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The Real McKenzies – ‘Rats in The Burlap’ (2015)

the real mckenzies rats in the burlap

By: Grinning Beggar Rating: 9,5/10 Release: 7-4-2015 Label: Fat Wreck Records There are not many bands in the Celtic Punk genre that work as hard or have the staying power of The Real McKenzies. In the three years since releasing their album “Westwinds”, they have kept a very busy touring schedule. In early 2014, I heard a new album was being written and I could not wait to hear it! Fast forward to March 2015 and The Real McKenzies’ 11th studio album

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Tharaphita – ‘Ülestõus’ (2014)

tharapitha ylestous

By: Jeff Rating: 8,5/10 Release: 27-6-20104 Label: Vaarang Records Estonia’s Tharaphita have been relatively quiet of late, but have returned in a big way with “Ülestõus”, their first release of any kind in seemingly 6 years or so. I would categorize them sound wise maybe to more Viking metal acts like Månegarm, Skjaldborg or King Of Asgard and maybe even a little of my recently reviewed Thormesis or old Satyricon…..with 5 members and no keyboards or traditional instrumentation, they definitely have a Pagan/Viking sound going on.

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Vetten Äpärät – ‘Sydäntalven Viha’ (Single 2015)

vetten aparat sydantalven viha

By: Colin Rating: 7/10 Release: 27-3-2015 Label: Inverse Records A Finnish folkmetal band that had trouble completing their line-up for years. After 7 years of struggle they finally are able to release a first single called Midwinter anger, or in Finnish, Sydaentalven Viha.

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Slane Insomnia

slane insomnia

By: Colin Rating: 6,5/10 Release: 21-3-2015 Label: Independent Celtic Metal from Russia? I’m always curious what’s behind these kind of bands. Celtic Metal, is just like the celts, spread across a wide territory, with it’s own rites and tribes. From Japan to Argentina, and as it seems now they’re in Russia too. The band Slane has, like many others strugled for a solid line-up for a few years,

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Tengger Cavalry – ‘Blood Sacrifice Shaman’ (2015)

tengger cavalry blood sacrifice shaman

By: Jeff Rating: 7/10 Release: 18-5-2015 Label: Metalhell Records The mighty Tengger Calvary has returned with another new full length (of sorts) with “Blood Sacrifice Shaman”. When I say “of sorts” I mean it will be new to most of us as “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” was originally released in 2010 but had very limited distribution in China. Since then, they have released 5 (!) full lengths and decided,

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Wilderun – ‘Sleep at the Edge of the Earth’ (2015)

wilderun sleep at the edge of the world

By: Jeff Rating: 9,5/10 Release: 7-4-2015 Label: Independent I can’t believe we are over 3 months into the year and this is the first full length album from an American band to get reviewed here. Thankfully, it is the 2nd full length effort from Boston’s Wilderun with absolutely no sign of the “sophomore jinx” in sight. While their debut album “Olden Tales And Deathly Trails” garnered some attention in 2012,

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Bostonskoe Chapitie – ’5 Let Na Dne’ (2014)

bostonskoe chaepitie 5 met da

By: Grinning Beggar Rating: 7,5/10 Release: 13-11-2014 Label: Independent Bostonskoe Chaepitie are a Celtic Punk band from Minsk, Belarus (Geographically, think Russia) and all of their music is recorded in Belarusian. Having formed in 2009, they have released 2 albums, the first being split with and belarusian Punk band named Zavulak Vinny Stigm’y.

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Fortið – ’9′ (2015)

fortid 9

By: Jeff Rating: 7,5/10 Release: 27-3-2015 Label: Schwarzdorn Production Viking/Black Metal act Fortið have returned and issued forth their 5th full length entitled simply “9”. It has been almost 3 years since the “Pagan Prophecies” album was released, continuing in a string of blast beat fueled albums straight from the heart of the Maelstrom. With the release of “Pagan Prophecies”, there was definitely more than a hint that,

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Barbar’O’Rhum – ‘Demo’ (2015)

barbarorhum logo

By: Michel Rating: 6,5/10 Release: 2015 Label: Independent Barbar’O’Rhum has completed their line-up last year and now it’s time for a demo, to show the world what their up to. With a name like this, you’ll expect some happey drunk pirates. And that’s what you’ll get alright. This French band blends the happy flavours of rum, sea and rock. Not

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Celtachor – ‘Nuada Of The Silver Arm’

celtachor nuad of the silver arm

By: Jeff Rating: 9/10 Release: 24-4-2015 Label: Trollzorn Records 2014 was a banner year for folk/pagan/Viking metal from Ireland with releases from Primordial and Cruachan being in my personal top 5. Now in 2015, Celtachor are the first to offer something new from the Emerald Isle with “Nuada Of The Silver Arm”, their 2nd full length. Their first full length “Nine Waves From The Shore” was bleak (in a good way) in its telling of Irish mythology and lore thru their style of folk/black metal. “Nuada Of The Silver Arm” picks right up where that left off and has not … Read More

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