has grown, their compositions are better and it’s obvious they have learned a lot from their previous album.

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Alestorm – ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’ (2014)

alestorm sunset on the golden age

By: Yvette Score: 8/10 Release: 1-8-2014 Label: Napalm Records Whoever thinks about pirate metal will undoubtedly think of Alestorm. These guys who made their debut in 2008 with ‘Captain Morgan’s Revenge’, with their catchy songs about pirates, plunder and mutiny, really promoted the genre of pirate metal. And although there are a large number of contemporary bands that fall within the genre, Alestorm is still on top in terms of pirate metal.

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Troldhaugen – ‘Obzkure Anekdotez for Maniakal Massez’ (2014)

troldhaugen obzkure anekdotez for maniakal massez

By: Michel Score: 9/10 Release: 27-8-2014 Label: The Bird’s Robe Collective Oopz, they hit it again! most a mission impossible) but they have also made one of the best albums of 2014.

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Romuvos – ‘Romuvan Dainas’ (2014)

Romuvos romuvan dainas

By: Matt Score: 8,5/10 Release: 30-4-2014 Label: No Colours Records One man, one epic sound Romuvan Dainas is the debut folk metal album from one man band, Romuvos. Velnias is the man behind the band, who was born in Lithuania and took on this personal project with great success. The album features 8 enchanting tracks, entrenched with melodies and incredible vocals that strike hard through deep and powerful tones.

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Grai – ‘Mlada’ (2014)

grai mlada

By: Michel Score: 8,5/10 Release: 3-10-2014 Label: Noizgate Records Grai has signed with Noizgate Records and this enables the band to release their third full length album ‘Mlada’, wich means something like Beautiful young girl. We have said it before, Grai is one of Russians finest folk-metalbands. They went on further down the path they took earlier. The band sounds as Russian as possible, but they make it accessible for the rest of the world.

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Sigelpa – ‘Terramorta’ (2014)

sigelpa terramorta

By: Michel Score: 7/10 Release: 29-4-2014 Label: Independent Terramorta is the debut of the Spanish Celtic Punkband Sigelpa. We noticed before the folk-metal in Spain has it’s own style, but the same goes for the Celtic punk on this peninsula. The music of Sigelpa is more like Brutus’ Daughters, The Fatty Farmers and 13Krauss, then it’s like Fiddler’s Green or Flogging Molly.

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Abinchova – ‘Wegweiser’ (2014)

abinchova wegweiser

By: Eline Score: 7/10 Release: 5-7-2014 Label: SAOL Abinchova is a folk metal band from Switzerland with 7 band members. Abinchova was founded in 2009, they released their first EP ‘Hörensagen’ then. In 2011 they released their first full length album ‘Versteckte Pfade’. Their third production was the EP ‘Handgeschrieben’ and in July of this year ‘Wegwieser’ was released, their second full length album.

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Empyrium – ‘The Turn of the Tides (2014)

empyrium the turn of the tides

By: Nick Score: 8,5/10 Release: 18-7-2014 Label: Prophecy Records Damn, what did we need to wait for a long time! 12 years to be precise, because previous record ‘Weiland’ was released back in 2002. Nevertheless it never became completely quiet all these years, because lately the project from Schwadorf stated they would start performing again. This resulted in the magisterial ‘Into the Pantheon’, in my opinion one of the best live-registrations ever made. During these concerts, a few new songs were played live already, but here it is. After waiting for 12 years, ‘The Turn of the Tides’, a completely … Read More

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Oak Pantheon ‘The Void’ (EP 2011/2014)

Album Cover

By: Nick Score: 8,5/10 Release: 209-7-2014 Label: independent Not even 3 years after ‘The Void’, the debut record from Oak Pantheon, was released, the band already thought it was time for a re-release. Although the album was only available digitally in 2011, the band has chosen to release the album in a physical way as well this time.

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