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Amorphis – Tales of the Thousand Lakes tour

By: Colin Photography; Ton Dekkers 29-12-2014 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands In honor of the 20th anniversary of the legendary album Tales of the Thousand Lakes Amorphis has decided to do a special tour this year.

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Skálmöld, Arkona & Eluveitie – Effenaar Eindhoven (2014)

eluveitie effenaar 14

Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 23-11-2014 It is sunday evening, seven o’clock. A large delegation from Folk-metal.nl travels to the Effenaar in Eindhoven, where a healthy dose of folk metal will blast through the speakers tonight. The Swiss band Eluveitie is being assisted by the Russian band Arkona and the Icelandic band Skálmöld for their European headliner tour. After all three of these bands have been reviewed earlier this year, the moment has finally come for us to admire these bands live on stage. Skálmöld The Icelandic band Skálmöld has the honor of being the first act of the evening.

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Burgfolk 2014


By: Michel Photography: Feenstaub Entertainment Schloss Broich, Mullheim a/d Ruhr, Germany The Castle ‘Schloss Broich’ is invated by a large crowd, is it going to fall? Yes, it is, Schloss Broich is falling in the hands of Folk!

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Hörnerfest 2014

hornerfest 2014

By: Colin and Nick Photography by: Toni B. Gunner – www.mondkringel-photography.de It has become some sort of tradition, the last weekend of June is, as every year, reserved for the best festival of the summer. Somewhere in a small town just passed Hamburg. As every year this small festival forms the missing link between metal festivals and the known MPS like events. With a stage full of folkrock and folkmetal acts and a big medieval market complete with shisha stand and homemade liquor, this festival has a unique sphere.

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Wolfstijd II (2014)

wolfstijd 2014

By: Nick Photography: Eline Venue: Bibelot, Dordrecht, Netherlands Date: 8-2-2014 Do we still remember? At the start of 2012, the first edition of Wolfstijd took place. A festival that offered a stage to several folk, black and powermetalbands. After we didn’t hear from them for a while, suddenly there was the announcement of Wolfstijd II.

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Conorach @ Little Devil

By: Nick Score: 8,5/10 Location: Little Devil, Tilburg (The Netherlands) Date: 6-12-2013 A varied night, in a pub which is close to my home, and free of charge? Those are the nights that make me happy. Friday the 6th of december was the evening where The Devil’s 3rd, Lord Volture and Conorach for the folk/powermetalfan played. Conorach was the first band of the night, and ensured that the crowd was warmed up for the rest of the evening with their catchy mix of folk and powermetal.

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Amorphis Circle 2013 tour

Amorphis 2013 Photo By Terhi Ylimäinen

By: Colin Location: De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands Date: 29-11-2013 I was really looking forward to this evening! One of my favorite bands, just around the corner! Starkill First this evening we got Starkill, I only knew them by their name on the flyer and didn’t really expect too much of it, but these Americans give me my weekly portion of being wrong! Some melodic deathmetal most similar to Kalmah.

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Empyrium @ Passionkirche, Berlin

empyrium 2013 2

By: Nick Photography: Krzysztof Ras It’s quite a lot, driving for ten hours there, and ten hours back for just a concert. However, this was what I did on my Fridaymorning, for the concert of Empyrium. Due to many traffic jams and accidents on the way to Berlin, we unfortunately weren’t on time for the listening session of the new album, but that couldn’t spoil the excitement for the concert. After ten hours of continuously driving (or well.. Driving? More like standing still in the traffic jams…) we eventually arrived at the Passionkirche in Berlin. A beautiful church where the … Read More

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Vogelfrey + Harpyie @ Helvete

vogelfrey burgfolk cello

By: Nick Date: 16-11-2013 Location: Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany Vogelfrey, the band that up until now always played a great show. That was the foremost reason to drive all the way from the misty Brabant to Oberhausen, just to see this band.

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Fiddler’s Green, Melkweg


By: Nick An evening folk-punk, who doesn’t want that? Fiddler’s Green played for the first time in Amsterdam, something we couldn’t miss of course! The Melkweg was the place to be this drizzling Friday-evening. After standing in line to wait for the most ridiculous thing at a concertvenue EVER – paying a membership of €4,-, just to get inside – it was time for the first band of the evening. Pyrates! Pyrates! A band originating from Eindhoven,

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